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I had my head stuck in the sand the 
other day — well, almost. I had to dig a 
hole five feet deep in our back yard. 
After shoveling for what seemed like 
forever, I leaned way down in the hole 
to measure its depth. When I wriggled 
my way back up, I found a turkey, two 
geese, and a dog peering over my 
shoulder into the abyss. (Whether they 
were exhibiting some deep concern for 
the environment, or what, I can't say.) 

Like it or not, however, concern 
about the environment is here to stay. 
And with good reason. Looking at the 
big picture, as environmentalist Edwin 
Squiers does in this issue, it's easy to 
see that the party is over. So, what to 
do? Take another look at that picture, 

says professor Mark Cosgrove — and 
then get started. Professor emeritus 
Harold Snyder is living proof of what 
can happen when we do. And where to 
start? Recent graduate Tim Twining 
has a few practical ideas.... 

In the end, it's up to us, isn't it? 
We have to make the choice. Maybe 
we can bury our heads a little while 
longer. Maybe we can pretend it's 
none of our business. Or, perhaps we 
can take action. Perhaps, individually 
and collectively, we can make a 

Right now, of course, it's up to 
you. What will you do? 

Me? I decided to dig my hole a 
little deeper. 

;*.■«*■ t*- 

Charley Slater is a lifelong resident 
of the small town where I post my 
mail. He was born in a house just 
down the road from the then not-too- 
old church building where he and I and 
about eighty other people now attend 
worship services each Sunday. 

Not long ago, Charley got to his 
feet during the weekly testimony time. 
He read his way around the sanctuary 
windows, commenting on this name, 
then that, 'til he had touched on each 
one. "The thing is," he concluded, 
"these were all people of prayer. This 
church has always been known as a 
praying church. I thank God it still is." 

What a wonderful heritage to have! 
And what a good feeling it is to know 
the present generation carries on the 
strong vision of the ones previous. 

To stand on the campus of Taylor 
University is to feel the presence of 
generations past. At every turn, there 

are reminders: Sammy Morris Hall, 
Rediger Chapel/Auditorium, Nuss- 
baum Science Center, and many others. 

That Taylor University stands 
today is tribute to the courage, determi- 
nation, and selfless giving of persons 
such as these. For us who believe in 
the Taylor mission, this is our heritage. 
It is one passed on to us by administra- 
tors, faculty, students, and friends over 
the course of nearly 150 years. Will 
future generations find us as faithful? 

This year's honor roll of donors 
records the names of those who by 
their faithful support hold high the 
"flaming torch" of William Taylor's 
namesake and ensure her continued 
role in Christian higher education. 

I trust your name is among them. 
And I thank you for your role in per- 
petuating the vision and ministry of 
generations both past and present. 

— Doug Marlow '81, editor 

Keeping the charge: The cover of this issue of 
Taylor is inspired by the flyleaf of Taylor Uni- 
versity's 1924 student annual. The Gem. 


Volume 28, Number 1 
Fall 1990 

Taylor University 

Dr. Jay Kesler '58, president 

Dr. Daryl R. Yost, provost 

TAYLOR is published quarterly for alumni, 
students, faculty, staff, parents of current 
students and friends of Taylor University by the 
University Advancement Office, Dr. Charles R. 
Jaggers '69, vice president. 

Douglas J. R. Marlow '81, editor 
Betty Freese, alumni notes editor 
Jim Garringer, photographer 

Regular contributing authors: Dr. Jay Kesler 
'58, Wesley Robinson '50 

Guest authors this issue: Dr Mark Cosgrove, 
Jim Garringer, Dr. Robert Schenck '51 , Dr. 
Edwin Squiers, Tim Twining '90, Dr. Alan 

Guest authors for giving report insert: Dr. Jay 
Kesler '58, Ronald Sutherland '82, Mitzi 
Thomas '93 

Address letters and comments to: Editor, 
TAYLOR, Taylor University. Upland, IN 46989. 
The staff reserves the right to publish a 
representative sample of letters and to edit 
letters for space. Unsolicited manuscripts are 
welcomed for possible inclusion in the 
magazine. Enclose a self-addressed, stamped 
envelope for return of material. Selection and 
publication are at the discretion of the editor 
and his advisory panel. Opinions expressed in 
TA YLOR are those of the authors, not 
necessarily Taylor University. 

Persons wishing to reproduce any portion of 
TAYLOR magazine's contents are requested to 
write in advance for permission. 

Printing, Colony Printing and Labeling, Eaton, 
Indiana: mailing, Faris Mailing, Indianapolis, 
Indiana. Typesetting, layout and paste-up was 
done at Taylor University using the Apple 
Macintosh II computer, Apple LaserWriter II NT 
printer, and Aldus PageMaker software. 

Front cover illustration taken from the 1924 
Taylor University student annual. The Gem, by 
Scott A. Thomas '93 in collaboration with Roger 
Schwarzkoph of Hartford City, Indiana; oval 
graphics in giving report insert by Scott A. 
Thomas '93; front and back cover background 
photo taken from the 1926 Gem by Jim Gar- 
ringer; back cover photos by Doug Marlow '81 . 

Taylor University complies with all federal and 
state nondescrimination laws. Taylor University 
is an equal-opportunity institution. Direct 
inquiries to the Office of the President, Taylor 
University, Upland, IN 46989, (317) 998-5201, 
or the Office of Civil Rights, Washington, DC. 

Mailed in Indianapolis, non-profit permit #8 by 
Faris Mailing, Incorporated, 535 South Illinois 
Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46225. Please 
mail address corrections to Alumni Office, 
Taylor University, Upland, IN 46989. 
















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■■>■ " / <*M 

Spring 1990 

Summer 1990 

Such a help 

A friend of mine, who has re- 
curring cancer, shared with me 
your spring Taylor magazine. 
This issue has been such a help 
to my friend and to me. 

Praise God for the ministry of 
Taylor. We're impressed. 
Thank you. 

Karen Phelps 
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 

Crucial issues 

Thank you for the excellent 
spring Taylor magazine. Most of 
us could identify with one or 
another of the articles as we face 
our own personal crises and seek 
to walk in faith, rejoicing. 

Now the summer Taylor 
magazine is before us, challeng- 
ing us to be careful, thoughtful 
stewards of our environment, 
alerting us to our responsibility 
to ethnic minorities and remind- 
ing us that it's up to us to see 
that the gospel is taken to all 
areas of our world. We are told 
that Taylor University is called 
upon to respond to decadence in 
the American school system. 

Thanks for confronting us and 

encouraging us to respond to 

these current, crucial issues in 

this exceptionally fine periodical. 

Dorothy (Olsen '47) 

Van Vleet, 

Berne, Indiana 

Prophetic message 

When I saw the Ayres Library 
cover I said to myself, "Hey, I 
remember when that was built. 
I was there!" 

One of the most powerful 
sermons I ever heard was 
presented by Dr. Harold Ock- 
enga '27 at the dedication of the 
library. It was prophetic mes- 

sage in which he described the 
course of our culture to be like 
three eggs. The first egg is 
whole, with both content (solid 
Christian faith) and form (moral- 
ity). The next generation tends 
to keep the form but disregard 
the content. The third genera- 
tion looks at the empty form — a 
useless shell — and throws the 
whole thing out. 

'Just thought I'd share with 
you my thoughts the Taylor 
cover evoked. 

Bill Wormian '52 
Hillsdale, NJ 

Frequent focus warranted 

I want to commend you for 
the excellent article on global 
evangelism by Dale Sloat in the 
Summer 1990 issue of Taylor. 
Because world evangelization is 
central to God's desire and to the 
purpose of the church, I believe 
we need frequent focus on the 
remaining task and our role in it. 
It is good to see Taylor focusing 
on how we can complete the job. 
I would like to see this become a 
regular part of the magazine. 
Keep up the good work. 

David and Marcy 
(Minks) Mays, both '64 

Wheaton, Illinois 

Sharing in the victory 

It continues to be exciting for 
me to receive and to read Taylor 
magazine. I was especially 
pleased to see the alumni spot- 
light section in the summer 
issue. I can recall as if it were 
yesterday talking with Gary 
Gallup 's mother regarding her 
interest in seeing her son enroll 
at Taylor. The following months 
were filled with personal inter- 
views and phone conversations 

as Taylor sought to determine if 
Gary could be successful as a 
student in Upland. I"m thankful 
that God was able to use me. as 
dean of admissions, to ultimately 
make the decision to admit Gary 
to the Taylor program. 

Ron Keller 
St. Davids, PA 
Slip of the tongue 

"There must be no filthiness 
and silly talk, or coarse jesting, 
which are not fitting, but rather 
giving of thanks." (Eph. 5:4) 

I was disappointed to see the 
coarse jesting in "Back to the 
future, again?" (Summer 1990). 
As Christians, we have been 
called to purity, and to be set 
apart from "the world." May I 
suggest that you use Ephesians 
5:4 and 4:29 as guidelines for 
what you print. 

Lori J. (Ehresman '77) Nelson 
Fort Wayne. IN 

Impressive ministry 

Taylor magazine is certainly 
impressive. The format, content 
and emphasis are perceptive and 
well done. I"d like to meet 
Caleb, too! 

June Young 
Wheaton. IL 

Faith — and joy — in crisis 

I want to commend you on the 
excellent articles on dealing with 
tragedy and adversity in our 
lives (Spring. 1990). I'm thank- 
ful that God hasn't called me to 
walk the road that these authors 
are walking — but their faith and 
joy through incredibly difficult 
circumstances is something we 
can all learn from, and indeed try 
to emulate. 

Gretchen Worcester 
Grand Rapids, MI 


New venture in sports evangelism 
combines hooplah, hoops, and ministry 

For three weeks this summer, 
Don Granitz '52 of Elkhart, 
Indiana lived on top of the 
world. His return to Maringa, 
Brazil with Taylor alumni and 
members of the Trojan basket- 
ball team was a homecoming, a 
throwback to his college basket- 
ball days, and an exciting ven- 
ture in evangelism all at once. 

The team of nine basketball 
players Granitz assembled for 
"Team Brasil" included three 
members of last year's winning 
Trojan team and four Taylor 
alumni. The trip was organized 
in cooperation with Taylor and 
Friendship Sports International. 
Granitz organized and directed 
the team's activities, which in- 
cluded competition in eight 
tournament games, week-long 
basketball clinics for both high 
school and college athletes, 
church rallies and programs, and 
individual contact with the 
Brazilian people. 

"We accomplished our 
objectives of teaching basketball 
and using it as a means to 
communicate the gospel," says 
Granitz in what must be some- 
thing of an understatement. 
Team members played before 
crowds of up to 5,000. The 
newspapers, radio and television 
stations touted the Taylor team 
as representing one of America's 
finest universities with a basket- 
ball team of international caliber. 
Upwards of a thousand people 
attended their church rallies. 

Why the notoriety? Granitz 
himself is one reason. He and 
wife Jean (Huffman "52) served 

as missionaries in Maringa for 
16 years, at the time that city 
was just emerging from the 
Brazilian jungle. (Now at only 
forty years old, it boasts a pop- 
ulation of 300,000). Don and 
Jean are considered founding 
city leaders and are well re- 
spected locally. 

While a missionary, Granitz 
played and coached Maringa 
city and all-star teams. Many 
present city officials and state 
university administrators were 
once his teammates. Because of 
his popularity, the Taylor team 
was immediately welcomed 
with wide regional support. 

For Granitz, there was an 
element of deja vu in all the 
hoopla. For him, it brought back 
memories of his experience as a 
member of the 1952 Venture for 
Victory team. That program, 
started by Taylor's Coach Don 
Odle, became the model for sub- 
sequent international sports 
ministries. Under Odle's 
direction, Taylor basketball 
players were sent to various 
countries to play in tournaments 
with city all-star teams, partici- 
pate in local clinics at universi- 
ties, and witness after the games 
and in area churches. 

This summer, a new genera- 
tion of Taylor students felt the 
exhilaration, frustration, and 
growth that comes from such 
mission experiences. Says 
Robby Phillips '88, "The tour 
had an impact on my life. The 
experience taught me patience, 
appreciation for God's blessing 
on my life, but most of all, 

TEAM BRASIL: Don Granitz '52 (far right) 
poses with members of the sports ministry team he 
led to Maringa, Brazil this summer 

changed my attitude toward mis- 
sions and intensified my daily 
walk with God." Team statisti- 
cian Marci Sloat '92 was one of 
several team members for whom 
the trip validated the call to mis- 
sions work. "The trip confirmed 
my interest in missions," she 
says. "The team was great; their 
excitement for God excited me." 

Though the team won all eight 
of their games, they used sports 
as a platform for attending to 
more important matters. They 
distributed Christian literature 
and copies of the New Testament 
and established solid relation- 
ships with the local community 
and with the local Christian 
athletes group that will provide 
follow-up ministry. 

Granitz and the team received 
many invitations to return as 
soon as possible, something the 
former missionary and basketball 
coach wants very much to do. 
Even if Brazil and the city of 
Maringa are not geographically 
on top of the world, one would 
have a hard time convincing Don 
Granitz of that. — DM 


New pastor appointed 

Dr. Charles Gifford '69 
greeted students this fall as 
the new chaplain of the uni- 
versity. He fills the position 
most recently held by Robert 
Griffin, who departed Taylor 
for a ministry of encourage- 
ment to missionaries around 
the globe. Gifford comes to 
Taylor from the First Baptist 
Church of Sheridan, Wyo- 
ming, where he served as 
senior pastor for 18 years. 

Gifford graduated from 
Taylor with a major in biblical 
literature and minors in Greek 
and physical education. He 
holds the master of divinity 
and doctor of ministry degrees 
from Denver Seminary and 
has taught homiletics at 
Denver Seminary and philoso- 
phy at Sheridan College. 

Hoosier Dome features 
Trojan football Nov. 3 

Trojan football players will 
take to the gridiron in the 
Indianapolis Hoosier Dome 
on Saturday, November 3. 
Dubbed "A Day in the 
Dome," the eight member 
schools of the Indiana Colle- 
giate Athletic Conference 
(ICAC) will face off in 
matches scheduled throughout 
the day. New head coach 
Dale Carlson's Taylor team 
will play Rose-Hulman in the 
final game at 8:00 pm. 

Tickets are available at 
Gate 1 and are $5 for an all- 
day pass that includes all four 
games. Match-ups prior to the 
8:00 pm Taylor game are 
scheduled to begin at 9:30 
am, 1:00 pm, and 4:30 pm. 

According to Bill Bauer, 
sports information director, 
Dome play gives Taylor stu- 
dents and alumni a chance to 
gather in Indianapoolis and 
watch some outstanding small 
college football. 

New university chaplain 
Charles Gifford '69 and 
his wife, Linda (Long 
x'71), have four chil- 
dren, Hannah (18), 
Russell (16), Hope (13), 
and Joy (10). 

University named 

to honor roll's top third 

The first national Free Enterprise 
Teaching Honor Roll rates Taylor Univer- 
sity 27th out of the 95 colleges and uni- 
versities so honored. The honor roll is 
sponsored by the John Templeton Foun- 
dation to recognize schools that have "an 
institutional commitment to the tradi- 
tional Western political and economic 
philosophies." The University of Chi- 
cago ranked first on the honor roll. 

Ball State University and Purdue were 

Team mixes sports, gospel 

Coach Karen Traut and nine members 
of Taylor's 1989 NCCAA championship 
women's volleyball team travelled to the 
Dominican Republic this past August for 
a 14-day sports-evangelism experience. 
Taylor World Outreach co-sponsored the 
trip with Youth for Christ, International, 
whose members are providing follow-up 
to the volleyball team's ministry. 

Laurel Kinzer '90, team co-captain, 
says the goals of the trip were "to build 
friendships and be able to share Jesus 
Christ and what he has been to us." 
Team members did just that by word and 
example throughout their time in the 
Dominican Republic and even on the 
flight home when a fire in the plane's avi- 
onics unit forced an emergency landing. 

Taylor ranked best in U.S. 

Taylor University is named in the 
October/November issue of Parents of 
Teenagers magazine as one of the na- 
tion's ten premier Christian colleges. 
Taylor is named to the number three berth 
in a rank order listing, just behind sister 
Christian consortium schools Wheaton 
College of Illinois and California's 
Westmont College. 

the only other Indiana schools named to 
this year's Free Enterprise Honor Roll. 
All four-year, accredited colleges and 
universities in the nation were eligible for 
the Free Enterprise Honor Roll. 

Schools listed on the Honer Roll were 
required to meet five criteria: to teach the 
principles and benefits of free market 
economic systems: to encourage a high 
degree of personal initiative, responsibil- 
ity, and accountability: to emphasize con- 
stitutional concepts of limited govern- 
ment; to support the traditional work ethic 
and pride of productivity; and to foster an 
appreciation for private property rights. 

All smiles: Becky Roost '90 shares with 
youngsters as part of the team's ministry 
to the people of the Dominican Republic. 

The listing is based on survey research 

conducted among high school guidance 
counselors, admissions directors, and 
others. In addition, institutions were 
judged on a number of factors including 
undergraduate degrees offered, unique 
programs and facilities, percentage of 
applicants accepted, average entrance-test 
scores of incoming freshmen, number of 
majors offered, student-faculty ratio, and 
Christian growth opportunities. 


New football coach takes charge 

This "velvet hammer" packs a wallop 

The new football coach has, 
by his own admission, "a bit of a 
Jekyll and Hyde personality." 
On the field, he is all business, a 
fact his players readily vouch 
for. Afterwards, however, an 
arm around the shoulder, a 
laugh, or a corny joke belie his 
hard-hitting game-time personal- 
ity. Perhaps the term, "velvet 
hammer," is an apt description of 
his character. 

At 34, Dale Carlson is the 
"new blood" that former coach 
Jim Law said the football 
program would need to continue 
its upward drive. Carlson's last 
stop was Lakeland College in 
Sheboygan, Wisconsin, where he 
spent three years as that school's 
head coach. Prior to that, he 
sharpened his skills during 
assistant coaching stints at 
Franklin and Elmhurst Colleges 
and in a Chicago area high 
school, Lutheran North. He ex- 
perienced the college game as a 
player at then Concordia 
Teacher's College (now Univer- 
sity) in River Forest, Illinois. 

Carlson can come on strong 
when he feels it is necessary. He 
keeps tabs on players' classroom 
and social progress and says he 
wants them to know that he 
cares about the total person. For 
Carlson, that means letting the 
players get to know him as a 
total person, as well. On those 
days when his wife Karen and 
three-year-old son Brian stop by 
practice, father and son often 
wind up in a laughing, frolicking 
wrestling match. " I have to let 
players see that same quality in 

our relationships," Carlson says. 

Last November, when Law 
announced his resignation, Tay- 
lor began the search for his suc- 
cessor. At the same time, the 
Carlson family was embarking 
on a more arduous journey. On 
November 30, 1989, Karen gave 
birth to the couple's second 
child, Betsy, who suffered from 
the severe genetic disorder 
Trisomy 13. The condition 
results from having three instead 
of two number 13 chromosomes. 
Fifty percent of all miscarriages 
are Trisomy 13 babies. Infants 
born with this disorder have no 
more than a year's life expec- 
tancy. Betsy lived two months. 

"She was really a joy to us," 
says Carlson. "As I look at life, 
she was a miracle." To the 
surprise of doctors, Betsy was 
able to bottle feed and to recog- 
nize and bond with her parents. 
"I can say that I have seen a 
miracle," says Carlson. "She 
touched us and the entire com- 
munity; she just helped people to 
see God in ways they had never 
seen him before." 

The week after Betsy's death, 
Carlson got the call from Taylor 
to interview for the job. "The 
outpouring and concern from the 
people here made Taylor seem to 
be a really special place for us. I 
interviewed at schools all over 
the country, but after I met the 
people here and felt the warmth, 
Taylor became a comfortable 
place for Karen and me." 

Indeed, Carlson seems very 
much at ease, both in the Taylor 
community and on the field. — JG 

Soft touch: Relaxing with his wife Karen and son 
Brian, football coach Dale Carlson's easygoing 
demeanor hides a rock-hard gridiron personality. 

Hard-hitting: The Trojans are on 
the offensive again this year 
under the direction of a new 
head coach. 


Political Science Professor 
Stephen Hoffmanns article on 
the French Revolution was one 
of many articles written by 
Taylor faculty members during 
the recent academic year. 

Taylor faculty publications, 1989-1990 

Faculty contribute to stored knowledge 

"Saints or scoundrels?" The answer to that question was one of many pieces 
of information addressed in published works by Taylor faculty last year: 

Winfried Corduan 

Review: "Review of Ronald M Green, Religion 
and Moral Reason: A New Method for Compara- 
tive Study." Journal of the Evangelical Theological 
Society 32.4 December 1989: 568-569. 
Articles:"Apostasy," "Augustinianism," "Carme- 
lites," "Dogma, Dogmatic 

Theology," "Fundamental Theology," "Mysticism, 
Christian," "Natural Law," "Neo-Thomism," 
"Orthodoxy," "Philosophical Theology," "Society 
of St. John the Evangelist," "Spiritual Director," 
and "Stations of the Cross." Dictionary of Christi- 
anity in America, edited by Daniel G. Reid. 
Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 1990. 
Article: "Expositions of I Chronicles." Stille Zeit. 
Woelmersen: Neues Leben June 5-21, 1990. 

Richard Dixon 

Article: "Dios Suplira Nuestras Necesidades." El 
Aposento Alto. (The Upper Room) Mayo-Junio 

Albert Harrison 

Editor: Christian Instrumental Directors Newslet- 
ter. Christian Instrumental Directors Association. 
Fall 1989, Spring 1990. 

Larry Helyer 

Reviews: "Review of Faith and Freedom: A 
Tribute to Franklin H. Littell," edited by Richard L. 
Libowitz and "A Review of David A. Rausch, 
Understanding Jews and Judaism: Building 
Bridges." Journal of the Evangelical Theological 
Society 32 September 1989: 417-419. 

William Heth 

Contributor: "Divorce, but No Marriage." Divorce 
and Remarriage, edited by H. Wayne House. 
Downers Grove, IL: Inter Varsity Press, 1990. 

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Democratic Republic." 

Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of the Social 
Sciences. Third Series 24 1990: 60-67. 

Paul House 

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27:3 Summer 1990: 31-35. 

Book: The Unity of the Twelve. JSOT Supplement 

Series 97/Bible and Literature Series 27. Sheffield: 

Sheffield Academic Press, 1990. 

Review: "Review of Studien zur alttcstamentlichen 

und altorientalischen Religions- geschichte by 

Klaus Koch." Catholic Biblical Quarterly 52 1990: 


Alice Jackson 

Review: "Review of John Bradshaw. Healing the 
Shame That Binds You." Social Wort, and 
Christianity 17.1 Spring 1990: 54-55. 

Jay Kesler 

Articles: "Divorce: What It Costs Your Kids." 

Youth for Christ Magazine 1990. 

"Lighting A Teenager's Fire." (Reprint) Interest 

Magazine 1989: 6-7. 

The Church." Beyond Belief December 1989: 161- 


Tri-monthly column in Marriage Partnership. 

Tri-monthly column in Today's Christian Woman. 
Books: Is Your Marriage Worth Fighting For? 
David C. Cook, 1989. 
Energizing Your Teenager's Faith. Group 
Publishers, 1990. 

Philip Loy 

Review: "Review essay of Religion and the Public 
Good: A Bicentennial Forum, The Religious Faith 
of America's Founders." Books and Religion 16.3 
Fall 1989: 8. 

Article: "Saints or Scroundels: Images of Mormons 
in Literature and Film About the American West." 
Journal of American Studies Association of Texas 
21 June 1990: 52-70. 

Stephen Messer 

Abstract: "Individual Responses to Death in Puritan 
Massachusetts." Omega 21.21990: 155-163. 

David Neuhouser 

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Greatest Works. Wheaton, IL: Victor Books, 1990. 
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Doug Rohrman 

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Helping You Is Hurting Me: Escaping the Messiah 
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Stephen Snyder 

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Teacher Skill Training" co-authored with David H. 
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83.2 1989: 69-81. 

Edwin Squiers 

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"Christ is the World's Light." "Christian. Do You 
See Them," "Every Eye Shall See." "For the Bread 
Which You Have Broken." "God Himself is With 
Us," "God is Here." "God is My Great Desire." 
"God the Omnipotent." "God. We Praise You!" 
"God Whose Giving Knows No Ending." "Holy. 
Holy, Holy is the Lord." "Holy. Holy. Holy. Lord 
God Almighty," "If My People's Hearts Are 
Humbled." "I Know That My Redeemer Lives!" "I 
Need Thee Every Hour." "In the Morning When I 
Rise." "I Sing the Mighty Power of God." "It Came 
Upon the Midnight Clear." "Jerusalem. My Happy 
Home. ""Jesus' Hands Were Kind Hands." "Jesus 
My Lord Will Love Me Forever," "Jesus Shall 
Reign." "Jesus! What A Friend for Sinners," "Lord. 
We Worship and Adore Thee." "Loved With Ever- 
lasting Love." "My Hope is Built." "No Tramp of 
Soldiers" Marching Feet." "O Come To Me. the 
Master Said." "O Gracious Light. Lord Jesus 
Christ," "Open My Eyes, Than May See." "O 
Perfect Love," "O When Shall I See Jesus." "People 
Need the Lord." "Praise. My Soul, the King of 
Heaven." "Rescue the Perishing." "Savior, Again to 
Your Dear Name We Raise." "Sometimes a Light 
Surprises." "Take My Life and Let It Be Conse- 
crated." "There Is A Fountain." "There's A Quiet 
Understanding." "To God Be the Glory." "We Are 
One in the Bond of Love." "We Will Extol You." 
"What Gift Can We Bring." "Wind Who Makes All 
Winds," "Write These Word In Our Hearts." Wor- 
ship Leaders Edition to The Worshipping Church. 
Carol Stream: Hope Publishing Company. 1990. 
Editorial contributor: The Worshipping Church: A 
Hymnal. Carol Stream: Hope Publishing Company, 


Dr. Jay Kesler '58 semes as president of his alma 
mater, Taylor University. Past-president of Youth 
for Christ, Kesler is author of 17 books and host of 
"Family Forum," a radio program heard daily on 
over 250 stations across the country. 

This is no time for a shouting match 

You may have seen the recent 
magazine picture of a logging 
truck filled with huge redwood 
logs with a sign attached "Mo- 
bile home for spotted owls." 
The sign's creator was making 
an angry and somewhat defiant 
statement of his position on one 
phase of the environmental 
discussion. We are being forced 
to face up to many of the diffi- 
cult and confusing realities of 
modern culture and the inexo- 
rable advance of human technol- 
ogy, expectation, and at times 
greed and indifference. 
Two sides to every issue 

It is a fact that lumber is in 
worldwide demand and indeed 
human beings do need housing. 
The timber industry has pro- 
vided jobs and a way of life for 
thousands of families. Barren 
eroded hillsides devoid of ani- 
mal or plant life is quite another 
thing. The debate on this and a 
thousand other environmental 
issues will continue as the planet 
becomes more crowded and the 
resources are depleted. 

The list is long and the issues 
are truly threatening to the 
survival of humanity and civili- 
zation as we know it. Acid rain, 
ivory poachers, ozone, fossil 
fuels, mercury residue, surface 
water, leaching, toxic waste, 
landfills, lung cancer, clean air, 
rain forests, hydro-carbons and 
radioactivity are a permanent 
part of the modern vocabulary. 
Some people have become 
cynical, even pessimistic about 

the future. Others are optimistic 
that the same technology that 
created the problem can, with 
commitment and effort, solve it. 

A fitting response 

The entrance of Taylor 
University into the fray is both 
appropriate and necessary. The 
environmental studies center at 
Taylor is our response to the bib- 
lical mandate to stewardship. 
This is our Father's world. 
We must be about our Father's 
business. A secular person can 
take it or leave it as far as the en- 
vironment is concerned, depend- 
ing on whether a particular issue 
touches his or her life. The 
Christian, however, cannot be 
that detached or selfish. We are 
clearly the world's vinedressers, 

and as children of the heavenly 
Father we are brothers and sis- 
ters to the global family. 

Clearly the solutions to the 
worldwide environmental crisis 
will involve study of the planet 
and the interface of society and 
ecosystems. Thus, the environ- 
mental center and the availabil- 
ity of the environmental studies 
curriculum are important contri- 
butions Taylor can make. 

Solutions will also necessitate 
dealing with the discipline of our 
appetites and the commitment of 
our will to "love our neighbors 
as ourselves." This is a moral 
issue and a Christian agenda. 
Thus, the marriage of the Chris- 
tian liberal arts college and the 
social scientific concern for the 
environment find a natural fit 
with the Taylor context. 

We at Taylor are indeed 
excited with the prospect of this 
innovative new program, one of 
the very few of its kind in an 
undergraduate setting. This 
issue of Taylor magazine will 
inform, concern, motivate and 
inspire you as you consider this 
important topic. 
Time to seek solutions 

Real progress on environ- 
mental issues will not take place 
by shouting at one another from 
the polarities of our self-interest, 
but by responsibly giving our 
best efforts to dispassionately 
learning more of the conse- 
quences of our behavior and 
seeking solutions in the larger 
interest of all mankind. H 

Somebody go get Daniel 

Waste and wealth 
and writing on the wall 


What a party! All the 
right people were 
there, all the up-and- 
coming "yuppies." 
Everybody who was anybody 
was invited. Babylon's elite 
gathered in the great banquet 
hall of the palace. Imagine the 
glitz! There were a thousand 
aristocrats, their wives, and 
lovers. Wine flowed like the 
waters of the Euphrates. There, 
reclining at the head table, was 
Belshazzar, master of the 
kingdom, heir of Nebuchadnez- 
zar, and lord of the feast. 

Surely his eyes glowed as he 
surveyed the opulence of the 
occasion. As he readied himself 
to speak, a hush fell over the 
room. "My friends, this year of 
my reign [539 B.C.] has been a 
good one. Let us celebrate! 
Drink a toast to the gods of real 
power. Drink to the measure of 
the good life! Drink to the gods 
of stone and wood, iron and 
bronze, silver and gold." 

Inebriated with wine and 
flushed with pride, Belshazzar 
called for the gold and silver 
goblets his forefather had taken 
from the temple in Jerusalem. 
"Drink, friends," he cried. 
"Raise your cup in a toast to the 
gods of reality." 

Belshazzar's party was more 
than a single great occasion, 
more than one extravagant feast. 
His was a life style of wealth and 
waste and self-deception. What 
he didn't realize, however, was 
that this party was to be his last. 

Suddenly, it happened — that 
mysterious writing on the wall. 
Terrified, knees knocking and 
pale as a ghost, Belshazzar 
watched a disembodied hand 
scratch the truth into the plaster: 
Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin. 
The king was frantic: "What 
does it mean? Somebody tell 
me!" He offered his 
golden amulet, 
scarlet robe, and 
third place in the 
kingdom to 
anyone who 

interpret the message. The lords 
of the realm, court officials, and 
counselors of the king, however, 
stood frightened and mute. 
Of course, any who were 
educated could read the words. 
As nouns, they were simply 
coins of the realm: nana, 50 
shekels; tekel, one shekel: 
upharsin, one-half shekel. In the 
verb form, they were activities 
of science or economics: mene, 
to number; tekel, to weigh; 
upharsin, to divide. There was 
one other clue: in the past tense. 
upharsin was read peres or 
paras, the Aramaic word for 
f Persians. 

r ^ Some in the banquet hall 

may have guessed the 

Dr. Edwin Squiers is a plant 
ecologist, professor of biology, 
and director of Taylor Univer- 
sity's environmental science 
program. He has served the 
university for 14 years. 


true meaning, but no one spoke. 
At last Daniel, the truth teller, 
was brought forward. He spoke 
to the quivering ruler: "Keep 
your gifts for yourself and give 
your rewards to someone else. I 
will read the inscription and I 
will make the interpretation." 
So Daniel interpreted the mes- 
sage that no one else dared read: 

Mene — God has numbered 
your kingdom and put an end to it. 

Tekel — You have been 
weighed in the balance and 
found wanting. 

Upharsin — Your kingdom has 
been divided and given over to 
the Medes and Persians. 

Shocked, Belshazzar offered 
Daniel the promised reward. By 
doing so, the king acknowledged 
Daniel's interpretation to be 
correct, at the same time demon- 
strating that he was blind to the 
truth that it held. The truth was 
simple: the feast was over. The 
kingdom no longer belonged to 
Belshazzar, who owned no 
reward to give. In fact, Belshaz- 
zar was slain and the kingdom 


lost that very night. 

What a party! For those who 
survived, it was a night to 

The account of Belshazzar's 
feast in the fifth chapter of 
Daniel provides a haunting 
analogy of today's world. In 
fact, it has been suggested that 
the disembodied hand writing 
cryptic warnings on the wall 
today is the instrumented hand 
of science and technology. 
Daniel, as reader of the message, 
may be viewed as the generic, 
objective or "value-free" scien- 
tist simply giving the facts. But 
Daniel does not stop with the 
facts. Instead, he interprets the 
message, comparing what is to 
what ought to be and warning of 
the consequences of wrong 
actions. Although much of 
today's "writing on the wall" is 
complex, confusing, and even 
contradictory, some messages 
are being written with increasing 
clarity each passing year. We 
look briefly at three of these 

Mene: Global Warming 

"Burn, baby, burn" 

Modern society survives by 
burning fossil fuel. Oil, coal, 
and natural gas are the fuels that 
produce our electricity, power 
our industry, fuel our automo- 
biles, trucks, buses, trains, and 
planes, power our agricultural 
and commercial enterprises, heat 
and cool our homes, and, in large 
measure, allow us to live a life 
style that even Belshazzar would 

There are side effects to all 
this burning. Among them is the 
large quantities of carbon 
dioxide discharged into the 
atmosphere. The problem is 
compounded by the fact that less 
atmospheric carbon dioxide is 
being recycled because of 
deforestation, particularly in the 
tropics. Atmospheric scientists 
have monitored the level of 
carbon dioxide in the atmos- 
phere since the late 1950s and 
the writing on the wall is both 
striking and ominous. 
Numbered, numbered, 
weighed, divided 

But what does it mean? To a 
"value-free" scientist, it is a 
facinating global experiment. 
Researchers studying a phe- 
nomenon dubbed "the green- 
house effect" can now predict 
how the earth's climate will 
respond to ever higher concen- 
trations of carbon dioxide. As 
the carbon dioxide content of 
the atmosphere goes up, the 
earth's ability to radiate heat 
goes down, the delicate tem- 
perature balance is dis- 
rupted, and the earth's 
atmosphere warms up. 

Scientists agree that if 
current trends continue, 

sometime around the middle of 
the next century the earth's 
average temperature will be 
between three and six degrees 
Fahrenheit higher than it is 
today. Should that happen, the 
arctic pack ice will almost 
certainly collapse and a substan- 
tial part of the antarctic ice sheet 
will melt. The sea level will 
subsequently rise, making life 
very uncomfortable for residents 
of Boston, New York, Tokyo, 
Shanghai, Amsterdam, Stock- 
holm, and other coastal cities. 
Large areas of low-lying, fertile 
farmland, including such highly 
populated regions as the Ganges 
River delta in Bangladesh, will 
also be lost. 

The calamity doesn't stop 
there, however. The projected 
temperature increase could also 
lead to a substantial drying out 
of vast regions of the northern 
hemisphere, principally in the 
United States, Canada, and the 
Soviet Union. In the U.S. 
cornbelt, for example, the 
anticipated climate change could 
cut corn yields by 50 percent. 

"Don't worry if it gets 
warmer, we'll just turn up the 

Somebody go get Daniel. 
Tekel: Rain Forest Destruction 
"Fast food for fast times" 

Consider the menu for our 
modern "feast." A burger and a 
soft drink provide fast food for 
fast times for millions of affluent 
people. Worldwide consumption 
of hamburgers now exceeds 10 
billion burgers per year. In 
America and Europe, meat 
consumption has increased by 
more than 45 percent since 1 960, 
an increase dwarfed by the 
increase among nations newly 

arrived at the feast. Fashionable 
citizens of Japan, for example, 
now join their Western counter- 
parts by matching them burger 
for burger. Meat consumption in 
Japan has risen by 600 percent 
since 1960. Even the Chinese 
are pulling their chairs up to the 
banquet table, willing to pay a 
week's wages for a meal at an 
American-style fast food restau- 
rant. In 1 960, all beef consumed 
in America was home grown. 
By the early 1980s, we imported 
more than 10 percent of our total 
consumption, with three-quarters 
of that (over 100,000 tons 
annually) coming from Central 
America. The tropical forest 
began to disappear and there was 
writing on the wall. 
Numbered, numbered, 
weighed, divided 

But what does it mean? 
Stretching across Central and 
South America, Africa and Asia, 
the tropical moist forest forms 
the most diverse and complex 
ecological system oh earth. 
Tropical forests contain about 

one-half of all living species and 
provide us with food, medicine, 
new energy sources, and 
germplasm stocks that are the 
raw material of genetic engineer- 
ing. The tropical moist forest 
may contain as many as 30 
million different species, each a 
unique manifestation of life's 
diversity, each with its own 
genetic "fingerprint." It staggers 
the imagination. Whereas a 
square mile of Indiana woodlot 
might contain ten or fifteen 
kinds of trees, a similar plot in 
the tropical moist forest would 
contain hundreds of distinct tree 
species. The value of this 
magnificent ecological treasure 
cannot be overestimated. Yet. it 
is being degraded and depleted 
faster than any other biome 
on earth. 

Africa has lost more than half 
of its tropical moist forest: Asia 
42 percent; Central America 37 
percent; South America 36 
percent. Satellites now docu- 
ment a loss rate of about 90 
acres per minute, or some 70.000 

square miles each year. If 
current loss rates continue, all of 
the remaining tropical forest will 
be gone or seriously disturbed by 
the year 2035. 

The causes of tropical defor- 
estation are varied. In Africa 
and Asia the poor are gathering 
firewood faster than nature can 
regenerate it. Commercial 
logging by multinational compa- 
nies is widespread, especially on 
the islands of the Pacific and in 
West and Central Africa. Poor 
people throughout the biome 
are also clearing forest lands to 
grow food. 

Numbered, numbered, 
weighed, divided 

In Central America and 
Brazilian Amazonia large-scale 
ranching operations, underwrit- 
ten by multinational corpora- 
tions, are clearing the tropical 
forest. Cattle grazed on the 
cleared lands yield low-cost 
beef, primarily for export to the 
United States, Europe, and 
Japan. This is often called the 
"hamburgerization" of the 

tropical forest. 

The tragedy of the conversion 
of tropical forest to pastureland 
is compounded by the fact that 
the process can produce only 
short-term results. In as little as 
three to five years after clearing, 
the land will no longer sustain 
cattle and is abandoned to 
become infertile desert scrub. 
To satisfy the demand for cheap 
beef, more forest is cleared and 
the cycle begins again. 

Most North American fast- 
food chains vigorously deny 
using imported beef and claim to 
be using only domestic meat. In 
fact, all meat imported into the 
United States is classed as 
domestic by the USDA as soon 
as it leaves the point of entry. 
Hence, the beef in your next 
burger could be from Costa Rica 
and still be "domestic." 

When the calculations are 
complete, each quarter-pounder 
made from beef imported from a 
country converting tropical 
forest into pastureland accounts 
for the loss of about 55 square 
feet of this magnificent ecosys- 
tem. Why? So that we can pay 
five cents less for a burger. Are 
we stealing the "golden gob- 
lets" from the treasury of 
the Creator, using them 
frivolously at the 
peak of our feast- 
ing, and discard- 
ing them as 
if we owned 
them? It is 
that if 
trends con- 
tinue we 
will be 

in the loss of between five and 
ten million species — the greatest 
mass extinction since the Ice 

"What do you expect us to 
do? Give up burgers?" 

Somebody go get Daniel. 
Peres: Oil Imports and the 
Threat of War 
"Over a barrel again" 

Oil fuels the feast. Petroleum 
has probably changed the lives 
of more people in more ways 
than any other substance in all of 
history. It is the lifeblood of 
every modern industrialized 
society. Oil has transformed 
everything: our homes, jobs, en- 
tertainment, and our environ- 
ment. It is the critical factor as 
decisions are made regarding the 
economy, agriculture, the 
structure of our nation's military, 
and the shape of our foreign 
policy. It has made the United 
States and the Soviet Union into 
superpowers, the automobile a 
way of life, OPEC a household 
word, and the 55-gallon drum 
the most recognized and widely 
distributed object in the world. 
In the United States it takes 
more than 17 million barrels of 
oil each day to maintain our life- 
style. Oil fuels the feast, but 
there is writing on the wall. 
Numbered, numbered, 
weighed, divided 

But what does it mean? With 
one of the highest literacy rates 
in the world, the U.S. still seems 
to have trouble with mathemat- 
ics, geography, and history. The 
math is not difficult. Divide the 
amount of oil we have used to 
date in history by the cumulative 
oil reserves and you realize that 
about half of the world's oil has 
already been used. In the United 

Information in this article first appeared in Per- 
spectives on Science and Christian Faith, Vol. 41 , 
No. 2, June 1989 and is reprinted with permission. 
Relevant statistics have been updated to reflect 
increased current oil consumption. 

States, our proven reserves total 
25.3 billion barrels. New 
discoveries of any size are highly 
unlikely because we have 
already thoroughly explored all 
of the most likely sites. For sake 
of argument though, let us 
assume that we might discover 
three new oil fields the size of 
Alaska's Prudhoe Bay field. 
This would add some 30 billion 
barrels to our reserves of 25.3 
billion barrels. Then the ques- 
tion, "If we had 55.3 billion 
barrels of oil in reserve, how 
long would they last?" Again the 
math is simple. We use 17 
million barrels a day, or 6.2 
billion bairels per year. If we 
use no imported oil, our liberal 
estimates of 55.3 billion barrels 
is gone in only 8.9 years. What 
about the more realistic estimate 
of 25.3 billion barrels? At the 
present rate of consumption it 
will be gone in about four years. 

The policy of the recent 
administrations has been to end 
U.S. dependence on foreign oil 
by producing and using more 
American oil. That is a curious 
response. Trying to solve the 
problem of a limited oil reserve 
by using it up as fast as possible 
will only make us totally de- 
pendent on imports even sooner. 

Now let's turn to geography. 
Since we almost certainly expect 
our feast to last more than ten or 
12 additional years, we must ask: 
"Where will the oil come from?" 
The United States controls about 
4 percent of the known reserve, 
Mexico has 6 percent, the 
Soviets have 9 percent, the 
Chinese 3 percent and the 
countries of OPEC (including 
Iraq, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia) 
control 75 percent. It is clear 

that most of the oil used during 
the rest of the Oil Age will come 
from the Middle East. 

On to the history of events so 
recent that they hardly qualify as 
history. Less than two decades 
ago the world was thrown into 
economic chaos when OPEC 
turned off the spigot. The last 
time it happened the United 
States was importing less oil per 
year than we imported in 1989. 
Barring a national economic 
collapse, in 1990 we will pro- 
duce less and import even more 
oil. Is it any wonder the United 
States has been willing to 
commit its military to battle 
stations in the Persian Gulf? 

Belshazzar's feast ended when 
the Persians diverted the waters 
of the Euphrates and entered 
Babylon along the dry river bed, 
past guards too drunk to notice. 
Could it be that history will read 
that America's feast ended when 
"the Persians" diverted the flow 
of oil? Could it be that we are 
too drunk, too satiated on 
feasting to notice? 

How far will we go militarily 
to maintain our feast for a little 

Somebody go 
get Daniel. 


From the 
writing of 
the elev- 
enth cen- 

of Saragossa: 

A man is responsible for ev- 
erything he receives in this 
world, and his children are 
responsible too. ..The fact is. 
nothing belongs to him. every- 
thing is the Lord's and whatever 
he received he received on credit 
and the Lord will exact payment 
for it. This may be compared to 
a person who entered a city and 
found no one there. He walked 
into a house and there found a 
table set with all kinds of food 
and drink. So he began to eat 
and drink thinking. "1 deserve 
all of this, all of it is mine, I shall 
do with it what I please.'' He 
didn't even notice that the owner 
was watching from the side! He 
will yet have to pay for every- 
thing he ate and drank, for he is 
in a spot from which he will not 
be able to escape. 

Even earlier. Rabbi Akiva. a 
contemporary of the Apostle 
Paul and perhaps the greatest of 
the early talmudic scholars, set 
down his vision of the feast, the 
hand that writes, and personal 

Everything is given on pledge, 
and a net is spread for all the 
living, the shop is open; the 
shopkeeper gives on credit; the 
ledger is open; and the hand 
writes; and everyone that wishes 
to borrow, let him come and 
borrow; but the collectors make 
their rounds continually every- 
day, and e.xact payment of 
humanity with its consent or 
without its consent, for they have 
that on which they can rely: and 
the judgment is the judgment of 
truth: and all is made ready for 
the feast. 

What a party! 

Somebody go get Daniel. 


hen you can't see the forest 
for the mosquitoes... 

Sometimes it is awfully 
difficult to see past the 
end of your nose. We 
humans do not readily 
look at life from a broader point 
of view than our own immediate 
desires or goals. We move 
through life responding to the 
momentary need, to personal 
fears, to unbridled selfishness. 
Many of the world's current 
problems illustrate this human 
tendency to live for today. The 
environmental problems of our 
world are only one example of 
the consequences of behaving in 
this way. 

Failure to see the big picture 
of who we are and what life is 
all about also affects our rela- 
tionships, our response to 
suffering, our educational goals, 
and our reaction to political and 
economic events. In order to 
solve the many problems of our 
modern era, we need to expand 

...Why our view 
of the big picture 
is so important. 


our view of reality to include 
larger dimensions of human 
purpose, morality, and responsi- 

Blind as bats? 

A humorous example of the 
human tendency to think in the 
isolated moment rather than 

seeing the big picture occurred 
in World War II and involves a 
wild scheme to bomb Japanese 
cities with napalm-laden flying 

At the time of the United 
States' entry into the war, clear- 
thinking American and Japanese 
leaders knew that America, with 
its industrial might, would not 
lose the war with Japan. The 
United States Navy was rapidly 
being rebuilt. The atomic bomb 
project was given the green 
light. Victory was only a matter 
of time. 

But, after Pearl Harbor and 
the initial Japanese victories, an 
anxious frenzy overtook many 
Americans. In those fearful 
weeks, a dental surgeon named 
Lytle Adams conceived of a plan 
to make bat bombs. Somehow, 
he got the ear of President 
Franklin Roosevelt, support of 
an eminent bat scientist at 

Harvard, and two million dollars 
in funding. 

Adams' plan called for bats to 
be chilled into hibernation, 
girded with tiny parachutes and 
napalm capsules, and then 
dropped from planes into 
Japanese cities. By 1943, 
Adams was ready to showcase 
his strategem. Top military brass 
gathered at a California airport 
for the test run. The bats were 
released over specially con- 
structed targets. To onlookers' 
dismay, the creatures flew away 
from the sanctioned targets and 
instead burned down the airport 
hangars and an observing 
general's car. That was the end 
of the bat bombs. 

The whole episode seems 
ludicrous today because we have 
historical perspective on the 
American ability to bomb Japan 
into submission. But, in the 
desperation of the moment, men 
acted foolishly. So too, today, 
we often live for the moment 
and act selfishly. History will 
undoubtedly label us foolish for 
what we have often done to our 
fellow human beings and our 
Expanding our view 

The world today needs people 
who can think with a reality 
larger than themselves, a reality 
that stretches over past and 

future and considers needs 
beyond self. It is difficult to 
imagine success at any endeavor 
if you limit yourself to thinking 
of just the immediate situation. 
The basketball coach wins the 
close games in February because 
he conditions his team in the fall. 
Chess games are not won by 
thinking only of the next move. 
Books are not written with only 
one paragraph in mind. 

Any part of life must be 
viewed as a part of the whole of 
life, if it is to be seen accurately. 
To live in just the present 
moment — to commit a crime, to 
strike a child, to cheat on a tax 

return, or to just "take the 
garbage out." is to ignore the 
ripples of effects that spread into 
the future. 
An expanded view of life 

Let me suggest three areas of 
thought which will help us take a 
larger view of life in today's 
world. First, human living 
necessarily involves self-sacri- 
fice. Life's goal should not be to 
live each day as pain-free as 
possible. God's larger plan for 
us involves relating to our world 
and our fellow humans in the 
midst of life's struggles. To be 
married and raise children means 
to surrender something of your 
life for your family. The amaz- 
ing result is that we find that a 
life of sacrifice is fulfilling. So. 
too, we must also properly relate 
to our environment in spite of 
the sacrifices required. To lower 
our thermostats, recycle our 
garbage, and use less gasoline all 
involve sacrifice, but are impor- 
tant to a whole world's present 
and future needs. 

Second, people should In- 
viewed as valuable partners in 
life, nor as irritants or enemies. 
Marriage and child rearing 
require mutual love and submis- 
sion. I read a newspaper account 
of a man who strangled his wife 
because she put mustard on the 
wrong piece of bread in his 

Dr. Mark Cosgrove is professor 
of psychology at Taylor Univer- 
sity. He has served the univer- 
sity for 14 years. 

sandwich. How pathetic was his 
view of a wife! Any person, 
even one who is not perfect, is 
infinitely more valuable than the 
momentary displeasure of 
finding mustard on one's lettuce. 
We must think with a more 
humane view of Third World 
peoples who breathe our pol- 
luted air, fish our mistreated 
oceans, and sacrifice their farm 
land for our need for beef, 
coffee, or cocaine. World 
resources are the resources of all 
of us. Third World poverty is 
our poverty. 

Third, nature cannot he 
considered our private resource. 
We must learn to see nature in a 
new light. Frogs are not merely 
equipment for dissection exer- 
cises in biology classes. Trees 
are more than so many feet of 
lumber. Animals are living 
beings of beauty and uniqueness. 
Trees are images of immortality 
and the raw material for poetry. 
Every species of plant or animal 
is part of the life cycle of nature 
upon which we depend. 

Some ask, "So what if a few 
thousand species of animals or 
plants disappear? We care about 
humans, not bugs." The answer 
is that we need nature to produce 
the air we breathe, absorb the 
carbon dioxide we exhale, 
decompose our sewage, produce 

our food, and maintain the 
fertility of our soil. 

But the questions continue. 
"What about mosquitoes? They 
are responsible for millions of 
deaths each year from malaria, 
yellow fever, and encephalitis. 
Are you going to make me feel 
guilty for killing a mosquito that 
is out for my blood?" 

Go ahead and swat that 
mosquito. Don't feel guilty 
about it, but do not fail to 
appreciate the value of mosqui- 
toes to the human race. The 
mosquito has rendered an 
enormous service to humanity 
precisely because it is a pest. 

The tropical rain forests of the 
world are virtually uninhabitable 
for humans primarily because of 
the mosquito. 

The rain forests in the Ama- 
zon, Africa, and Southeast Asia 
are perhaps the most valuable 
pieces of real estate in the world 
today. Rain forests make up 
only six percent of the earth's 
surface, but they harbor half of 
all plant and animal species, 
including some 2,000 species of 
mosquito. These forests absorb 
carbon dioxide and slow down 
the pollution of the world. 

The rain forests are critical to 
our life on earth. But Brazil's 
Atlantic forest and Malaysia's 
lowland forest are nearly gone 
while most of forests of Borneo 
and Philippines will be logged 
within 15 years. 

The lowly mosquito has stood 
guard over these treasures for 
thousands of years. But no 
more, because we are too 
strong — or too blind. Now, 
before it is too late, we must see 
mosquito and tree for what they 
are to life. 

If we can lift our sights to see 
the whole picture, the whole 
need, the whole purpose of life, 
things can get better. Our 
environment and our relation- 
ships will improve as we live the 
larger truth of life. 

HO'HO^ %OLL 0<J < D(B&RS 


FALL 1990 

Now it is up to us- 


ft charge to f&ep. ♦ ♦ 

by President Jay Kesler '58 

For me, no incentive approaches 
the sense of responsibility, even 
obligation and inward con- 
viction, that is contained in the first 
line of Wesley's hymn (see cover). 

Every day I am keenly conscious of 
the role of steward to which I have 
been called in keeping the charge in- 
cumbent in the vision of Taylor's 

I regularly read the account of Tay- 
lor's early years as recorded in Dr. 
William Ringenberg's book, Taylor 
University, The First 125 Years. It 
paints a picture of a struggling institu- 
tion kept alive by the stubborn vision 
of men and women convinced that 
their cause is of God and worthy of 
personal sacrifice. Though abandoned 
to a large extent by the institutional 
church while weathering the calamities 
of the Civil War and the Union's na- 
tional economic pressures of post-war 
depression, they remember and 
maintain the charge. Christian educa- 
tion is worth the struggle and must be 
continued at all costs. Theirs are 
humble, yet noble efforts. Mine are 
but few words and meager tribute to so 
much dedication and vision. 
Example to inspire 

Few institutions in modern America 
can trace their history with continuity 
for 144 years. Taylor University is one 
of only two colleges in the Christian 
College Coalition that began in the 
first half of the 19lh century. Sustain- 
ing the Taylor vision over these four- 
teen decades has required huge 
commitment on the part of many 
people, some heralded and others lost 
to all but the mind of God. 

A few years ago, I discovered in my 
files the handwritten reminiscences of 
Dr. Burt Ayres, longtime dean of the 
university during the first half of this 
century. In his later years, Dr. Ayres 
recorded his memories of events, be- 

ginning with his arrival at Taylor as a 
young faculty member in 1 893. 
Among the fascinating anecdotes he 
recounts is the story of then-acting- 
president John H. Shilling, with the 
help of a handful of students, building 
fires in 20 below zero weather to keep 
gas flowing through shallowly buried 
pipes in order to keep students from 
actually freezing to death during a 
harsh winter storm. Many felt this ex- 
haustive exposure to the elements con- 
tributed to Shilling's untimely death a 
year later in 1904. 

Tapestry to weave 
My own memory recalls ramrod- 
straight, shy, and dignified Dr. Evan 
Bergwall on his knees with students in 
Shreiner Auditorium praying long into 
the night in quest of resolution of the 
students' spiritual struggles. 

IhanfQ to you, the tapestry of 

young lives is Being patterned 

into the, continuing fabric 

of the Taylor heritage. 

Sometimes I experience a deep 
sense of gratitude as I walk past the 
marker identifying the location of 
Maria Wright Hall (called the Ad 
Building in my student days). I recall 
the wide wooden stairs that led to the 
two lecture halls on the second floor 
where Holiness League and Mission- 
ary Ambassador meetings were held. 
I think of the contributions made to my 
life in the front two classrooms where 
Dr. Rediger taught Old Testament 
literature and philosophy of religion. 

At different times I wonder what 
today's students will feel as they stand 
in Bergwall Hall fifty years hence and 
recall dorm prayer meetings and 

President Jax Kesler 

in long, 
in the quiet 
of the 
night. I 
pray that 
the quality 
of experi- 
ences and 
depth of 

spiritual commitment woven into fives 
in the lounges of Magee-Campbell and 
Swallow-Robin will be duplicated and 
even surpassed in Olson and Wengatz 
Halls. For many, this has doubtlessly 
become a reality already — and the 
tapestry of young lives is being pat- 
terned into the continuing fabric of the 
Taylor heritage. 

Challenge to meet 

These images provide for me a 
warm incentive to challenge the 
memories and the commitment of the 
Taylor constituency worldwide to 
carry forth the founding dreams and 
prayerful purposes that launched 
Taylor University almost a century and 
a half ago. This giving report is a 
tribute to those who through their 
financial involvement and accompany- 
ing prayers are maintaining this charge. 

I pray regularly that at some point 
in the not-too-distant future Taylor 
University will lead the nation's 
colleges in percentage of alumni 
giving. I believe this is an attainable 
goal because of the depth and quality 
of the Taylor experience academically, 
socially, and spiritually. What a 
heartwarming prospect to think of 
students in the 21st century looking 
back with fondness at their Taylor 
experience because we literally carried 
the torch, refused to let it die during 
these great years.... 

Gratitude to express 
"A charge to keep I have." Part of 
that charge is to say with profound 
gratitude, "Thank you for your faith- 
fulness in behalf of these young people 
who shall someday take their place in 
carrying forth the continuity of the 
Taylor tradition.' 

'Taylor fund 

by Taylor Fund Director Ronald Sutherland '82 

A new giving record has been established by Taylor 
friends, alumni, staff, and trustees! 

This past year the Taylor Fund achieved the highest level 
of giving in its history. The goal for the year was set at $1.1 
million. Together, with the Lord's blessings, we raised a 
total of $1,1 18,344. This is only the second time in the 
history of the university that the Taylor Fund has risen 
above the $ 1 million mark. 

Many groups deserve recognition for their selfless 
giving. Alumni giving was up over 13 percent from the 
previous year, helping us reach our highest level of partici- 
pation ever, 36 percent. Friends and staff also increased 
their giving by 33 percent and 27 percent respectively over 
the previous year. 

All these indicators point to the fact that you believe in 
the ministry Taylor University has in preparing young men 
and women for a life of service to our Lord. Because of 


President s Associates 

your financial support, Taylor University will 
continue to meet the educational and institutional 
challenges that it faces. 

We cannot help but dwell on the goodness of the Lord as 
we look at the results of this year. It is truly exciting to be a 
part of this ministry. 

The following report outlines several giving categories: 
Taylor Fund: 

1. President's Associates: $1,000 and higher 

2. Tower Club: $500— $999 
Total giving: 

1. Alumni by class 

2. Friends 

3. Parents 

4. Faculty and staff 

5. Foundations 

6. Business, industry, and organizations 

7. Matching gift companies 

8. Restricted giving 

Thank you for your outstanding support of Taylor Uni- 
versity during the 1989-1990 fiscal year. 

Rkk_& Ellen Adams 
'David & 'Barbara Allgood 
"Doug & Susan Allgood 
John & Sue Anderson 
Tim & 'Betsy Anderson 
•Harold & Janet Arnette 
Mimi Atkinson 
Mark_& Tarn Barton 
Lawrence & Mary Bauer 
David & Margaret Beamer 
Roger & Marilyn Beaverson 
Tom & "Helen Beers 
Margaret Behnken 
"Randy & Bari Behnken 
Bob & Marcia Benjamin 
Bob Benson 

"Roland & Shirley 'Bert kg 
Barbara Bill 
Marjorie Bill 
"Ron & Margaret Blevins 
Leland & LaRita Boren 
Dave & loan Boyer 
Joe & Judy Brain 
Ted & Murlaine Brolund 
Craig & Susan Bugno 
Peter & Run Buhrow 
Ray & Jeanne Bullock. 
Jessie Cain 

Bob & Sybil Campbell 
Walt & Mary Campbell 
'Keith & Jeanne Canham 
Bob & Charlotte Canida 
Pete Carlson 

Hazel Carruth 
Qreg & Jeanine Childs 
Alyce Cleveland 
9{els & 'Elizabeth Clint 
Jim & Susette Coehran 
Dale & Shirley Coin 
Qeorge & Marjory Connon 
William Cowherd 
David & (Phyllis Co\_ 
"Paul & Kay Co%_ 
Larry & Rachael Crabb, Jr. 
Janice Crouse 
Tom & Bonnie Crutchjield 
Craig & Carmen Curtiss 
Jack_& Carol Daniel 
Bob & Marilyn Deich 
Dan & Cynthia Deui 
Mddred DeWeerd 
"Proctor Dick. 
Patrkk_& Cathy Dickey 
Doug & Barbara Dickinson 
Jim & Jean Ddler 
Tom & Debbie DUlon 
"Ed & "Hgney Dodge, Jr. 
Dick_& Wcezk Doermer 
Brad & Sylvia Duckworth 
Mike & Sandra Duncan 
Phil & Kendra Duncan 
Robert & Margaret Duncan 
Bob & Marian Elliot 
Tim & Suzanne Ellis 
Charles Engle 
Ted & Marge Essenburg 
Tom & Julie Essenburg 

Qreg & Mary "Tran Euler 

Keith & Debbie Euler 

Joyce Evans 

Malcolm & 'Hadine Evans 

Don & Idan Eancher 

Wayne & Marilyn fine 

Ken & Bette flanigan, Jr. 

Ruth flood 

Jim & Roberta Jowkr 

Chester To^ 

Bob & Betty "Jreese 

Terry & Marian J-rick. 

Joe & Marcia "Tritzsche 

Bill& Lurajry 

Ted & Jeanne Qabrklsen 

Re?i & Ruth Qearhart 

Tom & Julie Qearhart 

Dave & "Kathleen Qeiger 

Dave & Sandra Qelwkks 

"Paul '& Barb Qentile 

Les & Mil Qerig 

Harold & Mary Qianoputos, Sr. 

Bob & Joan Qilkison 

Qcorge & Jan Qlass 

Jim & Irtene Qlcnn 

Chris & Deb Qoeglein 

David & Alice Q olden 

Dan Qordon 

Bruce Qrabenkprt 

%ed & Margo Qraber 

Don & Jean Qranitz 

John & 'Phyllis Qreen 

Corbly & Vivian Qregg 

Dale Qrimes 

J r rank_& Bea Qrotenhuis 
9\(prm Qundersen 
Dick. Or Bonni Qugi 
Richard & Rebecca Haak, 
Bessie Haan 
Dick_& Clarke Halfast 
Jim & Edith Hall 
Ron & Vieki Hall 
Carl ' & Avis Hassel 
Shirt & Qloria Hatfield 
Steve & Mary Haun 
Qlen & Marilyn Heavitin 
John & Lucille Hershey 
Mildred Hinrkhsen 
Roger Hirschy 
Bob & Susan Hodge 
Bob & Helen Hodges 
Art & Mary Hodson 
Jerry & Jane Hodson 
Curt & 1'ivian Hoeksema 
Tim & Janis Hoeksema 
Steven & Jean Holaday 
Alice Holcombe 
Jean Holcombe 
Mary Holdcn 
Rich & "Kathi Honig 
Jerry & Detores Home 
John & Joan Home 
Dan & Rosemary Howell 
Ed & Denise Hurst 
Kevin & Donna Her 
Jem Jackson 
Bob & Margie Jackson 
Dwight & Sally Jacobsen 

Don & Shirley Jacobsen 
John & Carol Jaderholm 
Chip & 1'ema Joggers III 
Dick_& Regina J aggers, Jr. 
Russ & Ruth Jensen 
Jim & Sue Jerele, Jr. 
'Paul & Marilyn Johnson 
Randy & Beth Jones 
Brian & Lila Justinger 
Qene & "Hellk Kgndel 
Charles & Carol Keller 
Joe & Rpsie Kerlin 
Jay & Janie Kesler 
Jaek,& Jan King 
Dak & Ann Kitley 
Tom & Shirley Kuotc, 
Jim & Lydia Knutson 
Verne & Miriam Kpppin 
Milton & Edith Kprpi 
Philip & Velma Kroeker 
Qordon & Ruth 'Krueger 
Bob & Lonnk Krumrou 
Mark_& Karen Kuiper 
Susan Ruby Lamb 
Robert & Carolyn LeMaster 
Arthur & Qladys Lindetl 
Carroll & Donna Lindman 
Wilburt & 'I'iokt Littrell 

(Fred & "Elaine Luthy 
Dan & Joyce MacLeish 
Jim & Vol Mark MacLeish 
John & Jane Maddoi(_ 
Ray dr "Kay MaddoTC. 
Tim & Donna Mann 
9{prm & Doris Mathews 
David & Jeanne Mathias 
Men & 'Beverly Mathis, Jr. 
'Mill & Janet (Matthews 
'-Roy & Rebecca Maxson 
Mike andShari May 
Kevin dr Donna May 
Jonathan & Susan McCracker. 
John & Ola McDougall 
Ross & 1'ivian McLennan 
Chucks & Margaret Mealy 
•Herb & Mary "Ellen Meier 
Laurel Meissner 
(Paul & "Evelyn Mendcnhall 
Miles & Jill Mercer 
Clyde & Jane Meredith, Jr. 
(Richard & Lynette Merillat 
Jim & (Ruth Meyerhottz 
Don & Jane Mick, 
"Boh & Coleen Midwood 
Joe & Barbara Miley 
Calvin & Eloise Miller 
"Paul & (Karen Millikan 
Joe & "Ruth Miraglia 
Ed Moore 

Tom & Donna Morr 
Art & gloria Muselman 
"Karen Muselman 

(Roger & (Haomi Muselman 

Louis & Jane Myre 

John & Mary Kay (Heidhamer 

Qerald & Arlouine "Helson 

Don & Sandy 94eu 

Chucks Irma (Hewman 

Elmer 9{uss6aum 

'Kenyan & "Katy 9{ussbaum 

"Ron & Elizabeth "?(ussbaum 

"Herb & Louise (Hygren 

Don & Bonnie Odle 

'Ben & Doris Ojjborn 

Wallace (Page 

"Kirk,dr Sharon (Parr 

gene & "Ruth Pashley 

Tim & Marcia (Pashley 

Eugene & Laureen "Pashley, Jr. 

Chris & Ann Paynter 

"Ervin dr Alfrieda Tenner 

Clayton & Carolyn "Peters 

Jim & Dara (Peters 

Dick.& Margo "Peterson 

Thadd & Donna Lee (Poe 

'Martha Tuntenneu 

Dave & "Manei Pyle 

"Walt & Qwen 'Randall 

glenn Rathke 

•I'clma Rediger 

James & Lys Reiskytl 

Bob dr Betty Rcnner 

Qamet (Rice 

"Keith dr Marge "Rich 

9{prval & Margie (Rich 

gale & Eve Rickner, Jr. 

AC9l%%S c L 

•Rachel Ringenberg 
(Ron & (Trances "Ringcnben 
Bill & Becky 'Ringenberg 
Stan Rishel 
Loren dr Judy "Roberts 
Darryl & Marsha 'Rogers 
Bill & Sally 'Roost 
Wally & Marlene Roth 
"Roger & Lou Roth 
(Trank_& Mary Rpye 
Robert & Judie "Rudolph 
Brian dr Joy Ruegsegger 
Don & Shirley Ruegsegger 
Randy & "Bonnie Rumble 
Tom & Jonnine Rumney 
Charles & Jeanette Rupp 
Doug & "Kathy Rupp 
gene & 'Money Rupp 
Rich & (Pauline Russell 
Rich & "Hancy Russell 
Maynard Sauder 
Don & Jean Schaffer 
Bob dr Marci Schenck. 
David & Diane Schmitz 
Jamey & Rachel Schmitz 
Lal'aughn Schuckers 
Rick, & Joanne Seaman 
Dale & Barbara Selby 
Ron & Shelba Shaw 

Todd & Cindy Shinabarger 

Bill dr Carolee Shinn 

John & "KarolSiefer 

Crystal Silverman 


Dan dr Janet Smith 

Bob & Lee Smith 

Ed & Ellen Smyth 

(Harold & Ellen Snyder 

Don & JoAnn Soderquist 

Dana dr Judy Sommers 

Jack,dr Carol Sonneveldt 

9{prman dr Jessie Soper 

Allen & (Patricia Sowers 

Troy & Jo Spencer 

Ray Squire 

Dick_& Becky Stanislaw 

David & (\edra Steury, Jr. 

'Jred & Jane Stockinger 

Roger & Carol Storer 

Larry & Judy Summers 

Ron & Judy Sutherland 

Jred & Bemice Swanson 

Doug & Robin Taylor 

'Marta gabre.Tsadick.dr Dcmekc 

"Keith & Cindy 'Thompson 
Don & May Thorpe 
Margaret Trefz 
"Wendell & Diane True 
Jere TrucM 

Bill & Janet 1 'an Trcuren 
Qordon & 'Elaine 'I'andermeulen 
gus & Esca I'andermeulen 

Craig dr Itcki llelguth 
Mike dr Tarn Walcott 
Bob & Jean Walker 
John dr "Peggy li'ard 
Tom & 'Barbara Warner 
Ray dr "\\vian 11 atson 
John dr Vicky li'autertek. 
Bill dr Martha 1\' ea lltans 
Larry & Sally li'eber 
Lois Weed 

Marshall & Rpdah Welch 
Ruth Welch 
Todd & Lisa Welch 
Helen Wengatz 
Andy & O'ou-O'mg Whipple 
Phildr geraldine Whislcr 
Alice White 
Paul & Lois Williams 
(Paul 'dr Ruth Wuds 
"Rem Winder 
Paul dr Deb Winter 
Jon dr faith Winters 
Sam cr 'Mary Wolgemuth 
Sam er grace Wolgemuth 
Jim & Judy '] 1 } oods 
Woody & Deb Woodward 
Bob & Evelyn IXyatt, Jr. 
Bob & Pat Wimalda, Sr. 
Daryl & Joenita 'yost 
Dan & Martha '^utzy 
Pat cy '(\lary Zondcri'an 
Paul a- Betty lurcher 
'1 1 Anonymous Donors 

HiOivtr Ctu6 

Leon & LaQatfm Adkison 
Terry & Carol Agness 
"Reginald & (Flora Alford 
'Mynietlt eer (Marjork Anderson 
■?{prman & Sandra Andrcsen 
Tom & 'Elaine 'Ballard 
Tom c T Heanine 'Barrett 
Robert "Bates 
Alan & Marcia "Bowden 
Curtis cr 1 \rginia 'Bowers 
Charles Bayer 

Ion dr ■Bettii'Brandcnpcrgcr 
'Jred & 'Xeotmi (Brinson 
Sieve & Sue 'Brogan 
9lorm & 'Mary Alice 'Brown 
'Burton & "Monty 

Jon Campbell 
:Her6en& Carol 

Jim er -Wanda 

■.Hewitt c^ Amelia 

'Barry & "Diane 


"Everett & Lucia Cook 
"Mr. & "Mrs. glen Cook 
(Markdr "Vicki Coy 
•Rev. & Mrs. J. Arthur 

"Bob & "Betty "Davis 
Theodore (Defter 
"Wayne & Ruthanna 'Duekjvall 
Denver & "Eleanor ■Elliott 
John & "Bernita "Ellis 
•Bill & "Trances 'Ewbank. 

'Eugene & Catherine (Trench 
Arlandr Linda Jriesen 
"Russell dr 'Bertha Qdson 
Rev. & Mrs. % L. greenwood 
■Melvin & Eileen gudtautne 
Paul dr Sheri Harris 
iieorge c v Anna Harrison 
'Doyle & Judy Hayes 
'Bob Herriman 
Tun & "Kathy Herrmann 
Carl cr Jana Lee Hofinga 


Xeith & 'Edna Moldavian 
Thd & lamk tfoltjc 
■XerBert & ^fency '.Howard 
'Kenneth & Treva toward 

Clyde c^Poris iHunter 
'Kevin lohitson 
'.Harold & loy Jones 
•Maurice & '.Hazel lones 
■John & losephine luett 
Qene & Marao 'Keller 
1eff& Xns -Keptar 

"PuHiifi t d<- 'Piane 

'Tim & Susan 'Xtopfcnstcm 
'Dave & Karot K\-hcr 
'Dave & Carolyn LeMastcrs 
'U'unn & -Bonnie LemBriafxt 
Stan & Donna Lont] 
%nn Lutes 

'Bruce & ^vt-fnury Macfadyen 
\eil ey Jane ■Martin 
•fyy & %eBecca iMa^son 
•Marvin <*■ TGann Metzter 
Dr. er Mrs. Lester. A I 
Clarence er :Viee Miller 
Dan er Lisa Milter 
Deborah Miller 
Cameron Mosscr 
'J^oB er 'fybin Mourcy 
•ElizaBeth :\ciscr: 

r err,iC—K<-^!'"--l'ChVi 
.Harni er jean Otiicnfrusch 
Srian VtgmsQmd 
Davin & TZjat/ierint 

Don er ,'lune fyfigtT 
Timer i* gloria '\cW7ht 
u fyscfi 

■l\wl ef Christine :1et el 

Stanley 3?*ef5 

Jim er Mary 1$pden 
Davt dr 3tidy0<ptf\ 

. rPieScea 

Charles er Barf a r a _>.-.■:-.: — - 
John er C-'-' 
Lee er Ma< Si 
Cartton er Mareu: 
Lei er Xuth Setter 
■Jay er JudySnapley 

'Darrell er Charts: I 
'JieBeeea Smith' 
Kermii er Ethel Siams 
'S&lph 'TeuBer 

Siiuty er A 
'Jisye r •rrueMcwl 

Charles er 'ni;v 1 bnct 
Loren er Juan 'U'anner 
TdmvnA e* , 
i I • 
Ernest er .'5 .- 

* \uth Z-immennan 

A veritable 
mountain of a 
man, Bishop 
William Taylor strode 
across the world of his day, 
leaving lives changed in his wake. He brought the 

California, the wilds of the Congo, 
the ancient culture of India, and 
beyond. During 55 years of unflagging 
service, he traversed a quarter of a million 
miles. His evangelistic fervor and church-planting 
efforts were known on Five continents. He indeed 

message of salvation to the rough frontier of gold-rush earned the appellation, "missionary to the world." 

&CO&\!Kg ( L 


Class of 15 

S ol donors. 1 
Participation: 33% 
Iris Abbey 

Class of 16 

# of donors 1 
Parlicpalion : 33% 
Robert L Tressler 

Class of 18 

#oi donors. 1 
Participation: 50% 
Marie Gibbs Tressler 

Class of 21 

# of donors: 3 
Participalion: 60% 
Robert R Sbaw 
Edna Slalsburg 
William K Williams 

Class of 22 

# of donors: 2 
Participation: 40% 

Mary French Mabuce 
Randolph W. Webster 

Class of 23 

# of donors. 4 
Participation: 67% 
Loraine Freesmeyer Chappell 
Joyce Spalding Evans 

Charles W & Miriam Teed Shilling 

Class of 24 

# ol donors: 5 
Participalion: 56% 
Edwin A. Briggs 
Winilred Smith 
Florence Welch Squier 
Bessie Lindsey Steward 
Dorothea Leach Wideman 

Class of 25 

# ol donors: 7 
Participalion: 78% 
Gilberl Ayres 

Irma Dare 
Ralph Henning 
Maynard Ketcham 
J. Lauren Naden 
Kathryne Bieri Sears 

Class of 26 

$ o! donors 9 
Participation- 56% 
Helen Wing Ayres 
Betty Krause Gehman 
Frances Rowland Haag 
Milton B. Leisman 
Harriel Leisure Naden 
Doris Atkinson Paul 
Raymond M. Squire 
D. V. Whitenack 
Howard Young 

Class of 27 

# ol donors: 7 

Participalion: 47% 

Ethel L. Soyer 

Mary Brenaman Brechbill 

Albert C. Eicher 

Maurice) L & Hazel Chamberlain 

Travis Purely 

Class of 28 

# ol donors: 9 
Participalion: 43% 

Earl E & Frances Thomas Allen 
George L. Edie 
Ruth Flood 

Helen Brown Hamilton 
Elizabeth Beebe Irish 
Susan Ruby Breland Lamb 
Ellon B. Stelson 
Melvina Gleason Wilson 

Class of 29 

# of donors: 19 
Participation: 70% 
Esther L. Anderson 
Mildred Parvin Bastian 

Althea Osborne Catlm 
Josephine Deyo 
Bertha PollittGilson 
Edith Graff 
Bessie D. Haan 
Mildred Sliter Hinrichsen 
Katherine Tower Horton 
Mary Leisure Johnson 
Ida Marie Spreen Jones 
Frances Collins Krause 
Dorothy Collins Miller 
Wilson B. Paul 
Velma Fields Purdy 
Garnet Williams Rice 
Lena York Roth 
Howard L. Runion 
Paul Whitaker 

Class of 30 

# of donors: 18 

Participation 67% 
Ruby Shaw Bourquard 
Edna Chambers Chandler 
Lester Clough 
Ona Ingerson Epler 
Kenneth F Fox 
Elsie Fuller Gibson 
Samuel A. Grove 
Mary Miller LeValley 
InahM Masters 
Lloyd V. Mohnkern 
Grant E.Oberholtzer 
Jeff P. Paul 
Pauline Collins Rhine 
Loyal R. Ringenberg 
R. IvanSomers 
Beatrice Patrick Sparks 
Mary Ella Rose Stuart 
Gladys Sanborn Wagoner 

Class of 31 

# of donors. 26 
Participation- 63% 
Bernice Kendall Anderson 
Alex Bourquard 

Darwin R. Bryan 

Ellen Smith Culp 

Wallace W. Deyo 

Ralph Dodge, Sr 

Chester Fox 

Hugh Freese 

Lila Longcar Frye 

Florence Hazelton Hiester 

Kenneth E. Hoover 

Valta Rayl Johnson 

John Kjolselh 

George H. Lee 

Anita Hauber Leonard 

K. Edward Maynard 

Cameron D L. Mosser 

Clarence & Helen Brechbill Musser 

Adelaide Mcdonald Oakes 



Deyo Pugh 
John W. Rood 
Doris Davis Somers 
Hazen Sparks 
R. Marvin Stuart 

Class of 32 

# of donors- 22 
Participation: 55% 
Margaret WollBreen 
Martin Luther Brokaw 
Lillie Reedy Clough 
Olive Himelick Connelly 
Gladys Williamson Csehy 
Mary Beebe Deyo 

Oral & Florence Drake Duckworth 

Vivien Myers Freese 

Carl L. Hawkes 

Mary Rice Hawley 

Irene Witner Hoover 

Cecelia Learn Jordan 

Reuben Judson 

Marguerite Friel Kettner 

Fred MacKenzie 

Albert C Mathias 

Mary lllk Mohnkern 

James Rhine 

Frank A. & Alice Bissell Simons 

Leah Loader Thomas 

Class of 33 

# ol donors: 12 

Participalion: 39% 
Warren Bailey 
Stanley R. Boughton 
Ray Brechbill 
Edna Musser Brokaw 
Merritt Clymer 
Catherine Tatem French 
Elizabeth Stuart Gates 
P Ardath Kletzing Hoflmann 
C.Lyle Thomas 
Fred & Ruth Tabberer Vosburg 
Audrey Ashe Zahniser 

Class of 34 

i of donors: 16 

Participation: 57% 

Herbert S Roberta Bennett Boyd 

Winifred Brown 

Louise Longnecker Cookingham 

Mina Herman Derby 

F. Oliver Drake 

Mary Deich Forgy 

Genevieve Cushman Fox 

Arthur L. Hodson 

Arthur W.Howard 

PaulJ lllk 

Doris Wtlson Porter 

Rowena Walker Stucky 

Ella Mae Davis Thomas 

Percival A. Wesche 


Class of 35 

# ol donors: 15 
Participation: 58% 
Blaine Bishop 
Robert F Dennis 
DeWitt C. Fowler 
Irene Tennant George 
Mabel Frey Hensel 
Gordon Herrmann 
Goldie Crippen lllk 
Paul Johnson 
William R. McClelland 
Clarence P. Miller 
Lois Bostic Nelson 
Milton G. Persons 

M. E. Pittman 

'RumCoby Vining 

Class of 36 

# of donors: 9 
Participation: 56% 
Marjorie White Bill 

VanNess & Margaret Louise Cline 

Charles W. Cookingham 
Esla Herrmann Howard 
Carmen English Livezey 
Lucy Cormican Ridgeway 
Alvin D Strong 
R. Rulh Talbott Welch 

Class of 37 

§ of donors: 22 
Participation: 73% 
Roy F. Ballard 
Betty Peck Bishop 
Virginia Royster Bowers 
Mary Leiter Brenaman 
Gerald Clapsaddle 
Crystal Hawkins Dunn 
Mabel Johnston Fields 
Rulh Weller Hamann 
Clarence WHamm 
Aileen Catlin Herrmann 
Joseph Kimbel 
Ethel York Kleppinger 
Hazel Bloss Ladd 
K. M. Linn 
John U. Miller 
Leon Shaffer 
Garfield G. Steedman 
Clayton J. Steele 
Paul Stephenson 
Delpha M Van Winkle 
John M. Vayhinger 
Marjorie MacKellar Wesche 

Class of 38 

# of donors: 31 
Participalion. 65% 
Dorothy McLaury Bowie 
Mary Kalhryn Myers Burkhalter 
E. Lawrence Carman 

Hazel Butz Carruth 

Arthur Climenhaga 

Virginia Cline 

Emma Alspaugh Copeland 

J Arthur Dahlstrand 

Ralph R.Dillon 

Ted W. & Dorothy Weaver Engstrom 

Charles L. Garringer 

Richard W.& Clarice Bell Hallast 

Marie Harriett Heinemann 

John 0. & Lucille Kruschwitz Hersbey 

Thelma Sharp Hollingsworth 

Catherine Chappell Jones 

Gerald O.Kelver 

Mildred HuberLovell 

Mildred Macy 

Rebecca Wheeler Maxson 

John Miles 

Walter C. Randall 

Wallace Scea 

Marian Matthew Steedman 

Wirlh Tennant 

Margaret L. Trelz 

Samuel F Wolgemuth 

Ruth Royster Yunker 

Class of 39 

# of donors: 36 
Participation' 86% 
Donald Barnes 
Maurice Beery 
Margaret Sluyter Briggs 
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Francis C. 

John P. Jones 
Stanley Jones 
Edith Persons 


Merrill W. 

Nellie Blake 

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Muriel Sutch 


Taeko Obaro Okimoto 
Cyril D. Persons 
Alton Ridgeway 
Reuben Short 
Paul Sobel 
Alice Butz 

Ruth Imler 

Ruth Anderson Wedel 
L.Marshall Welch 
Robel D Wilburn 
Martha Matthews Wilkinson 
Kenneth Williams 
Grace Dourte Wolgemulh 

Class of 40 

# ot donors: 38 
Participalion: 70% 
Stanley Beers 

C. Melvin & Doris Brown Blake 
Omar Buchwalter 
Ralph W Cummings 
Kenneth Foulke 
Madelyn Leak Guindon 
Ruth Johnson Hall 
Teuntje Peters Hershey 
Harriet Davis Holcombe 
Robert Hollingsworth 
Gordon Kashner 
Rulh Prosser Keizer 
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Gwen Niebel Randall 
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W. Wayne Yeater 

Class of 41 

# of donors: 32 
Participalion: 73% 
William L Armilage, Jr. 

Hope Wiggins Barnes 
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James R Miller 

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Lois Slagle 

Howard Spitnale 

Carol B Unkenholz 

For his legendary feats of strength, William Taylor 
has been compared to Abraham Lincoln; for his jour- 
neys through Africa, to the English explorer Henry 
Stanley; for his vision of carrying the gospel throughout 
the world, to the Apostle Paul. Bishop Taylor's name- 
sake, Taylor University, continues to fulfill this vision. 

An early edition of the university's student annual 

records Bishop Taylor's concern for the school: "It is 
said that this world missionary, even in the face of life's 
larger calls, saw fit to pray thrice daily for the little 
institution that had... taken his name." 

It seems Bishop Taylor's prayers are still being 
answered today. And in her continued commitment to 
Christ, Taylor University carries on his legacy. 

Mildred Brown Yaggy 
Frederick E. Zigan 

Class of 43 

Vivian Havens McLennan 

Jeanne Blackburn Pearson 

Gail B. Price 

Fred C. Rowley 

Joseph & Frances Guindon Shisler 

Joyce Hunt Spitnale 

Harold E. & Kathryn Smith Springer 

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Paul Trumbauer 

Paul P. Williams 

Lewis A. Wilson, Jr. 

Faith Glenwood Wynne 

Phyllis Martin Young 

Class of 44 

I ol donors: 29 

Participation: 62% 

June Pugh Bergwall 

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Dorothy McFall Zart 

Class of 45 

I ol donors: 29 
Participation: 48% 
M. Wesley Arms 

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Robert & Mable Busch Bontrager 
Lawrence A. Brown 

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Gerald Fisher 

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Smith Hunt 
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Gerald R. 

John W. 

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Holt Metcall 
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John E. 
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Warren Tropt 

Class of 46 

# of donors: 14 

Parlicipation. 42% 
Virgil V. Bjork 
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Andrew Rupp 
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Catherine Hatfield Welty 
Philip Williams 
Ruth Steiner Zimmerman 

Class of 47 

I of donors' 22 
Parlicipation: 52% 
Thelma Drew Beery 
Warren Bergwall 
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Dorothy Fenslermacher Villwock 

Class of 48 

4 ol donors: 40 
Participation: 63% 

William R. 



Florence Branch Bond 
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Participation: 48% 
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Douglas Weikel 
Robert Wendel 

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Class of 52 

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Class of 53 

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Participation: 39% 

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Kenneth Wright 

Ctass of 54 

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Participate: , : ; 

Joy E, Arthur 

Shirley Bohleen 

Barbara Gordinier Brancalo 

Only one gravestone stands on Taylor's campus. 
Somehow it seems fitting it is that of President Thad- 
deus Reade. It was he who directed the university's 
move to her present location, sacrificed his personal 
savings to strengthen her financial position, and ushered 
her into a new century and a new emphasis on spiritual 
and missionary outreach. 

In 1893, Dr. Reade supervised the financially troubled 
university's move from Fort Wayne to Upland. He also 
entered into a risky financial arrangement with the 
university trustees in which he became personally 
responsible for the school's operating expenses as well as 
for all debts which might be accrued during his admini- 

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Richard Corliss 

Robert G. Hankins 

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Gloria Shepherd Nelson 

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Roger E.Hirschy 

Mildred Andrews — — 

- — — Nelson Price 

Judy Weber Polsgrove 

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Nancy Lindgren Roharl 

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Ellon H & Barbara Lawrence Rose 

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Terveer Ginter 

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Patricia Ottinger Wilson 

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Wayne Rowel I 

Mary Dellinger Pahmeier 

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Jo Ann Albrecht Kehoe 

Class of 58 

Joyce Snick Schwanke 

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Darrel Parris 

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Thomas G. Rumney 

Roger Peck 

Mary Von Bergen Hesse 

Dorothy Garnett Lehmann 

# of donors 81 

Carole Shoup Smith 

Nancy Rowley Rupp 

Gordon Polsgrove 

Winnie M. Holm 

Loren Lindholm 

Participation: 54% 
Jerry D Ailred 
Grayson Atha 
Floyd Baker 
Stan J Beach 

Suzanne Kuhn Smith 

Barbara Schultz Shupe 

Freda J. Riddle 

Theodore M. Hopkins 

Marjorie McCallum Meske 

Nelda De Long Sonday 

Joseph Smith 

Marylou Riggle 

Geraldine Cook Howard 

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Forrest & Arlene Smith Jackson 

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Jean Watson Carter 
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Duane Cuthbertson 

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Vonda Lightbody Rigel 

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Phyllis Snyder Rowe 

Class of 59 

Class of 60 

Miriam Beers Van Valkenburg 
Josephs & Carolyn Cloer Wagner 

Betty Blom Ruth 

Lorraine Lindholm Ryberg 

R. E. Dodge, Jr. 

# of donors: 62 

# of donors: 71 

Mary Henning Weirick 

Noel Spencer 

Richard Steiner 

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Ruth Thomas Spencer 

Phyllis Engle 
Jemima Ensing 
Ramon Farley 

Participation: 47% 

Roger E. Beaverson 
Sandra Moore Bedford 

Participation: 48% 
Wanda Pittman Atha 
Ellen Lee Barnes 

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Carolyn Bennett Wheeler 
Edythe Brown Williams 

Robert Tidgwell 
Donna Peck Wanvig 
Gerald Welsh 
Carmen Justice Wilks 

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Jarvis Steiner 
Ann Donker Stubbs 
John Terrell 

Ronald & Mary Lou Loomis Fassett 
Mary Cavanaugh Fendl 
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Anna Newhard Fullhart 

David Bowman 
Alice Netzband Boyer 
Sue Robinson Brown 
Nancy Wittman Brubaker 

Joyce Morgan Bates 
Nancy Bibb Beckner 
G. Dewayne Bontrager 
Joan Haaland Britlon 

Jerry & Maxine Smith Willman 
Arnold Woodring 

Class of 61 

Creighton Woltz 

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David Wells 
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Dian Krider Wilkey 
Robert L. Wright 

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i ol donors: 59 

Lloyd Wright 

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Rosemary Harper Bucy 

Participation: 41% 

Class of 55 

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Ralph Gyde 

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Bradley Duckworth 

Betty Augustine Burden 
Lorene Reisdorph Burns 

Marlene Moore Abraham 
John A. Affleck 

# ot donors: 35 

Thomas R. Hailey 

Patricia Stall Eklund 

Gloria Moennig Carey 

Richard A. Baarendse 

Participation: 35% 

Class of 57 

G. Arthur Hansen, Jr. 

Marilyn Follett 

Curtis Carter 

Raymond R. Bachman 

Jack & Ramona Ferguson Augustine 

Larry R. Harper 

Gerald & Arlene Hieber Fouls 

Earl Christensen 

Carolyn Sandstrom Bardwell 

Thomas G. Beers 

# of donors; 48 

Donald & Miriam Parks Hedrick 

Irlene Gierman Glenn 

Rulh Moss Coverdale 

Audrey J. Berndt 

Lois Corliss 

Participalion: 40% 

Martin Hess ^ 

Sherry Perkins Gormanous 

Marilyn Buckles Cuthbertson 

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*~~— -— ^^^ Matsudo 

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Anita Ford Prinzing 

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Class of 56 

$ ot donors: 48 
Participation: 40% 
Margaret Weedon Barton 
Margaret A. Bash 
Riley B. Case 
Carol Herber Coblentz 

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Nancy Cimbalo Trotogot \ 




I 1 

id wiUSt Scharringhausen 

KfjftJ R. Larry Smith 
^ ^ /sgAJf Karen Cheesman 
vOwY Snider 

While accepting only $600 a year 
in salary — the same as the other mar- 
ried men on faculty — he donated $4000 of 
his personal savings and made himself account- 
able for the teachers' salaries. 

Dr. Reade brought renewed spiritual vigor and focus 
to the school during his tenure. 

He often 
averred that 
Taylor University 
was the only monument 
he ever wanted. The school he 
so loved yet stands in testament to his commitment to 
Christian higher education; a fitting monument, indeed. 


Maxine Steury Balkema 

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Robert H. & Sandra Krehbiel Gardner. 

Alice Hendrickson Golden 
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Harry Haakonsen 
Doyle L- Hayes 
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Theodore J Marr 

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Sandra Rupp Moeschbergef 
Martha Passler Mosher 
Mary Bruerd Moudy 
DaleW. Murphy 
Everett Myers, Jr. 
Evelyn Richards Norris 
Luanne Adams Phillips 
Philip A. Place 
Charles L. Ramsay, Jr, 
Lawrence J. Rich 
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Ronald Van Dam 
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Class of 64 

# ot donors: 87 
Participation: 37% 
Gladys Oates Alley 
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Sharon Dalberg 

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Diane Tenpas Vivian 
Dale A Williams 
R.Scott Wilson 
Roger E. Winn 

Class of 62 

# of donors: 62 
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Class of 63 

# ol donors: 67 
Participation: 34% 
Jane Kemple Allan 
Juanita Anthony 

Jacquelm Ruchti 

Alan Atha 
Wayne Augustine 
Lois Jackson Austin 
Elsbelh Baris 


Kabu lay 
there, beaten and 
bloody, waiting for 
death at the hands of an 

enemy tribesman. Suddenly, a bright light flashed in 
the African jungle and a loud voice impelled him to flee. 



Gail Ofte Atha 
Mary Schneider Augustine 
Margaret Anema Barnhart 
Perry J Bigelow 
David Bingeman 
M. Rosalie Bowker 
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Carollyn Saxlon Peerman 

Toby Andrews Peterson 
RobertO. Rans- 

Alumni participation by class, 


:: : .-"■; =::s: -;; 
40 30 




Guided by the light, the boy who 
was to become known as Sammy 
Morris made his way through the wilder- 
ness to a plantation where an American 
missionary, a Taylor graduate, baptized him. With 
his conversion came a deep spiritual thirst. His mission- 
ary friends could not adequately answer his searching 

r kco<ms < E 

Alumni participation By doss, 

35 40 

1 — I — I — I — I — I — I — I — I — I 


Yvonne C 


Petlerson Scolt 
Jerry Showalter 
Gary Shuppert 

David & Constance Culhbertson Slater 
Jack L. Souder 
Judson Sprunger 
Robert H. Stewart 
Barbara Butman VanVessem 
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Participation: 35% 

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Kent Fishel 

Elizabeth Clinl Flanigan 

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Donald Francis 

Elizabeth Wells Frantz 

Jams Sprunger Grau 

Norman L. Guillaume 

Gary Habegger 

Onley Heath 

Carol Grater Henry 

Joan Nelson Horn 

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Steve Huser 

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Gary J & Judith Carlson Jones 

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Gwenl. Moser 

Ronald Oakerson 

David J Peterson 

Terry Porter 

John S. Prins 

James Rahn 

Wilbur Regier 

James 0. Richard 

Karen Huston Russell 

Gloria Gales Schafter 

Barbara Gregor Schullz 


Margaret Hiatt Sprunger 

Jeanne Rupp Slauffer 

Joseph VandegritI 

Gordon VanderMeulen 

Carolyn Borg Webb 

Mary Winter Wiebers 

Lynne Fndstrom Winterholter 

Judith Paulson Woods 

Class of 67 

tion; 37% 
Richard M, 
Carol Marshall Ashman 
Donald A. Bardsley 
Paul D. Bauer 
Carol Payne Beals 
Raymond D. Benson 
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Sheldon W. Burkhalter 
Beverly Boldt Carlson 
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Wayne Coombs 
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Edward John DeVries 
Roger T. & Marjorie Andes Demarest 
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Charmaine Elliott Freeze 
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Patsy Reiger Kwast 
Linda Mortenson Ladd 
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Donna Fridstrom Lindell 
Jerald C. & Janet Aichele Lindell 
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Joseph Miller, Sr. 
Luther C Miller 
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Charles D. Persons 
David W Phillips 
Ronald W, Philpot 
Russell J. Potter 
Beth E Preston 
David Randall 
Nelson E Rediger 
Linda Butman Reece 
Judy Johnson Roth 
Dale L Rust 
Darlyne Young Saldan 
Marylee Rolfs Schreibeis 
Thomas J. & Martha Sharp Schultz 
Carolyn Breedlove Schwartz 
Frederick H. & Carol Batdort Shearer, 

Sally Zart Shell 
Samuel & Carole Richardson 

Richard L. Sherman 
Marjorie Schippers Smith 
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Charles C, Stevens 
Wanda Ward Slowers 
James E. Strong 
Stephen Sumner 
Naomi Hine Symanzik 
Gayle Hansbrough Terjung 
Margo Dreyer Trout 
David VanderMey 
Frank J. Weaver 
Cheryl L. Wehling 
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Susan Gardner Wood 
Ray C, Woodcock 

Class of 68 

# ol donors: 81 
Participation: 32% 
Susan Peterson Adams 
lona Amspaugh 
William Glen Andrews 
Larry Austin 
Jayne Christian 

Diana K. 





Gladys M. 

Robert Connor 
R.Richard Cory 
Theodore H. Cryer 
Carolyn Gi 

Dennis W. 

Deborah J. 

Thomas Dillon 
Laraine Betz 

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Roy Flanary 

Priscilla Hamilton Garwood 
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MaryE Morgan 
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Terry C.Rhine 
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C. Edward Smyth 
Terrence R. Snyder 
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C David Steury, Jr. 
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James D, Swaney 
Oralee Wauter lek Thompson 
Thomas Tobias 
Jere Truex 
Barbara Johansen Van Wicktin 

Linda Lauterwasser VanderMey 
Loren J. & Judith Rupp Wanner 
Sandra L, Way 

Sheldon M. Wiens 

Grelchen Hubbard Williams 

Nancy Kitson Williams 

Theodore N Wood 

of 69 

if ol donors: 90 

Pamela Ogg 





R Randolph 

Joan Sandberg 
Nancy Ell Bensley 
Arnold R. Book 
Charles B, 8owman 
Dan R. Boyd 
Betty J. Grallis Branden- 

James R Carmany 

Jeanne Mortord Chowning 

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Daniel R Dame 

Barbara Phinney Day 

Robert R.Diller 

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Richard Hardesty 

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John A. Lindholm 

Earle T. & Jessie Randolph Lusk 

Frank J Marxer 

Margaret Metcall McClelland 

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Robert Midwood 

Louise A. Miller 

E. Anne Moudy 

Linda Wittenborn Mowles 

Diane Kuhn Mundy 

Cherrie Fouls Nix 

Carole L.Nussbaum 

Stephen K. & Diane Lundquist Oldham 

Mary Alice Hicks Palmer 

questions. Thus, in 1891, Sammy's dream of bringing 
the gospel to his own people led him to America. 

Penniless, but with a profound faith in his Father 
God, Sammy arrived at Taylor. President Thaddeus 
Reade welcomed him to an institution that, at the time, 
could ill afford charity. But such was Sammy's simple 
faith, such was the example he set, that in the short year 

before his untimely death he brought a new sense of 
mission and purpose to the school. In fact, President 
Reade credited him with "revolutionizing the university 
and changing the direction of its work." 

Today, Sammy Morris' legacy finds vibrant fulfill- 
ment in the lives of the many, many people touched by 
both his example and the university he so affected. 

Y{AC9l%%g c L 

Cynthia Moser Pergrem 
John P. Porler 
J. Richard Pyle 
Marietta CampbeM Richard 
Mary Stelma Rust 
Kathleen Sears 
Robert B Shatter 
Harry Walton 

Sharp, Jr. 
Herbert A. Shaw 
James E. Sieber 


Ellen Ridley 

Ronald D. 

Linda Graves 

Kenneth N. 

Lois McFarland 

Richard & Barbara 

Stebbins Turner 
Steven Ulm 
Charles & Connie 



Stephen B. 

Phillip R. 

Timothy S. Wilson 
Robert B Witmer 
Robert D. Wolgemulh 
Joan Leary Young 

Class of 70 

# of donors: 89 
Participation. 29% 
Joan E. Alexander 
John W. Anderson 
Karen A. Aukland 
Lois Swinson Barrett 
Carolyn Yerke Becker 
Marilyn Russell Bell 

Michael W Betz 
Barbara Bill 
Dale E. Brown 

Robert A, Brown 

George E. Carpenter 
Paul J Challgren 
Tom Chell 
Gertrude Johnson 
James Cochran 
Margaret Bailey 
Cynthia L 

Donna Day 

David Devore 

Wills Dillon 
Ruth Jones 
Alyce Lorence 
Shirley Myers Dyer 
Gerald L. Eash 
nice Adams Elston 
Tom P. Essenburg 

Keith Euler 
Ann Van 
L. Gray 

Cynthia Bishop Harmon 
Robert A. Hayes 

Kay Knappenberger Heffentrager 
Bruce E. Hess 
Linda Doerr Hicks 
Karen E. Hovey 

Craig W & Marilyn Minks Hubler 
Barry L. Humble 
Roderick E Huston 
Janel Cordin Jeffrey 
Terry L. Jordan 
Dwighl D. Kay 
Mary Ann Cracium Key 
Orlena Rathel Klinefelter 
Thomas & Linda Holliman Kraus 

Melvin L i 

Judy Osterhus 

Jean A. Lehman 
Donna Trumbauer Losch 
Cheryl Fridstrom Mahoney 
Steve C. Manganello 
Jeanne Bankes Marino 
Carol Meier 

Coleen Myers Midwood 
Michael J. Miley 
Randall Mohler 

David B. & Ruth Shields Morgan 
Judith A. Nasralla 
Gloria Thompson Ohlson 
John B. Paist, III 

Thomas & Dee Ann Stoops Peterson 
B. Pearl Poe 

Dee & Ruby Guiambao Puntenney 
David D. Pyle 
Ruth LaughlinRehm 
Elisabeth Koppin Rickner 
Joyce E. Rinker 
Joe & Carol Luginbill Romine 
Chris Rood 
William D. Salsbery 
Patricia Wendl Seibert 
Burnette P. Shilling 
Ray L. Shultz 
Robert F. Siple 
John A. Terhune 
Cheryl Ashby Thornell 
Richard M. & Lynn Juraschek Trapp 
Stephen S. Wallace 
Vernice Ward 
Mark Wilson 
Omer Young 

Class of 71 

# of donors: 95 
Participation: 29% 
Nancy J. Anderson 
Philip W.Arnold 
Beverly Olsen Bakke 
Donald W. Bakke 
William E. Beck 
Marsha Corll Becker 

Kathryn C 

John M. Bonham 
Rebecca Martin Bonirager 
Betty Carson Bridenstine 
Bruce E. Calderwood 
Roberl R Canida 
Lucy Miller Carr 
G. Ross Chenol 
Arleen Conrad 
Peggy Lortz Coppler 
Sandra G.Corby 
Philippa Eltzrolh Culley 
Rebecca Embry Douglas 
Ronald D. & Margaret Plueddemann 

George S. Dyer 

Elisabeth Robinson Ensmenger 
Millard W. Foraker 
Franklin W Forman 
Linda Long Gilford 
Michael R. Goble 
Suzan Jo Scott Gonser 
Harold B. Habecker 
Joy Sprunger Habegger 
Timothy P. Heffentrager 
June Hunt Hess 
Karol Koehler Hess 
Sally Hal! Heydlauff 
John H. Hicks. Ill 
Ruth Kimmel Higginbolham 
Sandra K. Hill Hight 
Timothy J. Hillen 
Jo Anne Milks Holden 
Thomas E. Holsworth, Jr 
Waller J Hooper. Ill 
Patricia K. Watts Johns 
Candace Barker Jones 
Thomas G. & Carolyn Sparks Jones 
Bruce W. Kenline 
Larry Klinefelter 
Martha Slone Kreps 
Martha Kalter Lam 
Martha Hogan Lauber 
Cynthia Listenfell Law 
Karen Hall Lemke 
Ronald W. Liechty 
Mary Johnson Lowe 

Current distribution of alumni 

srfW x 259 

JTs^ 23 

—!} M28 

J Canada: 


Puerto Rico: 


Washington DC: 


Other Countries: 


Teresa Acree Marcus 

Craig A. Millhouse 

David P. Murphy 

Neat P. & Karen isseiee Newell 

Gayle L Otl 

Leslie Van Deusen Ptiilpot 

Joyce Kegg Pinkham 

Neil R.Potter 

Nanci Henning Pyle 

Meegan Weyrauch Reidy 

Deborah Daniel Reinbold 

Stanley Rich 

Gary J. Rickner 

Pamela Goeschl Robb 

Jane Richards Rosentreter 

Ted W. & Lana Sprunger Schwartz 

Bruce L Shepherd 

George & Cynthia Salsbery Sheppard 

Merrill G. & Barbara Peterson Skinner 

Joyce Haas Snider 

John C. & Edith Shugart Stiner 

Karen Anderson Stowers 

Rochelte Gibson Tabor 

Linda Banker Tittle 

William E. Toll 

Douglas P. Tryon 

Cecil 0. Tucker 

Joy Wolgast Wallace 

Gayle E. Webb 

Douglas K & Susan Helsing Whittaker 

Janel Berry Wolverton 

Gary A, Young 

Sally Heywood Zehnal 

Class of 72 

9 of donors 116 

Participation: 35°o 

Christine Rutzen Anderson 

Jeffrey M Archer 

Lana Caudle Armstrong 

Gayle E. Arnold 

James E. Aspin, II 

Kenneth A. Bakke 

Thomas 0. & Elaine Robertson Ballard 

Cynthia Folkers Baumgardner 

Richard E. Becker 

Bari McCracken Behnken 

Marsha McCune Bisel 

Sharmin Drake Brenneman 

David T, Brown 

Herbert J Buwalda.Jr 

Donna Kouwe Captain 

John W. Carlson 

Linda Robinson Carpenter 

Carol Davis Carter 

Carol Hitchcock Chenot 

John M. & Janet Nelson Clarkson 

Stephen J, Clough 

Anila Westerberg Devore 

Rodney A Dickson 

Keith & Barbara Macy Dunkel 

Barbara Mitin Einhardl 

Suzanne Wills Ellis 

Marilyn Kuhrt Faulkner 

Barbara Van Alden Fraker 

Wayne R. Frey 

Jean Peterson Galica 

Tommy S.Gilmore 

Sharyl Farrier Godlrey 

Ronald D. Hall, Jr 

John D. SiGailNahmHeere 

William B. Heinrich 

Nancy Dyihofl Hill 

Richard D Hill 

Martha Wilson Hillen 

Vicki Bacon Holden 

Gloria Dekker Holman 

Allan J & Joanne Beahm Holmberg 

Steven P. Howell 

Patricia Hann Howes 

Marjorie D. Imel 

Joyce Lapelosa Jarrelt 

Deborah Jones Johnson 

i ----- l _-.\i 
Melvin I. Leaman 
Lawrence A. Lemke 
James CLerew 
Lee Leu s 
Linda AuTt Liechty 
Robert J. Livingston 
E-s: r, I _:a :■ 
:■=. : : '■'■-. '---- 
Timothy L Mann 
Unda Fox Marvin 
Janet Rogers Matthews 
Robert W Maxwell 
j-:-:~ ■ ',' ?-:vz 
J. Michael & Beverly Good McGowan 
-.-'■• .'. i .v .- 1:;. ;-:'.' ■-: 
Lynn Harter Myers 
tt.z . -_:; '.:::" 
Roger Olsen 
Andrea M Ostertund 
Michael Lee Parks 

'.';'. '.' : -i Z z :" 

'3" -^3: - = "'." 

R Kim Vaughn Phillips 

Patricia Bibler Price 

Joan Elaine Provinse 

Stephen R. Reash 

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Runri e . 
: :;: ~Z zriz'ii 
Candace Kiess Scfireck 
Geoffrey J- Schwartz 
Jim Schweickart 
Sharon Tucker Secor 
Van R. Shank 
Katrry Harrison Shepherd 
Cathryn Ito Shilling 
-a: r : i m: sv,:""-.\ ::: S":" 
Dixie Manwell Shrock 
Sandra Kashian Sieber 
■""". T-;~:r- S~5 
Jon W. Smith 
Rebecca A. Smith 
Janet Schneider Sonnenberg 
Wesley NSteury 
Debra J. Swttzer 
Paul L Taylor 
Carl Tichenor 
Allen J. Voth 
Douglas A. Wendt 
Lois H Wightman 
Terry B Willis 
Rebecca J Wilson 
Barbara Gardner Wokjemuth 
Timothy L. Yoder 
Edwin Go Yu 
Roger A Zimmerman 
Rebecca Reish Zirkle 

Class of 73 

t ol donors 99 

Participation: 30% 

Stephen \ Allen 

Elizabeth McFailand Atthambasu 

Douglas F Arnold 

Locelte Deknjytet Bamton) 

J Stanley S Jennie Buschmeyer 

Nancy M Jane Bametl 
; : talLBt . 
Cathy Ann NewlanrJ Biglin 
Gloria Conrad Bowman 
Brent A Brenneman 
Cynthia Briggs 
Judith Martin Bromley 
D:—3 Pi/r C ;..." 
Paul R Cos 
Ronald L Cress 
Pauielte Wilmet Crioer 

Dr. John Wengatz's hands were those of a builder and 
craftsman that constructed 44 schools, 36 churches, and 
12 parsonages. Those large, strong, creative hands were 
often clasped in prayer or engaged in baptizing one of 
the 44,000 converts that came to know Christ under his 
ministry, for John Wengatz had a big heart, too... big 
enough to hold and love the whole world. 

"Dr. John," as he was affectionately called, labored 42 
years as a missionary statesman to Africa and would 
have it no other way. "If I had my life to live over, or a 
dozen lives yet before me, there would be no debate in 
my mind as to what I would do with them, " he wrote in 
one of his many books. "To be called to such service is 
the greatest honor that God ever bestowed upon man." 

Vernon F Dunmire 

Charles A. Engle 

Julie Ringenburg Essenburg 

David E. Euler 

Beihany Hafiman Felix 

Roberta Kitley Fowler 

Connie Mignerey Gamble 

Norman Gundersen 

John C. Hall 

Marianne Davis Harper 

Linda J. Hilbert 

John H. Hill 

David A. Honan 

James S. Hopkins 

Jane Ramsey Hopper 

Susan K. Hutchison 

Dennis P. Johnson 

Stephen Johnson 

Earl L. Jordan. Jr. 

Brian L. Justinger 

Paul F. King 

Kenneth H. & Vickie Stockman Knipp 

William & Rosalyn Pricker Korst. Jr. 

Robert Krumroy 

Kathleen McLennan Legel 

Jerry L. Lugbill 

Philip J. & Susan Farb LuginbiM 

Carole Pickering MacRae 

Karolyn Knutson Manganello 

Gary L & Heather Lockhart McPher- 

Terry W. & Constance Gordon Metzger 
Vickie Haitlich Miller 
Scott W. Stromberg Muha 
William A. Mullord. Ill 
Susan Rychener Neff 
Craig 0. Nelson 
Roberta Franke Norton 
Rachel Holloway Oban 
Gayle L. Oldenbusch 
Carol Manning Patterson 
JohnH. Pinkham 
James R. Prins 
Clyde R. Rauch 
Sherry Ralston Reash 
Beth Stebbins Rediger 
Julie Bellows Reeves 
Tim E. Rietdorf 
Warren A. Ring 

John M. & Nancy Schmidt Roush 
Joe D Rupp 
Thomas E. Schreck 
Deborah Speedy Schweickart 
Eric E. Sheagley 
John G. Slocum 
James H. Small 
Marjorie Livingston Smith 
Dana K. Sorensen 
William A. Sowers 
Jeannette Miller Springer 
Lois Beavers Steiner 
DaraApel Sterling 
Judy Stephenson Stetler 
Barbara Fesmire Stevens 
Suzanne K. Surber 
Russell H. Sutton, Jr. 
Dennis M. Thompson 
Louise A. Thompson 
William L.Thompson 
Carol Barton Tropf 
Cathy L. Vierra 
KayeL Frank Volh 
Joseph A. Wise 
Dennis A. Young 
Judy Martin Zimmerman 
Joyce Bost Zug 
Lauretta Buhler Zurcher 


# of donors: 112 
Participation: 31% 
Joyce Day Accavallo 
Rick D Adams 
Beverly Shaffer Alleyne 

Bruce T.Anderson 

Joy Sidebotham Archer 

Kathleen Atkinson Arnold 

Larry G. Avery 

Brian P. Behnken 

Paula Slrifller Black 

William M Blanchard, Jr. 

Richard L. Bowden 

James Bromley 

Bonnie M. Brotherton 

Deborah Hill Butman 

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Dennis P. & 


Kathryn Lesher Strapp 
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Class of 75 

# of donors: 114 

Participation: 33% 
Ellen Bromley Adams 
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David H. 
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Class of 77 

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Participation: 32% 
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Elizabeth Chesney 

Stephanie Vincent 
Alex T.Gardiner 
Thomas R. 

Timothy& Karen 

Hoyt Gorman 
G. Douglas 


With that honor came responsibil- 
ity and Dr. John was faithful to the 
charge. He trusted God for miracles and 
witnessed many, many of them take place. 

Taylor prepared him, he said, for his life's work: 
"Upon leaving Taylor, my experiences and purpose in 
life were fixed. I had nothing to undo, change, or dis- 

card — just 

go ahead and 

add on, and serve 

my Lord and Master 

with all that he has given 

me." Today, Taylor continues to train men and women 

of such vision to fulfill their God-given responsibilities. 

/ ftC9#W§ ( E 

Glenn Wayne Grumbling 
Rebecca McDonald Halcombe 
Sidney A. Hall 
Sandra K. Harris 
Carole Adams Harl 
Marsha Fuller Holowell 
Berry R. Huffman 
W. Bradley Hummel 
David W. Humrichouser 
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Ned Tracy Rupp 
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Randell Smith 
Judy Grotenhuis Sommers 
Holly J. Speirs 
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Jeffrey L, Spiess 
Janet Rutledge Spurling 
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Rebecca Nordin Verhagen 
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Michael J. Walcott 
Douglas E. & Joyce 

Vaslbinder Wanty 
Denise Canady 

Mark W. Weeden 
Randall S. Widbin 
Paul Wesley Wills 
Daniel S. 

James M. & Janet 

Lameika Wyant 

No figure 
looms so promi- 
nently in the life of 
Taylor University 
during the first half of the 20th 
century as that of Dr. Burt Ayres. As professor of 
mathematics and philosophy and variously dean, acting 

Colleen Wehiing YorrJy 
Vicki Norris Young 

Class of 78 

§ of donors. 100 

Participation: 28% 

David N. Allan 

J. Michael & Carole Akers Alspaugh 

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Gail McKenny Andre 

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George & Bonnie Weimer Bennett, Hi 

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Michael L. Bowman 

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Jenny L. Lee Byrne 

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Randall W. & Sarahlynn Crouse Crist 

Heidi Fenstermacher DeVito 

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David A, Dunbar 

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Diane Whitney Dunn 

Dale A. Guenther 

Rebecca Kerlin Haak 

James Hagman 

Bonnie Johnson Hall 

Susan Rexilius Hall 

Paul M. & Sheri Mahr Harris 

Lorna Zimmerman Harter 

Kenneth P. Haught 

Mary Kloslerman Haun 

Richard L. & Cheryl Reed Haynes 

Joseph W. Himelick, II 

Mary J. Holden 

JoAnn Rechtorovic Houk 

Katrina Rife Hoy 

Robyn Dillon Hughes 

Susan Eddy Imrie 

Shirley Pulfen Jacob 

Kurt A. Jaderholm 

Nancy Jo Swanson Johnson 

Rick A. Jones 

Pamela L. Jordan 

Kalhryn Dollier King 

Mark A. Kinzer 

Linda M. Kline 

Timothy J. Kiopfenstein 

Sandra Stroup Korenstra 

Mark Kratzer 

Michael K. Lehe 

Richard D.Lloyd 

Thomas R. Lough 



Christine Schleucher 

Gregory A. Moore 
Karen Knobeloch Nesbilt 
Elizabeth Honig Nussbaum 
Laureen Smith Pashley 
Dennis Patton 
Russell W, Patton 
Andrew E. Peck. Sr. 
Daniel M. Potts 

Gary B. & Mary Williams Randolph 
Rebecca Lichtenberger Reichard 
M. Frances Valberg Ringenberg 
Teresa S. Rupp 
Joan While Pupprech! 
Mark H, Rutzen 
DouglasS. Ryan 
Sharon Beihold Sale 
Douglas J. Scharfenberg 
Kathleen Oliver Schmeichel 
Richard A. Seaman 
Martha Cleveland Songer 
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Jonathan Utley 
Marji Barber Van OosterHout 
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Vicki Wilson Weeden 
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Brenda S. Yager 
Mark A. Yordy 
Everett J. Young, Jr. 

Class of 79 

# of donors: 103 

Participation: 27% 

Mark J. Ahlseen 

Robert D. & Tana Miller Anderson 

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Ronald J. Blevins 

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Lee Ann Hromas Bowman 

Karen J. Bradley 

Ranee W. Clouser 

Gail Renbarger Coleman 

Donald T Collins 

Mark E. & Martha Kashian Collins 

Kurt D. & Nancy Nordin Cornfield 

Sharon S. Craig 

Brad J. Cummins 

Rebecca Robins Dissinger 

Laura Short Dolby 

MendiBeatty Dunbar 

Philip J. & Kendra Dunkelberger 


Jill A- Dunham 

Gregory S. Francis 

Karma Renbarger Freeman 

Karen Rutzen Gaynor 

Kevin M. & Onalee Gerig Giggy 

Barbara Billman Gilzean 

Bruce W. Grabenkort 

Nancy Grande Graham 

Mark N. Hammer 

Cindy Ortkiese Haught 

Kenneth A. Hendricks 

J. Scott Hesler 

Shirley Pritchetl Hill 

Robinson C. Hoeler 

Keith E. Huffman 

Grace Bardsley Hunt 

John R. Imrie 

Terry L. Jackson 

Kathy Coats Jaderholm 

Kevin P- Johnson 

Brian H.Jones 

Richard D.& Jan Shuier Jones 

Judith O'Mara Kaniewski 

Carol E. Keiser 

Douglas A. Keller 

Pamela May Kenipe 

Michael A. Kinzer 

Doreen K. Korfmacher 

Elizabeth Burdick Kuiper 

Marlene Alcterink Lathers 

Brent M Lehman 

Stephen D. Long 

Renee Colglazier Lord 

Susan Ekstrom Lough 

Paul S. Mahr 

Kevin L. May 

Katharine Taylor McLaughlin 

Donald E. McNamara 

David C. Miles 

Deborah L. Miller 

Dyrk A. Miller 

Gwendolyn Buesking Moore 

Diana F Murrell-Reese 

Benjamin B. Myers 

Robin Lincoln Nichols 

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Rebecca R. Norris 

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Rebecca Deen Perkins 

Thaddaeus & Donna Lee Jacobsen 

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Michael F. Reger 
Ruth S. Reinhard 
Robby Richardson 
Jan Dunham Rickard 
Michael E. Row 
Lewis P. Sale, III 

Rick D. & Rachel Oilier Schleucher 
Deborah Hahn Schloemer 
Debra K. Schuler 
Steven J. 

Diane Barrus Talcott 

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Colleen Gunder Tauten 

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J. Andrew Whitfield 

Lee W. & Cynthia Sheats WhiLman 

David J. Winkler 

Scott A. Wonderly 

Bruce A. Wright 

Class of 80 

* of donors: 110 

Participation: 27% 

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John E. Jaderholm 

Stacy Herr Jarvi 

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Mak Stanley Kawano, Jr. 

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Laurel G. Meissner 
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Kathleen Solin Miller 
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Debra Vanderschuur Pianki 

Cherie Burnett Ritz 

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Marc A. & Brenda Conway Russell 

\'v- '■'■ Z,v: . 

Jay M. & Heidi Messinger Short 

David E_ Showers 

David S. Smith 

Neai G. & Patricia Dial Smith 

Ruth Faui Smith 

MarkW Soderquist 

Gayle Anderson Spacapan 

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Eddie J Stem 

Calvin T. & Rae Ann Johnson Stuart 

Jerome A, Swale 

Rick D. & Gloria Swartzentruber 

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Audrey F. Tobias 
Douglas R. Treu 
Keith Trievel 

Jane Vandenbelt VanOss 
Dawn Kattefjobn Weber 
p,p, : , f : ,v,--- :,i rz 
Christine Irwin Wills 
Steven R.& Sheri Thomet Wills 
Kimberiy Sandin Winter 
Kristine Gibson Woodworth 
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Class of 81 

i of donors: 133 
Participation: 34% 
David W. Albright 
Michael W. Alderink 
Jayman August Avery. Ill 
Wendy Lockhart Ax! 
Sue Freshour Bales 
L William Bauer. Jr. 
Michael J. Becker 
.r :■-■ :s'e— r Erf- 
Steve E Beesc* 
Kevin Biondo 
Brenda Tansey Bowman 
Kevin H. Brennfleck 
Karen Blue Brown 
Robert F. Brummeler 
James K. Brydon 
C" ;: l E: ;- E.r ; 
Erik H. & Tamara Rediger Burklin 
Heiko E. Burklin 
June Clow Burtis 
Cheryl A. Canada 
Peggy Anderson Carlson 
Susan Chow Chan 
Sandra JettChipka 
Martha Collins Cook 
Timothy L & Diana Bennett Davis. Sr. 
Brian D. & Donna Wyse Dawes 
Christine Larson DeHaan 
Mary Broiund Dehaan 
Paul B & Teresa Rakestraw Dick 
Chantal Fletcher Diedrich 
Randall E & M Colleen Byers Dodge 
Joy Kruizenga Doles 
Beth Doschadis Enckson 
Gregory D. Fennig 
Joseph N. Fennig 
James A Fereira 
Sandra Wessels Flynn 
Joyce Harrison Fox 
Paul S Gearhart 
Rulh Gualtien Geary 
Chris B Godlrey 
Thomas D & Laura Kesler Green 
Reed T Greenagel 
Dennis A. Hansen 

: . ; i ■ ------ 

Carolyn Nicholson Harper 
Sherry Sims Hendricks 
SusanS. Highl 

president, and vice-president. Dr. 
Ayres served the university for nearly 
a half-century, a tenure longer than that of 
any other person before or since. 
He was an inspiring teacher and a man of consider- 
able personal integrity and wisdom. He was long the 
unquestioned intellectual leader of the faculty and 

Jean Jaggers Holaday 

Merlin J. Holmes 

Bruce A Holt 

Cynthia Ferguson Horneiter 

Jill Howard 

Wanda Matejka Jackson 

Diane McClenaghan Jacobs 

Dwighl D. & Sally Thome Jacobsen 

Cheryl Gettmann Jarvi 

Tracey Ramsland Johnson 

Vickie George Kawano 

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Reid A. Kennedy 

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Cynlhia Rowe Reinholl 

Oonald A. Richards 

Brian Rishaw 


David M. Roesener 

Elizabeth J, Rohrer 

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Carol L. Scheer 

Todd E. Shinabarger 

Mark A. & Dawn Riley Slaughter 

Karen Tomrell Smilh 

Nancy Palmer Smith 

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Robert Summer 

Kathryn E. Sypher 

Douglas W. & Robin Mook Taylor 

Joellen Pearson Taylor 

Raymond R. & Dorothy Ludlow 

Lori Jacobsen Walker 
Timothy J Wesolek 
J Michael Wilhelm 
Linda J. Wrestler 
J. P Zinn 

Class of 82 

# of donors. 104 

Participation: 28% 

Beth K, Anderson 

David A. & Bonnie Veenslra Barber 

Timothy D. Barnes 

Stephen T, Beers 

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Cfistin Case Bragg 

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Jay R. Caven 

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Philip C.Cook 

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Mark De Haan 

Peggy Kendall DeWaele 

Thomas E. Fox 

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Richard W. Gales, Jr. 

Patricia Milhkan Hansen 

Adley D Harms 

David E. Harper 

Barbara Jensen Harte 

Elaine Hepler Hartman 

Kurtis D Hauser 

John Heltellinger 

David M. Henderson 

Steven K. & Jacqueline Moomaw 

Bradford L. Hole 
Kelly G.Holt 
James W. Horn 
Christopher B. Houts 
Brenda Witman Jackson 
Cindy Beck Johns 
Cheryl M. Johnson 
M. Randall Jones 
Jack D. Judy 
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Janet Klann Kraft 

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Rochelle L. Lester 
Jeffrey W. Massot 
Lauren McCann 
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Jaimie Schwietert 
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Cynthia Glass Shinabarger 
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Leslie Dungan Soken 
Jeffrey S. Spencer 
Donna L. Slapleton 
Lisa I. Starr 

Pamela SchlichterStolz 
Dena S. Strasbaugh 
Ronald B. & Judith Klomparens 

Colleen E. Tonn 
William Van Treuren, Jr. 
Laura K. Walker 
Randy & Deborah Niequisl Waterman 

Lori J. 

William W. 

John M. Wheeler 
Randall S. Wyatt 

Class of 83 

# of donors: 121 

Participation: 27% 

Timothy R. & Ronda Gentis Able 

W Douglas Allgood 

Amy K. Artis 

Robert C. Auer 

Sharon Locker Augsburger 

Kerry D. Bowman 


Tim Chu 

Richard L. Coflings 

Linda Britlon Cowden 

Richard M. Cox, Jr. 

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Kirk DeHaan 

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Joy Garda Gansler 

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Beverly Renner Green 

Patricia E. Griswold 

Maria Carpenter Groholske 

John Hagy 

Peggy Weeden Hauser 

Georgi Ann Brooks Henderson 

Janet Cheek Hensel 

Timothy W Hill 

Curt D. & Vivian Marshall Hoeksema 

Kim Wheaton Hoffman 

David W Holt 

Gregory L. Holz 

David L. Hostetler 

Alice Batcher Howard 

Gary J. Hullman 

Cynthia Swart Hunfer 

Donna Pino Her 

Kenneth E Ingold 

Robert F Jackson, fl 

Brent A, Jacobus 

Michael W & Gena Griswold Kendall 

Matthew J. Koch 

Ronald A. & Julie Reed Kortmacher 

Karen Teeple Krzyzanowski 

Mark A. Kuiper 

Wayne L. Landis 

Michael W. Leburg 

Susannah K. Maley 

Frank H. McPherson. Jr. 

Kenneth D & Gma Mahr Mehl 

Mark L. Metzger 

Kenneth A. Meyer 

Janet R. Lee Miles 

David A. Moe 

KaraBoehm Molenhouse 

Robert J. Molzahn 

Robin Hockenbrocht Mourey 

Wendy Priebe Mumme 

Douglas W. Munson 

Robert C. Neighbour 

Sibyl K. Nelson 

Steven E. & Marsha Brinson Nygren 

Bonnie Jo LeClair Nystrom 

Perry J. Oakes 

James C. Ogborn 

Mark A. Olson 

/ kctiwRg ( E 

( TO c K^E ( E c P 

Paul C. 

Lysimahos & Kim 
McKinney Papanikandros 
Linda Weller Patlerson 
Patricia M. Pefley 
Dorren DeSmit Perrine 
Gregory H. & Shelly Hansen Ping 
Carrie Greene Porter 
Jane Harvey Porter 
Scott M. Preissler 
F. Scot! Price 
Jay A. Redding 
Kevin J. Rich 

Melody Rohrer Ringenberg 
Craig A. Rupp 
Randy G. Rutzen 
Jeffrey D. Ryan 
James R. & Victoria Pierce Schindler, 

Ronald J. Schrock 
Brian D. Sheets 
Monica L. Sheets 
Kristin Salsbery Shoemaker 
Joel T. Shultz 
Karen Hudson Smith 
Sharon Hicks Smith 
James Stamper 
James B. Teela 
James T.Tipton 
Darla Towne 
Luke T Veldt 
Harvey H Warwick, III 
Elizabeth Watson 
Rebecca J. WehJing 
Lynn Ann Livergood Wells 
Brian K. & Diana Jordan Westrate 
Janice Beihold Wright 
Kimberly J. Wuebben 
James M. Wynalda 

Class of 84 

# of donors 134 

Participation 32% 

James R. Allan 

Susan Richey Allgood 

Scott A. & Suzanne LeMaster Amstutz 

John W. Back 

Jeff Bagley 

Phillip D Barker 

Nancy Barnum 

Brenda Harris Barr 

Brenda Owen Bartel 

Dorothy Hays Barzizza 

Cynthia Wieling Bennett 

Robert C. Benson 

Douglas A Ber 

Renay Rossi Billing 

Douglas K. Bleyaert 

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Lisa Calvin 

James P. Campbell, Jr, 

Jay Case 

Bert T. Chapman 

Kathleen Allen Ciraky 

Kimberly Fellon Clarke 

Connie Sue Collins 

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Brett N, & Lynne Belt Cowell 

Diane Hedrick Cullen 

Anita Gutter Dalhe 

Michael P. Daugherty 

Pamela J. Drake 

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Cheryl Anderson Duncan 

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David W. & Beth Bourgoyne 

William J. Ferrell 
Jeffrey E. Ferrier 
David G.Fisher 

Stephen H. Flowers 
Sandra Soderquist Ford 
Laurel Pasma Fowler 
Mark W. Freer 
Linda Treen Friesen 
Kathy Lupton Frye 
Benjamin Fulton 
Rhoda Gerig 
Chris L.& Debra 


Marjorie A. 

W, Richard 

Rulh Schwalm 

Kathy Payne 



Donna Carlburg 

Lora Muthiah 

Kathy Roberts 

Heidi Ison 




Susan Ames Holmes 
Marcia Melvin Holt 
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Cynthia Olenik Johnson 
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Ronald D. Johnson, Jr. 
Todd L. Kidder 
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Nancy Ann Den Hartigh Knibbe 
Cheryl Kuhn Knoedler 
Karen Pelerson Kuiper 
Jay W Laffoon 
Troy Leander 
Shannon L. Lightbody 
Dianne Snively Lund 
Penny Miller Martin 
Debra Richardson Mason 
Gregory B. Mathews 
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Stephen M. & Jana Green McGarvey 
Douglas McPhail 

Christine Lymberopoulos Medearis 
Todd Kendall Meissner 
Dorothy Birdsall Merrill 
Elizabeth Bliss Meyer 
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Timothy E. & Janice Pinkley Morse 
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Jon & Cylinda Monroe Ring 
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Leslie Cruz Ruegsegger 
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Lori A. Shepard 

Penny Smith Shultz 
Shern Hewlett Smilh 
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Edmund E. 





# of donors: 111 

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Timothy M.& Betsy Jo Helmus 

Barbara Askeland 
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Holly L.Barber 

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Nancy R. Hansen 
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Robin Boyd Harris 
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Steven T. Hewitt 
Scot R. Houck 
Kathleen VanOstrom Hresko 
Joni L. Jacobsen 
Keith W. Kamradt 
Sally Keith 
Robert E. King 
Rebecca Borland Klaus 

piqued in his students an admiration that remains 
strong today. While former students admit they have 
forgotten many of the facts learned under his tutelage, 
they aver that the memory of his fervent spirit and keen 
mind remains deeply etched on their minds. 

Dr. Ayres is remembered as an exemplar of piety, 
learning, and dignity, as a wise counsellor and compel- 

ling spiritual leader. Moreover, he is credited with being 
the anchor that held Taylor University to its moorings 
during the many financial crises that rocked the school 
during the years of his service. 

Dr. Ayres' spirit of self-sacrifice and commitment to 
the university and its vision stand as an example of the 
practical Christianity that is Taylor's foundation. 

Keith E. Landis 

Scoll E. Litwiller 

Brian B. & Melissa Massey Lydy 

Crisli Grimm Mathers 

Jonathan H. McCracken 

Colleen Huftstutler 

Vance A. McLarren 
Susan Binder 

Kellie D. 

James Mills 


David S. 

Susan A. 



Matthew D. & 



Kenneth M. Moskeland 




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Timothy Petty 
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Peggi Essig Ratterty 
Marsha Wills Reiter 
Stephen J. Resch 
Thomas E. Reynolds 
Claudia Rishaw 
Roland Rohrer 
LynL. Rowel I 
Mark C. Schram 
Philips Karen InmanSchultz 
Barbara Seltzer 
Scott & Beth Flora Shaum 
David Slaughter 
Patricia Irvin Sowers 
Troy D. Spencer 
Keith A. Taylor 
Bonita Brown Thompson 
Daphne Hasty Tomlin 
Carol Holtzapple Underwood 
Janice Walmsley VanMeler 
Judy Vigna 
Lori Harlman Wagner 
Philips Walton 
Jetfrey T, Weber 
Todd M.Welch 

Victor & Joan Anderson Welker 
Sleven R. Wells 
Deborah Springer Wesner 
Craig W. Weyandt 
Jill Winkler Wilbanks 
Cheryl Brumbaugh Williams 
Austin Fraser Winkleman 
Priscilla Smith Wynalda 

Class of 86 

#ot donors: 117 
Participation 30% 
Christopher D. Adams 
C. Dean & Alicyn Jacobus Amann 
Marlasue Amstutz 
Melody J. Anderson 
Cynthia Roth Arndl 
Dawn Bauman 

David L. & Michelle Matties Becker 
Trecia D. Bell 
Sally Bertram 

Greg W. Billing 

LeDania Wallace Bowell 
Annette Shipley Bragg 
Christine Hume 

Daniel W. Bryant 
C. Kent Bundy 
Lori Gerber 


Jon William 

Kathryn Stout 


Susan L. 


Ruthanne Reyers 


Lynne Smith 

Robert R Conley 

Brett A. Conner 

Kevin J Davidson 

Cheryl Franklin Davis 

Linda Den Hartigh 

Glen A. DenBraven 

Denise D. Dester 

DebraJ. Dickason 

Patrick D. Dickey 

Juli King Elliot 

Chrisline Neal Ferrell 

David A. Fisher 

Kristine Walton Gammage 

Tove Shergold Gardner 

Marianne R. Getz 

Timothy A. Glass 

Brenda L. Golden 

Tracy Bane Goodson 

Thomas P. Granitz 

Teresa M.Green 

Dwight J. Hammond 

Margaret Bell Hammond 

Michael L. Harlan 

Kevin L. Harlman 

Katherine Fry Hewitt 

Kamala S. Hildebrand 

Dean R. Hill 

Douglas D. & Andrea Salin Hocken- 

Davina Roberts Holaday 
Rebecca Archdeacon Houser 
Dan A. Johnson 
Sleven M. Kastelein 
Jeffrey L. Keller 
Mark V. Kempt 
Eric M. Key 
Diane Rutter Kingdon 
Cynthia J. Krauss 
Susan Thomas Kubler 
Terry Linharl 
Sleven R. Loit 
Ronald M. Lupton 
Mary Pat Mahoney 
Joy L. Malhews 
Amy Belh McCann 
Susan Henningsen McCracken 
Susan J. Miller 
Carol A. Mills 
Becky Black Moe 
Karen L. Morris 
Jenny Klosterman Munson 
Roger C Muselman 

Timothy S 

Kenneth G. 

Arne R. Pedersen 
Deborah A. Perrin 
Deborah L. Peters 
Jill Garzon Pinkston 
Barbara Eck Poley 
H, Juan Porter 
Brian S. Ramsland 
Jeffrey A. Raymond 
Jill Deardorff Rohrer 
Gregorys. Roth 
Brad L. Rupp 
Kent A. Schmidl 
Robert M, Sisson 
Linda Clark Smith 
Scott H. Snyder 
Thomas A. Spahr 
Donald H. Starke 
David R. Steiner 
Sherri A. Steiner 
Colleen J. Stoltzfus 
Stephen J- Stone 
Philip D- Taylor 
Robert J. Taylor 
Kristen Thorn 
Sharon M. Vigna 
Donald T. Vile 

Barry G. & Lisa Bushong VonLanken 
Sarah Meier Wagoner 
Todd A. Wesswick 
Jayne Fettes Wilson 
Ruth Meier Wilson 
Julia Wixtrom 
William A. Wood 

Class of 87 

# of donors: 123 

Participation; 31% 

Mark D. Andrews 

Thomas W. Archbald 

David W. Bachman 

Michelle K.Bailey 

KathyM Bamletl 

Lori Kendall Barnette 

Gregory E Beaverson 

Jeffrey A. & Andrea Levin Beck 

Suzanne M. Beers 

Duane Birkey 

Peter J. & Luci Best Bowman 

Scoll P. Buck 

Peter J. Buhrow 

Susan Mishler Bundy 

Daniel B. Carter 

Jeremy S. Case 

Michael Crabb 

David M. Darrah 

Marcia Harness Daugherly 

Janis Oechsle Davidson 

Kathlyn Bieri DenBraven 

Frank E. Downing 

LinnaeaR. Everill 

James Frintz 

Paul D- Gammage 

Melanie Hawkins Gilbert 

Rebecca L. Gordon 

Marc D Graber 

Kari Crawford Gribbon 

Cheryl L. Gutsche 

Richard R. Harris, 111 
Nathan A. Harvey 
Timothy K. Heebner 
Michael A. Heiniger 
Scott D. Henry 
Kara Stanley Hill 
Matthew K. Hobolth 
Todd A. Holaday 
Sarah J. Home 
Jill Turner Hoskins 
Danny L .Hulson 
Elizabeth Johnson Jacobus 

Kelly Hess 
Jackson Johnson 
Jennifer Luttrell Jordan 
Jeffrey & Tami Tucker King 
Kara Johnson Kuneli 
Kalhryn L. Kurtz 
Robyn R, Landt 

Andrew J. & Tamara Rinard Lee 
Wanda Rohrer Lewis 
Grant D. Lindman 
Joan M. MacLeish 
Cynthia A. Marshall 
Jessica J. McCoskey 
Mindy Roost McLarren 
Todd D. & Ruth Cripe Meinen 
Stephen D. & Melissa Nelson Mercer 
Thomas C. Merrill 
JayM Millikan 
Kevin P. Moritz 
Joan E. Morton 
J. Todd Mullins 
Karen E. Muselman 
Naomi Humphrey Muselman 
Mary Haupert Musselman 
David P. Myers 

Kent R. & Darla Griffith Nelson 
William J. Nelson, Jr. 
Kendall B. & Katharine Jones Neu 
Krista A. Nicholson 
Anne Marie Pederson 
Jeffrey C. Petersen 
Randall E. Pfaff 
Scott A. Potsgrove 
Douglas R. & Jayanne Housholder 

Sheila M. Rusk 
David W.Ruths. Jr. 
Rhonda M Sabol 
Karen Schulz Schultz 
Bradford L. Sheppard 
Keith M. & Karen Helm Singer 
Curtis D. & Jana Saathoff Smith 
Deborah Spear Smith 
Randall E. Southern 
Sandra Bragg Slapleton 
Nancy Cline Starke 
Elizabeth Pringle Steiner 
Douglas E. & Jodi Wernberg Stephens 
Shell! S.Stuiber 
Frank C.Stumme, Jr. 
Cynthia A. Taylor 
Peter J VanVleet 
Stephanie L. Von Gunten 
Joy M.Walker 
Lynn Billbe Watanabe 
Paul A. & Colleen Powell Watson 
Sheila Pilts Weiland 
Karen Lavanchy Wertman 
David S. Wesner 
W.Quinn White 
James R Wierenga 
Steven E. Wild 

Daniel P. & Cynthia Diener Wilmol 
William C. Wilson 
Sharon B. Wit 
James W.Wolff 
Jerald W. Yeager 

Class of 88 

#ot donors: 106 

Participation: 33% 

Janeen I Anderson 

Lisa D. Anderson 

Timothy S. Anderson 

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Mark S. Brown 

Kimberly Smith Buhrow 

CristineM Burchi 
Tammie L Byrnes 
Leigh Hammond Carlson 
Newell Cerak 
Valerie Owen Christner 
Brent A & Megan Rarick Clodgc 
Karen E Co ton 
Sherry M. Coulter 
Darla Haskins Crabb 
Susan Kellum Crites 
Randall J. Crawder 
Barbara B. Davenport 
Annette M. DeGraff 
Dennis P. Dickey 
David B. Dickinson 
WayneS. & Wendy Rutherford 

Laura J. Ferkinhofl 
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Brian K. & Kimberly Black Mishler 
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Scott & Julie Belknap Nieveen 
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Brian J. & Jennifer Jurgensen Peters 
Sherry Pomeroy Petersen 
Jonathan A Phillips 
Kimberly Kile Polsgrove 
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Darin D. S, Lisa R. Roth 
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Gregory J. Wilson 
Julie T Wiseman 

Class of 89 

Scott H.Clarke 

.:" '-' ::'.":t' I: -\ 

Michelle Moeschberger Crowder 

Jerri L Daubenmier 

James E Dellrs. Jr. 

Virginia S. Ducker 

Joel E. Durkovic 

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.:" : i. ■ ~:r r. ~z::~: : ~i" 

Shelly M. Hardesty 

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Timothy A Holz 

David J. Home 

Timolhy C. Hunteman 

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Dawn Hendricks Keller 
Janice Came King 
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Trenton L. & Jennifer Grameman 

Susan M. McAllister 
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Scott A McMillen 
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Laura L Menningen 
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Richard N. Mulhiah 
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J. Aaron Neuman 
Heidi A Newhouse 
Cheryl Clark Nill 
Rodney E. Ochs 
Shawn M. Pala 
Clyde A Parka. Jr. 
Deborah G. Patterson 
Stacey E.Peters 
Nathan T Peterson 
Wendi Hopkins Phillips 
Michelle Potter 
L s.l ^ f ■ 
Melissa M Puckett 
Katrina Stout Rathbun 
Ellen L. Rennie 
Shirley A Rider 

The Ad building, or Maria Wright Hall as it was 
officially titled, for years stood as the heartbeat of the 
Taylor University campus. As the center of academic 
life and home to the Mooney Library, classrooms, 
offices, and lecture halls, the Ad building was always a 
flurry of activity. The path to her door was a well-worn 
one, indeed. 

World War II-weary and poor as they were, the class 
of '45 took it upon themselves to make that walk a little 
easier for the students who would follow in their foot- 
steps. As their senior class gift, they donated funds to 
lay a cement sidewalk between the Ad building and 
Magee-Campbell-Wisconsin (MCW) residence hall, two 
bastions of campus life. 

r frCO<WR§ ( E 

Philip J. Rowley 

Angela Weldy Rupp 

Leslie A. Sare 

Breton A See 

Peter Setian 

William M & Debra Callant Shini 

Lisa L. Snapp 

Rex G. Stump 

Kent F. Symanzik 

Bradley E. Thurber 

Stephen A. Ticknor 

Sarah Schenkel Trout 

Jodi E. VanderMeulen 


Jon B. VonGunten 

Amy E. Vrhovnik 

Krmberiy K Ward 

Julie Bagiey White 

Kimberly A Whitman 

Beth Miller Wild 

Linda G. Wit 

David W Woodring 

Amy Duchemm Work 

Todd M. Yeager 

Class of SO 

Candace Walker Anderson 
Jill E.Jenkins 


Phyllis A Aaron 

Mark T. Abbott 

Neva Abbot! 

William& Judith Abbot! 

C. P. Abernethy 

Sonia L. Abernethy 

Dorothy Abma 

Arna Abrahamsen 

Dennis Accavallo 

Mildred Ackermann 

Carol L. Ackert 

Charles & Dorothy Adams 

Harry A. Adams 

Paul & Berniece Adams 

Sarah B. Adams 

Patricia Affleck 

Rulh Aghababian 

Terry & Carol Agness 

Mark & Beth Ahearn 

Mark T Ahlenius 

A, Christina Ahlseen 

John R.Aiken 

Reva Akers 

Nancy Albright 

Atari & Merriam Alexander 

Beverly H. Alexander 

Douglas & Miriam Alexander 

John & Deborah Alexander 

Martin& Anna Alexander 

Paul Alexandei 

Robert J Alexander 

Sharon R Alexander 

WillardE Alexander 

Dale & Fneda Ailrey 

Judith H. Alksnitis 

Christine M.AIIem 

Clara B.Allen 

Homer J. Allen 

John C.Allen 

Virginia Allen 

Charles Alley 

David & Barbara Allgood 

Elizabeth A. Allison 

Curt & Carla Alspaugh 

Frances Allenburg 

Jane! M Allenburg 

John W. Ames 

Robert A. Amon 

David Amsler 

Jay A. Amsler 

Larry N. Amstutz 

Mary Elizabeth Amstutz 

Florence M.Andersen 
Gudrun Andersen 
Daniel P Anderson 
David W Anderson 
Ellen 0. Anderson 
Florence C. Anderson 
Joyce E. Anderson 
Laura Anderson 
Marian M. Anderson 
Myrneth H. Anderson 
Norman Anderson 
Peggy J. Anderson 
Rulh M. Anderson 
Sue Anderson 
Wilma Anderson 
David Andre' 
Pamela J. Andres 
Dorothy Andrew 
Ellen Jane Andrew 
Ruth E. Andrew 
Deborah Andrews 
Walter & Betty Anglemeyer 
Jeanette Anglemyer 
James Anspaugh 
Jane L. Apple 
Sandra S. Arch bold 
Charles C Archibald 
Daniel E. Aring 
Florence Arms 
David B. Armstrong 
Ronnette K Armstrong 
Susan L Armstrong 
Donald A. Arndt 
Steven W. Arndt 
Denise Arneson 
Harold & Janet Arnette 
Mary Ellen Arnold 
Melinda L Arnold 
Sue A. Arnold 
Betty June Arpe 
WilliamS Hannah Arrell 
Janet L. Arthur 
George D. Arloux 
Rodger E. Ashman 
Kent J. Ashton 
Margaret G Atkinson 
Donald E. Attebury 
Charles F. Atwell 
Lee Augsburger 
Paul & Edith Augsburger 
Gerald & Delores Ault 
Agnes Austin 
Joseph & Faith Austin, Jr. 
Carol Avery 

Jayman & Audyce Avery, Jr. 
Teresa L. Avery 
David Axt 
Harold Ayabe 
Marilyn Ayers 
Benjamin Ayling 
LenaM. Ayling 
El Dana S. Ayres 
Carol Ayres-Boris 
Claire Ayton 
Brian D. Baab 
John & Janet Baab 
Gerald & Sue Baas 
Rulh Bachman 
Jeanne Back 
Barry W. Badertscher 
David Bagiey 
W. E. Bahls 
Marian H Bahr 
David H. Baier 
Albert E.Bailey 
Bernice M. Bailey 
Bill & Donna Bailey 
Marjorie I. Bailey 
Wanda Bainbridge 
Carolyn Baker 
Doug Baker 
E. D. & Evelyn Baker 
Jack & Donna Baker 
Kevin R. Baker 

Susan E. >|v HlT) 

Baker ^ >^ ■?- ^ 

Suzanne T. 

Wendy Wye Baker 
Pat Bakke 
Eleanore K. Balash 
Barbara A. Baldwin 
John F. Baldwin 
Kenneth & Mary Bales 
James M. Balfenger 
Susan Ballinger 
Bruce & Helen Bambach 
Thomas J. Bamford 
Esther Barber 
Frank Bardwell 
D Michael Barhorst 
Catherine W. Barker 
Nicholas P. Barker 
Donald W. Barnes 
Janette L. Barnes 
Philip Barnes 
R. B Barnes 
Jeffrey Barnett 
Paul D. Barnette 
Janet N. Barney 
Harold Bamhart 
Linda Barnum 
Richard C. Ban 
Robert C. Barr 
Lorena Barrett 
Louis E. Barrett 
Raymond & Olive Barrett 
Thomas & Jeanme Barrett 
Ron Bartel 
Harold F. Barteis 
Helen L. Barlh 
Tim L. Bartholomew 
Mark Barton 
Thomas M. Barzizza 
David K. Basler 
Jack & Hazel Basler 
Wreta Bassetl 
Carl Bastian 
Ruth T Bateman 
Ann Bates 
David R. Bates 
Homer & Helen Bates 
Robert H. Bates 
Thomas Bates 
Thomas H Bales 
Tim & Tanya Bates 
Henry Batten 
A. Elaine Bauer 
Jeanette K. Bauer 
Mary E. Bauer 
Cheryl Bauman 
Marjorie Baumeister 
Darl Baumgardner 
Ellen Beach 
Grace S Beach 
Kathryn M. Beachley 
Douglas R. Beal 
R.G & Irene Bealer 
John S. Beals 
David & Margaret 

Lesli Beaverson 
Marianne Beck 
Randall S. Beck 
Elizabeth D. Becker 
Harold E. Becker 
Lawrence & Mrs. Becker 
Naomi J. Becker 
Brooks Beckner 
Clark W. Bedford 
Dorothy M. Beecher 
Herman & Betty Beem 
Barney D. Beers 
Dale B. Beery 
Cecil & Pearl Beeson, Sr 
Rachel Beetner 
Joyce A. Behnken 
Sally Behrens 
Jonas D. Beiler 
Julia M. Beittel 
James & Linda Beitzel 
Lawrence Belcher 
Lola Bell 

Ralph & Betty Bell 
Michael Bellito 
E.J. Bellows 
Larry L. Bellville 
May Bemiller 
Richard & Mary Benkert 
Mark& Bonnietta Benn 
David D. Bennett 
John R, Bennett 
Marcita Bennett 
Mary Utley Bennett 
M Keith Bensley 
Darrel & Marion Benson 
Judy Benson 
Susan Benson 
William & DeAnn Benson 
Dawn M. Ber 
Emily SBerend 
Julia Z. Berend 
Alice Berg 
James E. Berger 
Stephens Eileen Berger 
Stephen & Ruth Ann Bergei 
Theresa Berger 
OrvilleM Bergman 
Jean Bergwall 
Rosa Berkey 
Harold T.Berlin 
Eileen Bernstorf 
William & Lois Berry 
Loretta Bertsche 
Jean T. Berwager 
Paul Best 
William W Best 
Glenn Betten 

Carol Betz 

Charles & Doris Betz 

Eleanor G. Beuschel 

Wilburn L. Beverly 

Rodney & Kay Bevington 

Debra A. Bianchini 

Chris & Mrs. Biberstine 

John Biberstine 

Hazel W. Bickerstaff 

Dorothy Biddle 

Dianne Billharz 

William Billman 

Richard L. Bilyeu 

Joan M Binkley 

Victor W. Binkley 


David G. Bird 

Kay J. Birk 

Randal Birkey 

Marilyn Bisching 

Ronald Bisel 

Evelyn J. Bishop 


Terry L. Biswell 

Robert D. Bittner 

Frances Bjork 

Richard & Patricia Black 

Bruce A. Blackburn 

T. B. Blair 

Lara Blanchard 

Helen L. Btessing 

Margaret A. Blevins 

Patricia R. Blevins 

Calvin & Shirley Blink 

John D. Blizzard 

Debra S. Blom 

Lowell A. Blom 

Alfred P. Blomquist 

E.Robert Blue 

William R.BIyth 

Jon Bodin 

Brett R. Boggs 

Dorsey & Helen Boise 

Ruth Marie Bolden 

Larry & Genevieve Bolender 

Raymond F. Bolhouse 

Lucille M.Bolles 

John S Karen Bolthouse 

Walter Bond 

William& Donna Bond, II 

William S.Bonfield 

Dale R. Bonga 

Carl I Bonner 

Amos & Lillian Bontrager 

Jacqueline K. Bontrager 

Jay E 

Kathryn B 

Holly M Book 

LaRila Boren 

Gary Boring 

DeLanaG. Borja 

W H Borland. Jr 

Robert & Mrs. Bormann 

Crist & Lydia Bornlrager 
Jane Bornlrager 

C? I JF" 1" O 

Roy W Bortmess 

Ruth A. Bos 

Ida May Both 

Patricia J. Both 

Nancy C. Bolts 

Mae E. Boughton 

Gertrude N. Bouwkamp 

Alan Bowden 

Karan Bowden 

Evelyn M. Bowen 

Rodney Bowen 

Mary Louise Bower 

Rodney F. Bower 

Connie Bowermeister 

Curtis W. Bowers 

David R. Bowers 

Gaynard Bowers 

Deborah A. Bowles 

Bessie R. Bowman 

Eldon T Bowman 

Howard Bowman 

David Boxell 

Kelley R. Boyce 

Marilyn Boycott 

Ralph & Ruth Boyd 

Bruce J. Boydell 

Charles H, Boyer 

John E. Braden 

Nelson Bradford 

Dale A. Bradley 

James M Brady 

Ruth Ann Brady 

Ward Brady 

Virginia H Bragan 

Jeffrey W. Bragg 

Emily L. Brai ley 

George P. Brancato 

Maynard Branch 

Thomas H Branch 

Jon Brandenberger 

Millie L. Braselton 

Dan W. Bratka 

Donna L.Bratka 

Beryl & Mabel Braun 

Elaine F Braun 

R J Braunlin 

Christopher Brauns 

David Braunwarth 

Warren & Virginia Braunwarth 

Dorsey Brause 

Helen Brechbill 

Nancy J. Brehm 

Gordon & Marsha Breimon 

Adeline Brengle 

Clara Brenneman 

Dale & Karen Brenneman 

Donald Brenneman 

Joanne Brenneman 

Kathleens Brenneman 

Lucy Brenneman 

Phyllis I. Brenneman 

Ron & Linda Brenneman 

Kay Mane Brennlleck 

Timothy M Bresnahan 

Linda Brelh 

Leland L. Brett 

Zack & Nancy Brewer 

Audrey L Brich 
Lynn Bridenstine 
Margaret Briggs 
Martha B. Briggs 
Fredrick & Neoma Brinson 
Meredith Britton 
Frank A. Brock 
Mary Ann Brock 
MicheleL Brockert 
Sherri K. Brodbeck 
Terry Sue Brogan 
Theodore & 

Murlaine Broiund 
Hubert Brom 
Ralph A. Broman 
Philip & Lynne 


Monuments, as lasting as they 
may seem, fall prey to the ravages of 
time. The Ad building burned; MCW was 
razed. With time and constant use, the side- 
walk crumbled and was eventually replaced. (That 
piece of the walk which records the class' generosity, 
however, is preserved in tribute to their thoughtfulness.) 

Perhaps a 
more lasting 
tribute may be 
found in their making 
the most of difficult times, 
rising above themselves to think of others, and helping 
prepare these for journeys of faith that lay ahead. 


Frederick & Nancy Brooks, Jr. 

Caroline Butler 

Virgil \»y CT( 

1 ( K r EfL c B y? Geo,9ea 

David Crosson 

- :-=•- I .:,'.;:«•::- 

Philip & Sue Brooks 

Richard Butman 

Chandler \\/ *■ 

^ - i \J-' J -^- 1 -// Marjone 

John a Aurilla Crosson 

: ---:.-'-- 

Andrew R. Broom 

Gwendolyn Bullerlield 

Philip & Laura \^^- 

^ -"-^^^ Connon 

Audrey L Crouse 

Hatry& Alice Deboer 

Roy & Sue Brothers 
Betle Ann Brown 

Chase ~~ 

— -^"^ 1 yip t, 1 aura Cnnnnr 

Ena B. Crouse 

Janice M. Debet 

Janet M. Byers 

Samuel & Pamela Chastain 

Herbert & Barbara Conrad 

> :.-,- \ :-. - '•:..- 

Marilyn Deich 

Cindy Brown 

James Byrne 

Mary K. Chau 

Jay 8. Mrs. Conrad 

James E. Crumbacher 

Darlene K. Delaney 

David Brown 

Rosalie G. Byrne 

Thomas Chauvette 

M, Ruth Conrad 

Terri Crulchfield 

'■/.-.- : :■-■■.■:. 

Oavid B. Brown 

Jessie M. Cain 

Marcella Cheesman 

David & Janet Convy 

Kimberly Cryer 

Sharon Denaway 

E. Rulh Brown 

Thomas P. Cairns 

Patricia M. Chell 

James Conway 

Bill Culbertson 

John D. Denham 

Earl & Belly Brown 

Carol R. Caldwell 

C Earl & Grace Chenoweth 

Bernard W. Cook 

Robert G. Culbertson 

Kenneth Denlinger 

Harold A. Brown 

Molly Calhoun 

WilberlaL. Cbinn 

Dale Cook 

Tom Cullen 

John A. Dennis 

Janet Brown 

Charles W. Cameron 

James D Chipka 

Everett & Lueta Cook 


'.;":. : \" : 

Jarvis Brown 

LeRaye Cameron 

Charlotte M, Chmielnicki 

Gten Cook 

Dean Culp 

Ora Dennis 

Jeannelte Brown 

Reginald & Joy Cameron 

Kenneth & Alice Chow 

Randal & Lynn Cook 

Dora M Culp 

Rebecca K Dennis 

KathyS Brown 

Ann Campbell 

George K Chrismer 

Ryan W. Cook 

Kalherine L. Cumings 

,'.r-'i 1:' :' 

Lisa K. Brown 

John & Joan Campbell 

Daniel & Lona Christian 

Irene L. Cooke 

Becky Cummins 

Richard Derby 

Margarel Brown 

Keith A. Campbell 

T Kevin Chrislner 

Alan L. Coolidge 

John L Cummins 

.'. :y L j-'r.: Itt",':;- 

Mary C. Brown 

Mark Campbell 

David J. Cbrislopberson 

Janice Coombs 

Raymond Cunningham 

Dennis & Rita Dem 

MicheleA. Brown 

Sibyl Campbell 

Beth A. Chu 

Melvin & Bonnie Coons 

Robert E. Cunningham 

.-■;, L >r 

Milton T Brown 

Gerald & Charlene Candilo 

Lorene Chupp 

Lydia 1. Cooper 

M. Glenn Curran 

Mark DesJardins 

Norman & Mary Alice Brown 

Keith Canham 

Meredith M. Church 

Marilyn J. Cooper 

Don Curry 


Patrick Brown 

Charlotte Canida 

James R Ciraky 

Michael Cooper 

Priscilla Curtis 

Robert W Dettmer 

Richard D. Brown 

Nick & Hope Cannell 

Irving & Louise Clapp 

Raymond & Marjorie Cooper 

Craig & Carmen Curtiss 

Gladys Detwiler 

Sherry J. Brown 

William R. Cannon 

Ernesi & Joan Clapper, Jr 

E. Cope 

Leonard & Lucille Custer 

J. W. Dewberry, Jr. 

Susan Brown 

Cecilia C. Carey 

Barry & Diane Clark 

Esther P. Copetand 

Loyal & Floramae Cutlorth 

Roberl Dewey 

Thomas A 8rown 

William Carey 

Irving N. Clark 

John J. Copeland 

Raoul C Czerwinski, Sr. 

A L.:-: 

Virginia Brown 

Krisline M. Carius 

Richard & Lydia Clark 

Rulh M. Copley 

John & LeEtta D'Arcy 

Elsie L Dick 

William C. Brown 

Herberl & Carol Carlburg 

James F. Clarke 

Carol H. Coprivnicar 

Frances M Daffern 

Proctor A Dick .. 

Terry 8rowning 

Charles T. Carlisle 

Orpha Blanche Clarke 

June Corduan 

Eftamay Dahlstrand 

Martha a Dictej 

Burton Bfubaker 

Roy Carlock 

Sharon Clauss 

Cynthia J. Corey 

Bruce E. Dahrling. II 

James B. Dickson 

Earl M. Brubaker 

Charles A. Carlson 

Laurelyn Claybrook 

Timothy G. Corey 

Alfred A. Dailey 

William 8, Jane Dtars 

Eva R. Brubaker 

David H. Carlson 

Ronson E. Cleary 

Philip M. Corkill 

Anne B. Dameron 

Ed Dietrich. Sr 

Myron D. Brubaker 

James & Roberla Carlson 

Vivian E. Cleeton 

Virgil & Virginia Corll 

Scott E Danehower 

Doris A Dill 

John & Joyce Brumbaugh 

Myron 0. Carlson 

Herman L. Clem 

Mary Cory 

Jack & Carol Daniel 

Bruce & Marian Dillingham 

Deborah L. Brumlield 

Nancy Carlson 

Rhonda Clement 

Ernest & Pamela Coryea 

Dwighl Daniels 

Ann Dillon 

Wendy Brummeler 

Todd Carlson 

Irene L. Clemmer 

Thomas Cosmades 

John & Esther Daniels 

Douglas K. Dillon 

Michael F Brunk 

Vernon & Judith Carlson 

LonaS. Climenhaga 

Anne B. Courtney 

Joy Darlage 

Gerald W. Dillon 

Helen G. Bryan 

Daniel & Elinore Carlstrom 

Beatrice Cline 

Robert Cbverdale 

Eleanore Dalema 

Harry K. Dillon 

Patricia L. Bryan 

Mildred E. Carman 

Kinzie & Suzanne Cline 

William Cowherd 

Jerry Daubenspeck 

Scott 8, Laura Disller 

Lisa M Brydon 

Wanda Carmany 

Shirley Cline 

David 8, Phyllis Cox 

Sara J, Daugherty 

Elisabeth M. Ditmer 

Mary Ann Bucher 

Charles & Alana Carpenter 

Nels & Elizabeth Clint 

Kay T. Cox 

Robert Davenport 

Ruth A Dixon 

Judith Ann Buck 

Darlene J. Carpenter 

Robert A. Clinton, Jr. 

Randal Cox 

Margarel A. Davidson 

Elmer T. Dize. Jr 

David A Buckley 

L Hewitt & Amelia Carpenter 

Ruth Close 

Suzanne S. Cox 

Wilma J. Davies 

Jackie N. Dize 

James & Kay Buckley 

Leonard Carpenter 

Dorothy F Closser 

David L Coy 

Bonnie Davis 

Kemmie Mason Dize 

James Bucy 

Steven Carr 

Evelyn Clouse 

Judith A Coy 

Catherine L. Davis 

Charles A Dobbins 

Richard H, Bueckers 

R. Carr 

Carl A Clouser 

Vicki Coy 

Cecil Davis 

Lewis M, Doby 

Mark D Buehler 

J Merrill Carroll 

Geraldine M. Cobbs 

Merrilyn Cramblet 

Diana M Davis 

Daryl C. Doctors 

K. C. Bugg 

John J Cart 

Paul C Cbblentz 

Jeri L. Cramer 

Dorothy J. Davis 

Russell E. Dodds 

Beverly J. Bullock 

Brian & Terrie Carter 

Marlene Coburn 

Charles Crane 

Evan & Juanita Davis 

Stanley C. Dodds 

ErnestS Emma Bullock 

Elnora Carter 

Suselte Cochran 

Robert & Lisa Marie Crane 

James & Frances Davis, Jr 

Beth Dodge 

Kristin Bullock 

Ethel M. Carter 

Janis M. Cochrane 

Dorothy P. Crank 

Lamar Davis 

Richard & Weezie Doermet 

Joe Buly 

Nancy D. Carter 

Linda J. Coe 

Daniel L. Crawford 

Lewis & Mrs. Davis 

Roberl & Dorothy Dohner 

Patricia Bunders 

William H, Carter 

Barbara B Cbhoon 

JuneB Crawtord 

Linda W. Davis 

Donald Dollens 

James Buono 

Curtis Cartolano 

Geralyn A. Cohoon 

Larry E. Crider 

Merle A. Davis 

Helen D. Domeck 

M G. Burchlield 

Nancy L. Cascaden 

Ann L. Coker 

Carl & Marjorie Cripe 

Nancy H. Davis 

Joan R. Domeck 

Clillord M. Burgess 

Lillian Claire Caskey 

KathyJ. Cole 

Miriam Cripe 

R Wesley Davis 

Roberta L Donaldson 

John & Suzanne Burgess 

Roberl M. Caskey 

Dennis L. Collins 

Rhonda L Cripe 

Robert S. Davis 

Roy E. Donica 

Shirley A Burgess 

Marvin Cassity 

James T. Collins, Jr, 

Julie A Criswell 

Thelma Davis 

James Donkersloot 

Mary Burkarl 

Kevin Castle 

Jeltrey D, Collins 


Thomas & Lisa Davis 

Lois J. Dooms 

Freeman Burkhalter 

Renee E Castle 

Nicolas Colon 

Bill & Mary Crocker 

Virginia E. Davis 

Mark & Mary Dortiol! 

Donald G Burkhardt 

Patrick A. Cervone 

Dale B Comslock 

Daniel E. Cross 

Susan Dawes 

Kenneth W. Doss 

Robert & Martha Burkhardt 

Clyde Chalin 

Marie P Comslock 

Myron Cross 

Yao-Hsin Dawes 

Edie Doudt 

Terence L. 8urkhardt 

Donna Challgren 

Mendon & Judi Conley 

Rose E. Cross 

E. Glennard & Barbara Day 

Eileen Dougherty 

George F Burkhart 

Alice M. Chambers 

Sarah Ann Cross 
— -_^__^ Vernon Cross 

Terry Jean Day 
Ruth E. Dayton 

George Douglas 
Ronald L Douglas 

Beatrice 8urkholder 

Albert Chan ^^_^-- 

David E. Burkholder 

"*"~""-^_^ Daniel Crosson 

Teresa De Leo 

Robert 8, Judith Ann DeBaets 

Rex E Douglass 
Wanda WDowell 

Gene Mae Burkholder 

Kay N. Burklin 

John DeBlock, Jr. 

3,',r; , " : ',' ?;,'.\ ; 

Dean Burlew 

Larry DeBoer 

= : r: i :::.-,',> 

Barbara J Burman 

Joseph & Joyce DeCook 

David Drake 

D.Jean Burns 

Evangeline L DeLong 

Harvey Driver 

Maurice Burns / 

X Margaret DeLucenay 

Pamela E. Drook 

Jane Burnworlh / 

'I s 


\ Bruce & Elaine DePree 

Mary A Drudge 

Robert D Buroker / 

\ Pieler 8, Phyllis DeSmit 

William DuPree 

Teresa Buroker / j 

V \ A Jeffrey 8. Christine DeVaull 

\wr \ Mictlael PeVl, ° 

VTm karen DeVries 

^■vJrl Rulh DeVries 

Sharon D. Dube 

Francis A. Burrell / / 

Grace L Dubendorl 

Clyde & Margarel l(\ J 

Burris Loil 

Carol A. Burl (wl 


Wayne & Rulhanna Duckwall 
Mary Esther Duckworth 
Paul C. Duckworth 

RTcflM Thorn DeWaele 

William Burtis iAVm 

Bi»^f Mildred DeWeerd 

Ray Duckworth 

ZZYMJn Charles DeWitt 

Debbie S. Dudley 

Funk v^^ 

_ ^Bbbbb 

Duane M. Bush vipM 

. Ill 


1 iffJlMl iw\i 

r%y Frances V. Dean 

Shirley E Duflie 

Peg Bush Tsl 

vflBi ■ J ^' 

^ wr Russell & Rebecca Dean 

Carol E. Duitsman 

Bill Butler \ft 

i X 

/ VictonaS Dean 

MaryAnn Duke 

"In quality 
of teaching and 
in quality of caring, 
she is a living example of 
the Taylor ideal." So said then 

president of Taylor University, Dr. Milo Rediger, reflect- 
ing on the life and loving service of Miss Grace Olson at 

the dedication of the residence hall 
named in her honor. 
A beloved member of the Taylor faculty 
for 24 years, Miss Olson served as head of the 
history department and briefly as college registrar 
before retiring in 1971. In 1966 she was named Taylor 
University's first "Professor of the Year." 


DeEtte Duncan 

Thomas E. Erickson 

Kenneth C. Wv <7l) 

<T<rr<r(p M Rolleen 

Robert L. Good 

Gene & Julia Hainen 

Robert Duncan 

Gary Erlandson 

Forman \X ^^ 

-* V/-' ^^y/ Garrison 

Ruth Good 

Clara J. Haines 

Thomas & June Duncan 

Joell M. Erlandson 

Leslie Ray & ^s^*^.^^ 

~****\yS Dave Garwood 

Dinorah A. Goodell 

Dennis Hakeman 

John E. Dunham 

Joe & Karen Ernspiker 

Elizabeth Forster ^"""--— 

, , — ■ — ,- *" Richard Garzon 

Lewis & Jean Goodwin 

Bonnie Halcomb 

JoAnn Dunkelberger 

James E. Erwin 

James Forstrom 

Peggy A. Gast 

Mark A. Gorbandl 

^^apSgj*. Robert Halcombe 

Dee Dunkerlon 

George & Miriam Escher 

Robert V. Fort 

Cheryl Gates 

Wayne L. Gordon 

/^|*K^^\ Robert & Margaret 

V. Edwin & Edna Dunkin 

RubyW. Eskew 

David C. Fortosis 

Daryl N. Gates 

David E, Gormanous / 

/***& x \ Halka 

Elinor T.Dunlop 

Carl E. Espenshade, Jr. 

Elmer Foss 

David L. Gates 

Jane E. Gortner / 

/ (^^,\ Miss Ann Hall 

Lois M. Dunlop 

Ted & Marge Essenburg 

Elizabeth Foster 

Karel Gates 

Robert & Evelyn / / 

^k, \ Mrs. Ann Hall 

Merrill Dunlop 

Don & Josie Essig, III 

L. Daniel Foster 

Rhonda S. Gates 

Gosselar / / 

^k \ Donald & Barb 

C. William Dunn 

Debra L. Euler 

Mark David & Myra Foster 

Larry S Elaine Gavette 

E B Gottschalk / / t 

M \ Hali 

Craig R. Dunn 

Gregor & Mary Fran Euler 

Patricia E. Foster 

Susan Gaydosh 

Margaret K / / 

m \ Edith Hall 

Mary Lou Durham 

Evangeline Evanick 

Randolph H. Foster 

John W. Gaynor 

Gould / / 

w \ Marilyn J. 

Wesley & Jean Dusek 

Malcolm & Nadine Evans 

Danny Fouse 

Becky Gearhart 

Donald D. / / nt.,„ 

\ \ Hall 

Dorothy Dvorak 

Thomas M. Eversman 

John A, Fouse 

Geneva Gee 


ISBW^k — Jm \ Melvin & 

km& Hazel Hall 
R. Wendell 

Daniel P. Dyck 

Robert C. Eversole 

David E. Foutz 

Edward & Martha Geelhoed 

Lynne Graber 

EdnaL Dyck 

Everett H. Everson 

Carl M. Fowler 

Glenn & Elaine Geerts 

Margo Graber 

Kent T, Dyck 

Roger Ewald 

Millicent Fowler 

Roy Geesa 

David S. 

w ***- ill ' Ha " 

Norma K. Dyck 

William Ewbank 

Thomas L. Fowler 

Jean E. T. Gehner 


"^t^- II Steven & 

/ / Diane Han 

Helen Dye 

Dawn Faasse 

James V. Fowler II 

Debbie Geiger 

Herbert \ HH 

Matthew Dziadosz 

P. Mark Fackler 

Anna M. Fox 

Evelyn G. Geiger 

Graham \ fflN 

BL jfll / / ^d Hall 

Robert M. Earle 

Joseph Fagg 

Edward & Joyce Fox 

Junior & Jennifer Geiger 

Anthony & \ Wm 

" '^34^^ / / 

Linda Earnest 

Marietta H.Fahl 

H. Leonard Fox 

Ward& Lucille Geiger 

Kathleen \ \ 

^^ / / Wayne R Hall 

David & Beverly Eash 

Fred & Violet Fair 

John Fox 

Sandra Gelwicks 

Grahek \ \ 

WBf I Wendell & Betty 

Jane Eash 

Nancy S Fair 

Mildred L. Fox 

Eleanor N. Gengler 

R. L. Grainger \ \ 

v^W 1 ■ / / Ha " 

Roy & Judith East 

Chester Fairman 

Robert E. Fox 

Floyd George 

Terrell L.Gramlmg \ 

\^ JHH/ / JackLHallali 

Sarah J. Eberhard 

Beverly W.Fales 

James & Elinor Francis 

Eldon Gerber 

Roberts Kimi Granger ^ 

\ x.^^HBBT' ./ Lowell Hallenbeck 

Jon A. Ebersole 

John & Vivian Falk 

Joe M.Francis 

Elmer Gerig 

James & Cindy Grant 

^^^Sr^g^^ Ada M. Halligan 

Judy Ebf ight 

Brian T. Fanning 

Karen Francis 

Jess & Iva Gerig, Jr. 

Peter J. Grant _**= 

j*asass^ John & G | 0na 

W.E. Eckhof 

David L. Farah 

Hugh Frandsen 

JohnW Gerig 

C Samuel ii /^"*^' 

^^^^^N^g^—, ^ ^.^ Hamer 

David S. Eddy 

William & Violet Farb 

Randy Franklin 

Mildred M. Gerig 

Gray g 

Q r ^^^^^;x^\ Waller 

¥ ^? Dr V Hamer. 

^.^ '27 \ Jr 

William C Edmundson 

Beverley Far is 

Vesta Franks 

Ola M. Gerig 

Robert E. XS ^^ 

Mary Beth Edstrom 

Deborah A. Farmer 

AnnT Frantz 

Wesley & Mary Gerig 

Greathouse Nggip 

Beverlee Edwafds 

James E. Farmer 

James Frantz 

Harold Gerritsen 

David Green ^^ 

^ , * 3li ^^ < ^ aiiit ^^ ^^a^ Brian & 

Bonnie M. Edwards 

Jeff Farnsworth 

Michelle Fratus 

Paul Getty 

Jeffrey Green 

^^ asK1=i=== **'^ Lenore 

Cathy Egan 

John & Esther Farr 

Richard & Marlene Fratus 

Carol A. Getz 

Mary S. Green 


Thomas Eggteston 

Dorothy Farrier 

Herbert M. Frazer 

Conrad Getz 

Pamela A Greenagel 

Carol J. Hamilton 

Max L. Ehresman 

Winifred M Farwick Parr 

Nicholas Frederick 

Harold & Mrs. Getz 

Avery H. Greene 

James & Rebekah Hamilton 

Artimese Eicher 

Dennis H. Faulkner 

Robbie Freel 

James & Solvieg Getz 

Dorothy L. Greene 

Judith P Hamilton 

Larry V. Eicher 

Douglas L. Fear 

Steven A. Freeman 

Linda Getz 

Melba E. Greene 

Philip T. Hamilton 

Margaret Eicher 

Alan & Donna Feasby 

Robin S Freer 

Harold & Mary Gianopulos. Sr. 

Judie Rae Greenhouse 

Richard & Doris Hamilton 

James Eisenbraun 

Wendy S Felger 

Lawrence Frees 

Kathy R. Gibson 

Cathy A. Greenwood 

Mildred M. Hamm 

W. B. Eisenhuth 

Michael Felix 

Richard E. Freeze 

Thelma Gibson 

K. L. & Sara Greenwood 

JeanetteW. Hammer 

Carol Eklund 

Michael W. Felz 

David M. French 

Alwin R. Giegler 

J. Corbly & Vivian Gregg 

Jeffrey D. Hammer 

Andrew & Paula Elam 

Carole Fennig 

Eugene H French 

William Giesman 

Joseph P. Gribbon 

Pat Hampson 

CoraM Eldridge 

Roberta Fennig 

MaryE Frey 

Duane Gilford 

Les & Bonnie Grimes 

Thomas J. Hampton 

Herschel & Ruth Etl 

MarleneA. Fenstermacher 

Nancy Frey 

Carmen Gilbert 

Theodore R Groholske 

Lamoin Hand 

B. William Ellenberger, III 

Charles & Ruthann Fenstermaker 

Teresa M. Frey 

Michael Gilbert 

William Grommes 

Robert A. Handley 

Jerry & Sue El lenwood 

Dean C. Ferguson 

Ralph D. Fnebel 

Stella M Gilbreath 

Marvin & Sue Grooms 

Dennis Handy 

AlvanL. Eller 

Joyce Ferguson 

T, Cartter Frierson 

Jan T.Gillespie 

James & Catherine Gross 

Harold Hankins 

Nancy R.Elliot 

Caroline Ferrari 

Marcia Fritzsche 

Arnold Gillesse 

Jerry Gross 

Mary K. Hankins 

Denver & Eleanor Elliott 

Philips Shirley Ferraro 

Robert J. Frostrom 

Nancy L Gilman 

WilburS. Gross 

Robert & Shelly Hankla 

Dorothy J Elliott 

Mary Ferris 

Michael Fruth 

Sandra Gilmore 

Frank & Bea Grolenhuis 

Doris Hansen 

Edward & Virginia Elliott 

Libby Fervida 

Grace M. Fry 

Paul R. Gilson 

LeonaC. Grove 

Louis & Audrey Hansen 

Gary & Cathy Elliott 

John A. Festa 

Glenn M. Frye 

Mark E. Gilzean 

Marjorie Grove 

Pal Hansen 

James Elliott 

Fred Feyen 

Linda K. Frykholm 

Barry A. Gin 

William & Kapatha Groves 

James R. Haralson 

Nolan S. Elliott 

Mary A. Feyen 

Randy J Fudge 

Bruce & June Gin 

John M Grubmuller 

Philip & Constance Hardacre 

David & Suzanne Ellis 

Phyllis Feyen 

Donald & Ellen Fulk 

ClarieseT Gin 

JayneS. Grumbling 

Lillian C Harden 

Gary Ellis 

Ruth M. Fincannon 

Carolyn S. Fullen 

Margaret Y Gin 

Cordia Grunewald 

Philips Irene Harden 

John & Bernita Ellis 

Wayne & Marilyn Fine 

Tommy & Kathryn Fuller 

Michael F. Gin 

Barbara Gruwell 

L. Jan Hardesty 

Kim M. Ellis 

Richard R. Fmkenbine 

Lawrence L. Fullerton 

Philip M. Gin 

Lorraine F Guenther 

Gladys G. Harkness 

Mary L. Ellis 

R, Kevin Finn 

Charles Fullhart 

Valerie J. Gin 

Fred D Guffey 

Dorothy M. Harmon 

Timothy P. Ellis 

David K. Firm 

Roberta D. Fulton 

Rosemary S. Gingery 


Lois M. Harmon 

Thomas J. Elston 

Nancy K. Fischer 

John H. Furbay 


Melvin Guillaume 

Shirley E Harms 

Annette E. Emerson 

Shirley Fischer 

Harold & Naomi Furness 

Debra L. Gipe 

Molly Guillaume 

Kennelh Harp 

Tom Emerson 

David Fish 

Charlotte Gabbard 

Walter & Bernice Gisel 

Richard W Gulick 

G. Thomas & Shirley Harper 

Cheryl A. Emery 

Elmina Fishback 

Wayne A. Gabel 

Kathleen E. Glander 

George & Georgeanna Guritz 

Noble Harper 

Cleve Emily 

Carol Fisher 

Ted & Jeanne Gabrielsen 

Harriet T.Glasgow 

Einora Guslafson 

Steven Harper 

Leigh Ann Emmons 

Henry Fisher 

Herbert & Kip Gaerte. Jr. 

Beulah L. Glass 

lone P. Gustrowsky 

Sue A. Harper 

Joan Emshwiller 

Marvin Fitzgerald 

Rosalind A. Gaflney 

Evelyn G. Glasson 

Sarah J Guthrie 

James Harrah 

Donald H Endean 

Kathleen S Flanary 

Scott Gaier 

David & Karyn Glenn 

Sue Haakonsen 

James A. Harreld 

Catherine Endersby 

Clark & Margaret Fleming 

Charles J. Galatro 

James L. Glenn 

Dorthy L. Haas 

Bill & Sue Harris 

Carole Jolene Endicott 

Edward N. Fleming 

Frank A. Galica 

Paul H Glick 

Mary Jean Haas 

Molly E. Harris 

Anna Eng 

Nancy M. Fleming 

Ruth Gallmeier 

Anne Goad 

Marlin Habecker 

Rebecca H. Harris 

Richard Eng 

Judith Flohr 

Edna Gano 

Barbara J. Goble 

Roy Habecker 

Thomas & Shirley Anne Harris 

Ruth L Engdahl 

Kenneth L. Flora 

Melvin P Garber 

Jane E. Godfrey 

Vicki Habecker 

AnnaT Harrison 

Stuart M. Ensinger 

Charles & Jacquelin Florian 

Stephen A. Garcia 

Russell Godfrey 

Douglas Habegger 

BillieJ Harrison 

Stephen Ensmenger 

Joel D. Flynn 

Charles D Gardner, Jr. 

Leonard & Gloria Goeglein 

Sami Hadaya 

Pam Harrison 

Larry & Andrea Enyeart 

Shirley Fong 

Roberta Nellie Gardner 

R. Larry & Carol Goeglein 

Anita M Haddix 

Frank Hart 

Richard Erb 

Willard Foote 

James Garrard 

Walter Marltese Goehring, II 

Ralph Hadley 

Jamie T.Hart 

Eleanor Erdman 

Judy Foraker 


Alice M. Golf 

Edith Haehl 

Joseph & Margaret Hart. Jr 

Brent A. Erickson 

Karen Forbes 

Bertha Garrett 

Gene E. Gofl 

Charles Hahn 

Laura 0. Hart 

Harvey & Janet Erickson 

Margaret A. Ford 

Dwighl Garrett 

Earl & Barbara Goldsmith 

Marvin & Eleanor Hahn 

Terry S. Hart 

Joel Erickson 

Karon K. Forkus 

Patricia L. Garrett 

C Ross Good 

Teresa S. Hailley 

V. Jane Hart 

Patricia Erickson 

Joan Forman 

Mary Garringer 

Mildred C. Good 

Betty A, Haimbaugh 

Edith F. Harte 

In the words of one of her many students, Miss Olson 
"exhibited an outstanding personality. She was de- 
manding of her students, methodical in her teaching 
style, compassionate and inspiring at the same time." 
Although she never earned a doctorate degree, college 
presidents sought her advice and students looked up to 
her as an esteemed friend and counsellor. 

Renaming the former East Hall in her honor was not 
an effort to commemorate Grace Olson solely for her 24 
years of service, but to celebrate who she was and all 
that she embodied. Miss Grace Olson exemplified the 
academic and spiritual qualities of Taylor University for 
the hundreds of students, alumni and colleagues in 
whom her ideals live still. 


coim§ < £% 

Richard K. Harte 
Lowell & Dorella Harler 

Glen Heavilin 
Elaine L Heavner 

Janet ^L HYl C K r F r F ( P /J Peler M a fk 
Hershberger XV~ \J-'- i -' - 1 - ^// Holfman 

Bertha M. Huber 
Clarence Hudson 

Peler K. Harler 

Roy A. Hebb 

Mary Jane ^C^~ 

-~~ ^\ — Vera Hoffman 

Esther A. Huebner 

Esther Hartman 

Merrila R Hebble 


~- Willard Hoflman 

Mary Jane Huebner 

'-.-. -.:--::- 

Joseph & Cynthia Hartman 

.^r^PsSsa*^ Kenneth & Sandra Heckler 

Guenlher & Mrs Herzog 

Ray E. Hoffmann 

Norman T. Huff 

Folke H. Johnson 

LaVonne Harlman 

.■•;''? ^^"*&4~\ '-in ■ l Hellcllmger 

Laurie M. Hester 

Jana Lee Hofinga 

Sarah Lynn Huffman 

George & Sue Johnson 

Marvin Hartman / 

/< jBbDxX Wi|ma p Heit) y 

Maudie Hess 


Marguerite Hufford 

Gloria Johnson 

Steve Harlman / < 

* >^fl(^[\\ Frank & Georgette 

Robert Hess 

David R. Hogue 

Gordon Huge 

Hotly Johnson 

Harold & Rachel / A 

!% \ \ 


David Heth 

Steven R Holaday 

Bud & Gloria Hughes 

Jane Johnson 

Hartzler / M 

V \\ 

vlichael W Hein 

Susan Heth 

Keith Holdeman 

Charles E. Hughes 

Jeff Johnson 

Dolores Harvey / ^| 


Palricia A. 

Ned Heydlaull 

Barry Holden 

David A. Hughes 

'—- ; ::i-.:--ir 

Allen Haslup / ^H 

- ■ \ \ 



Joel Hibbs 

Gregory Holden 

Johnny H Hughes. II 

P.W. Johnson. Jr 

Benny / / 

Allen & Mary 

Mary 0. Hickey 

Phyllis J Holden 

Masako Huibregtse 

Paul & Marilyn Johnson 

Hasslurrjer / j^H 


Lee R Hiegel 

Jeanine 1. Hoideread 

Richard & Laurel Hull 

Reba E. Johnson 

Darwin 1 ^H 


Joseph Higginbolham 

Jessie Hollingsworth 

William & Phyllis Humble 

Richard L Johnson 

Hastings BH 


Ronald & Barbara Higgins 

Ruth Anne Hollis 

Clinton & Dora Hummel 

S. Robert Johnson 

Elsie M. 

Cindy J. 

Robert Higgs 

Roy & Mary Hollopeter 

Max & Doris Hunt 

Steven P Johnson 

Hatcher 1 ^H 


Robert Highley 

Mafjorie M Holloway 

Helen M. Hunter 

" ~:'\. . ----- 

Tom & 1 ^H 


John C Highl 

Berlil K Holm 

Linda Huntington 

Waller D. Johnson 

Mazetla \ ^H 


Thomas Jay Highl 

Lela E Holm 

Charles B. Hurst 

Wayne & Connie Johnson 

Hatcher \ ^H 

Vernon L. 

Kent R. Hildebrand 

Paul Holm 

Edward P Hurst 

William Johnson 

Gloria Hatlield \ V| 


Alan & Edith Hildebrandl 

Michael Holman 

Jamie Ann Hussey 

Nancy L Johnston 

John G Hauck \ V ^ 

John Hellwarlh 

Joy L. Hildrelh 

Roselle E Holman 

Stewart Husted 

Arthur R, Jones 

F, G & Mrs. \ \ 

§MF / 


Betty Hill 

Anne E. Holmes 

Vickie Huston 

Bruce W. Jones 

Haughl \ ^ 


Gary Hill 

Kimilee A, Holmes 

Theodore M. Hutchenson, III 

Elizabeth A. Jones 

DaleS Elaine \ 

V '' r $$^^p / Marilynn Helms 

Paul & Helen Hill 

Stephen R. Holmes 

Dale Hutson 

Erva Atkins Jones 

Hauperl \ 

^^BH MET^/ Jeffrey Helton 

Robin Hill 

Zoe Ann Holmes 

Alda W. Hymes 

Harold A. Jones 

Thomas E. Haupert 

^X^afcSK^^ Hazel M. Helyer 

Timothy Hillier 

Michael S Holowell 

Karen L. Ihlenfeldl 

Howard E. Jones 

Terry D. «*^— — 

Louis C. 

Linda E Hilligoss 

David Arthur Holsinger 

Dorothy Imler 

Phillip Jones 

Haven ^* 


Polly Hillibran 

Barbara B. Holl 

F.;: —S-. •:' 

Jean A. Jones 

Kay Ann f tyftr. "^SS^' £^ 

l Jr. 

George Hilly 

Jamie S. Hollje 

Anita R. Ingold 

Josephine Jones 

Hawk \S. ^^-^t- 

ltefe|?f '39 

\ Charlotte 

Mary Eva Hilly 

Henry B Holtuis 

Darlene S. Inwood 

Leora S. Jones 

Russell E. Nfcjjgm. 

W M Hen- 

Patricia Himelick 

Dieter & Helen Holz 

Rhoda T. losso 

Mary Jones 

Hawk ^^ 

ir drickson 

Dorothy D Himler 

Gilbert S Nancy Holz 

Florence A. Irey 

'.: r j '.;• . .:■" 

Helen H. Hawkes 

Jerry W. Hines 

Hermann & Helga Holz 

Maria J. Irving 

R. F. Jones 

Tom Hawkins 

Lina Henning 

Suzanne B. Hinkle 

Kalhe Holz 

John B. Isett 

Robert S. Jones 

Lawrence Hawley 

Robert W Henry, Jr. 

Paul & Barbara Hirschy 

DorthaM. Homer 

Shirley A. Iverson 

Rosatee M. Jones 

James H. Hawthorne 

Virgil Henschen 

Myron & Sylver Hitchens 

Joyce M. Homes 

Bill Jackson 

Trent A. Jones 

James Robert Hawthorne 

David C. Hensel 

Stephanie Hite 

Bruce Hooper 

Carol L. Jackson 

William F Jones 

Charles Hayden 

W. Breck Hensley 

Richard C Hifzeman 

Charles E. Hoover 

Charles & Elma Jackson 

Carl & Lois Jordan 

Duane M Hayes 

Jack R. Henson 

Frank Hoag 

Esther Hoover 

Fern Jackson 

Linda R. Jordan 

Edna Hayes 

William & Byrdena Hepker 

MaryF Hobbs 

Lori Hopkins 

Frances L. Jackson 

Paul & Janel Jorden 

Kenneth M. Hayes 

Russell & Ardala Hepler 

Fred & Teresa Hochsleller 

Rex Hopper 

Janel M. Jackson 

Martha C Joseph 

Lyle & Shirley Hayes 

Norma Jean Herbert 

John Hodey 

Constance Hoppes 

Lottie F. Jackson 

John Jouslra 

Pamela L. Hayes 

Benjamin J. Herr 

Susan E. Hodge 

Robert D. Hoppes 

Margaret Jackson 

Mary E- Judson 

Robert & Opal Hayes 

Lawrence D. Herr 

F R. 8, Helen Hodges 

Wavelene Hoppes 

W. M. Jackson 

Harold G. Juillard 

Dorolhea Headings 

Michael Herrington 

Mary K. Hodson 

Jahn M. Horgen 

James Jacob, Jr. 

Jessie M. Junkin 

Janet D. Headland 

Irene H. Herron 

Carol Hoel 

Dorothy Horine 

Kenan & Joyce Jacob! 


Elsie Heath 

Ruth E. Herron 

Leland & Diane Holler 

Jerry E Home 

Loris D. Jacobs 

Donald & Alice Kach 

Lewis & Dora Healwole 

Donna J. Hershberger 

Kenneth Hodman 

Keith Homelier 
Sharon K. Homey 
Mary Horning 
Dan D Horridge 

Peter E- Jacobs 
James T. Jacobsen 
Carol Jaderholm 
C. R. S Regina Jaggers. Jr 

Gladys Kahler 
Bruce EKalb 
John R. Kaloupek 
William P Kaminski 

Taylor University giving totals for 1989-90 

Philip E Horsl 

D. B Horton 

Juriel Douglas & Peggie Horton 

Verna Jaggers 
Theodore & Kalhryn Jahn 
Forrest James 

G. Che! & Sherrill Kammerer 
Larry Kammerer 
Laura Kammerer 


Robert Horton 

Joy Anna James 

Mary E ■ 

LeonaY Hosteller 

Morton C. James 

Eugene & Nellie Kandel 

Taylor Fund 

& other 

Rachel M, Hotmire 

Judilh A. Janes 

George Kapottos 



Kendall L Hollell 
Roger Houk 

Douglas Jarrett 
David RJarvi 

Willis Karpes 
Harold & Mary Karls 



gifts Total gifts 

Becky House 
Carolyn R Houser 

Ron Jarvi 
Mary S. Jay 

R Lee Karns 
James Karrasch 



219,833 647.053 

David T. Houser 

James D Jellison 

Irene P Kasambira 

Brian & Grace Howard 

Marilyn M Jenkins 

Irene M. Kashner 



32,609 78,419 

Herbert Howard 

Louis & Mrs. Jenkinson 

Peggy Kastelem 



234,006 415,094 

Joyce M Howard 
Kenneth Howard 

Russell & Rulh Jensen 
Thomas P. Jensen 

Betty May Katausky 
Carran Kallmann 



46,394 89,633 

Kenneth Howard 
Lester Howard 

Linda S. Jerele 
Dwight & Karin Jessup 

Glenn & Gloria Kaufmann 
NitanjanN Kaul 


ry 115,831 

102,097 217.928 

Marvin Howard 

Margaret P Jessup 

Margaret Kavelaar 

Paul Howard 

Ruth Bennett Jewell 

Dianne Kay 

Private foundat 

ons 4.300 

281,434 285,734 

Sandra L Howard 

Marian C Jewel! 

T E & Joann Keating. Jr. 



108,345 265,845 

Phyllis Howell 
Rosemary Howell 

James H Jipping 
Eleanor Job 

Lynn Keenan 
Timothy Keenen 

Trustees Emerit 

i 45,463 

7,462 52.925 

Bruce B Howes 

Marilyn A. Jobe 

Kent S Barbara Keener 

David D Hoy 

Rulh E Jobes 

Steven W. Keesling 




Linda A. Hoy 

D. Delbert & Violet Johannes 

Max Kehoe 

Assoc. Colleges' 

of IN 86,103 


Norman Hoyl 
James M. Hresko 

Mildred M Johannides 
Sandra M Johansen 

Clifford Keizer 
Robert H. Kelch 

William Taylor 

Foundation — 

85,008 85,008 

Chandra L Hroncheck 
Ethel Hruby 

Garry L. Johns 
John J Johns 

Jacob Ken 
Cathnne Keller 


Richard L. Hruby 
Nan Hubbard 
Gloria Jean Hubble 

Karen D Johns 
Agatha L Johnson 
Betty W Johnson 

Charles & Carol Keller 

Grace Keller 

Joseph & Guycelle Keller 


1,272,578 2,390,922 

If it is true that many institutions are the lengthened 
shadows of great men, then the shadow of Taylor Uni- 
versity in the 1990s must bear a striking resemblance to 
the silhouette of Dr. Milo Rediger. 

Over the course of nearly 40 years, Dr. Rediger 
served the institution as professor, dean, chancellor, and 
president. Of greatest significance, however, was his 

role as visionary leader. As president from 1965-75 and 
again from 1979-81, Dr. Rediger articulated a vision for 
the university and led the school toward its realization. 
He emphasized a dual commitment to the Lordship of 
Jesus Christ and to the pursuit of academic excellence, 
distinctions for which the university today receives 
widespread national recognition. 

Kenneth D. Keller 

John R Kelley 

Fyrn Kellough 

Marvin Kelly 

Porter & Wilma Kelly 

Joseph Kellner 

Ann E. Kelver 

Gloria J Kemp 

Norlene Kemp 

Phyllis J. Kemp 

JeannelteA. Kenline 

Kennelh Kennedy 

Kirk R. Kennedy 

Lisa A. Kennedy 

Marcia M. Kennedy 

Carol Kenl 

Kristin E. Keplar 

Harlan T.Kerlin 

Robert & Patricia Kern 

Linda C. Kerns 

Charles Scott Kerr 

Gladys Kelcham 

Joyce L. Ketterling 

Thomas Kever 

Sharon M. Key 

Terry Key 

Peggy J. Kezar 

Herbert & Shirley Khaloul 

Becky J Kibbey 

Shotaro Kiguchi 

Jeanne Kilbourne 

Michael & Ruth Ann Killoren 

Gregory A. Kimbrell 

James R Kimbfiel 

Donna Kind 

Ruth Kind 

Charles D. King 

Clarke D King 

Dorothy Louise King 

Gary & Sandy King 

Gene King 

Julie M. King 

MarleneP. King 

Mildred King 

Rick E. King 

Sherman King 

Elizabeth L. Kiningham 

Neil L. Kinsey 

Martin E. Kintner 

Kenneth Kinzer 

Anlhony L. Kirgis 

Will E. Kirkendall 

Annie E. Kitchin 

R. Date & Annabell Kitley 

Helen Kilson 

Alberto. Klein 

Betty Klemz 

Margaret Jo Klenk 

Connie Klepper 

Arthur J. Kleppinger 

Douglas R.Kline 

Gilberts Miriam Kline 

Laura A. Kline 

Nola R. Kline 


Woodrow Klinger 

Margaret M.KIohck 

Calvin & Marilyn Klopfenstein 

Cheryl Klopfenstein 

Mary Klopfenstein 

Susan Klopfenstein 

James Klosterman 

James & Nancy Klyne 

Robert & Claire Knapp 

Ruth C. Knapp 

Richard & Irene Knarr 

Deborah Knauss 

Grace L. Kneibler 

Robert Knell 

LoritaJ. Kniesly 

James Knoblock 

Larry Knott 

Beverly J. Knowles 

Gary Knox 

Thomas & Shirley Knox 

Gail A. Knudsen 
Judith Knudsen 
Forrest & Doris Knueppel 
Marilyn K.Knull 
Marilyn A. Knuth 
James & Lydia Knutson 
Andrew A. Koch 
Christian W. Kocher 
Sarah M. Koehler 
Dale Koelmel 
Kathleen Koenig 
Karen K. Koerten 
James & Lydia Kohlmeyer 
Keith Kohout 

George & Philomena Kojis 
Eva J. Konrath 
Robert & Anita Kooyenga 
Verne & Miriam Koppin 
Bruce Korenslra 
Allen & Lois Korfmacher 
Nancy A. Kornacki 
Edmund Kornfeld 
Milton Korpi 
Timothy Kostarolf 
Carol J. Kraft 
Grace F. Kralt 
Thomas Kraft 
Jack Kraklan 
Warren Kramer 
Wayne Kranz 
Carolyn Kratzer 
Thomas Kratzer 
Ronald Krebs 
Suzanne Kregel 
Patricia Kregler 
Judy K. Kreider 
Patricia L. Kreider 
Ruby E. Kreisher 
Lawrence Kreps 
Donald W. Kress 
Carol Kneger 
Anna Krikke 

Steve & Loretta Kroehler 
Harold J. Kroeker 
Velma E. Kroeker 
Ludwig Kroger 
Roberta Kroll 
Ann Krueger 
Arland R. Krueger 
Gordon & Ruth Krueger 
Marjorie Kruschwitz 
Virginia Kruschwitz 
Kennelh & Barbara Kube 
Louis B. Kubler 
Robert & DoreenKuhlow 
Carol A. Kuhn 
Alfred E. Kuhnle 
John & Joyce Kuiper 
Steve Kumfer 
Robert A. Kunau 
Keith & Cindy Kunda 
David Kuneli 
Ellen L.Kunkle 
Delbert Kurtz 
Fred & Peggy Kurtz 
Richard Kwasl 
Maurice Kyllo 
Gordon Kytta 
Karl & Diane Kytta 
Rodney B. La Grange 
Florence LaDuke 
Adam & Mildred LaRose 
Mildred Lacour 
James & Ruth Ladd 
William& Joan Ladd 
Vivian Laffin 
Laura Laffoon 
Stanley J. Lahoda 
David G. Lalka 
Ngai V. Lam 
Kathy R, Lamberts 
Carey D. Landis 
Lynn A. Landis 
Sharon M. Landis 


Laura M. Lane 
Gary Langenwalter 
Linda J. Langston 
Henrietta Lanman 
Mildred E. Lanz 
Alvin Lapp 
Fred & Edna Laprad 
Harold & Lue Ellen Larew 
Dawn Larsen 
Ellen Larsen 
Larry L. Larsen 
Mary Kay Larson 
BerniceA. Lash 
Darlene M. Lash 
Richard & Marilyn Lauber 
Robert & Iris Laukhuf 
Jeff A. Lavender 
Gail Law 
Sybil Law 

Catherine M. LeMasters 
Nancy L. Leach 
Joan Leaman 
Effie E. Leatherman 
Jane Lechlitner 
Velma Lechlitner 
Clyde Edward & Kay Lee 
Constance E. Lee 
Dawn L. Lee 
Herbert & Jennie Lee 
Julie Lee 
Lynn M. Lee 
Mildred Lee 
Mildred K.Lee 
Naomi Lee 
Emily Leeds 
William T.Leeds 
Vernon E. Lefevre 
Pauline M. Lehman 
George & Athalie Leichnetz 
Virginia Leichty 
Gladys Leinbach 
Charlotte Leisman 
Bonnie Lembrighl 
Thomas W. Lentz 
Carol S. Leonard 
Donald Leonard 
Elizabeth A. Leonard 
Treva S. Leonard 
Jane L. Leong 
Thomas Lesh 
Linda Lester 
Nancy J. Leventry 
Arthur B. Levy 
William Lewelling 
Gordon Lewin 
Brian A. Lewis 
David Lewis 
Jerry M. Lewis 
Joyce L Lewis 
Lowell & Linda Lewis 
Marlys M. Lewis 
Stanley R. 


/ kcttmg ( L 

' Claradel Ley 

Terence & Janet Liddy 
Carolyn R. Liechty 
Clarice M. Liechty 
Floyd Liechty 
Arnold & Marea Likeness 
Kathleen Marea Likeness 
David G.H.Lin 
Gary Lindau 

Marvin & Marilyn Lindbloom 
Arthur & Gladys Lindell 
John Lindgren 
Patricia A. Lindley 
Carroll & DonnaMae Lindman 
Lareau Lindquist 
Paul & Lois Linlield 
HantordH Linhardt 
Kathy A Link 
Vangie Linn 
Grace L Linnemeier 
Carol Lis 

Huyler & Kafhryn Lisk 
Paul & Mrs. Lister 
Eiieen Little 
Wilbur! & Violet Littrell 
Marian C. Livingood 
Linda Livingston 
Don Lixey 

H. Dale & Donna Lloyd 
Kathleen Lloyd 
Edna Ewing Locker 
Lisa Loe 

Alberta G. Loeffler 
Walter Loehr 
Ruth Loesche 
Benjamin Peter Loewen 
Catherine Loewen 
Margaret P. Londal 
Elizabeth Lonergan 
Bruce & Diane Long 
Charles Long 
George W. Long 
Robert G. Long 
Stanleys Donna Long 
Mary Lou Lonie 
Alan Loomis 
G Vernon Lord 
John & Ida Lorence 
Walter Lorenlsen 
Christian J. Losch 
Nancy S Losure 
Charlotte L. Lovegrove 
Paul & Marjorie Lovelace 
Randy Lowe 

Richard & Katherine Lowe 
Richard G. Lowe 
D. Scott & Robin Lowery 
Kimila A. Lowry 
Norma Jean Lowry 
Harry & Anne Lubansky 

William Lubbers 

Betty Jo Lucas 

Albert L. Luce, Jr. 

Clark D. Luce 

Luana K. Luckhard 

Wendy Ludwick 

Lois Ludwig 

Richard & Charlene Lugar 

Charles & Shirley Lugbill 

Sandra Lugbill 

Abigail D. Luginbill 

Ruth Luginbill 

J. W. Lund 

August & Sharon Lundquist 

Al Luttinen 

Barbara B. Lutz 

Cynthia J. Luxton 

Diane K. Lybarger 

Wayne K. Lynch 

William 0. Lynch 

0. Stanley Lyons 

Larry H Lytle 

Richard & Linda MacCarthy 

Jon MacKinney 

Carolyn R. MacPherson 

John & Dorotha Mack 

Ann Mackenzie 

Harold B. Mackenzie 

Harvey Mackie 

HughO. Maclellan 

John & Jane Maddox 

Mary Ellen Magee 

Gregory & Nancy Maharg 

Marcia R. Mahler 

Michael N. Mahoney 

Thomas 8. Jeanelte Mahoney 

Marie Mahood 

Steven & Gloria Mahr 

Jean P Maier 

Marc Mailleter 

Stephen & Diane Main 

Frances F. Mains 

EugeneS Judy Maki 

James G. Maley 

John D. Malin 

Margaret C- Mai letle 

Kathleen C. Mai lory 

Robin S. Malone 

Rose Mancini 

SilviaS. Mancini 

Michael G. Manganello 

Donna Mann 

Josiah & Jane Mann 

Leonard T Mann 

Dennis Manning 

Emma Manning 

Benjamin Mannix 

Robert M. Manor 

Greg E. Manship 

William Mantha 

Barbara J. Manuel 

Linda B.Marant 

James Marcuccilli 

Thomas & Joan 

Barry S Marcus 

AldaM. Marden 

Sharon L. Maricle 

William Marino 

Louise Marling 

Connie Marlow 

Robert Marquart 

RoseT Mart 

Charles W. Marriott 

Connie S. Marsh 

Vivian Marsh 

David & Nancy Marshall 

Ernest V. Marshall 

Gladys V.Marshall 

Lois Marshall 

August J. Martin 

Donna Martin 

James E. Martin, Sr. 

Pamela L. Martin 

Paul & Lori Martin 

Robert & Sandra Martin 

Sherry S. Martin 

Sleven R. Marlin 

Thomas Martin 

Vurla Martin 

James Marvin 


Gilbert E. Mascher 

Kathleen A. Masloob 

Adene E. Mason 

Barry Mason 

Eljorie M. Mason 

Gary M. Mason 

Sherman Massie 

Robert J. Massongill 

Deborah S Massol 

Lee & Arlene Mast 

MarilynS. Masl 

Nancy M. Masl 

Diane Maslin 

Gary E. Mastin 

David & Mary Malarazzo 

Les E. Mathers 

Elizabeth Mathews 

Norman & Doris Mathews 

Charlene R. Mathias 

David L. Mathias 

Si Mathison 

Rick Matsumoto 

Steven D. Matthews 

William Matthews 

Ella R.Matthias 

Gerald W. Mattocks, Jr. 

Janet Mattocks 

Sarah M. Mattocks 

Eslella U. Maurer 

Roy V Maxson 

Deborah Maxwell 

Roberta Maxwell 

William & Stella May 

Donna M Maybray 

Michael G Mayes 

T. Dixon Mayes 

Turner K. Mayfield 

Lauris H. Mays 

William D McAlexander 

Rila M. McCabe 

Dan McClaflin 
Robert McClelland 
Dorothy L. McConnell 
Edward L. McConnell 

.. McCormick 
Linda B. McCoy 
John Wilson & 
Marilyn McCracken 
William J. McCrary 
Hazel McCray 
Mary McCreary 
Gene & Jane 


Mildred J 

Mary N. McCune 


Even the physical campus reflects 
Dr. Rediger's vision for Taylor. As 
president, he instituted a building program 
unparalleled in the university's history. In less 
than a decade, ten major structures were built. 

Dr. Rediger was a gifted teacher, counselor and 
administrator; a leader who left his mark on Taylor and 


her strong 
reputation for 
excellence in Christian 
liberal arts education. He be- 
lieved that Taylor was rooted and grounded in God's 
purpose; his life of service reflects that strong surety. 

Carol L McDaniel 

Joseph & Joan McDearmon 

Charles D. McDonald 

Julie B. McDougal 

John & Ola McDougall 

Argel McDowell 

William & Ruth McDowell 

Crystal E. McFarland 

Joanne McFarland 

John & Naomi McFarland 

Robert D. McFarland 

Mary Lou McFarren 

Agnes L McGartland 

W. Thomas McGinley 

Jack McGlasson 

Charles S. McGowan 

Vincent McGrady 

C. David & Mrs. McKay 

William & Linda McKean 

Ella R. McKee 

Glenn & Martha McKendrick 

Ruth H. McKeown 

C.W. McKinney 

Max 0. McKilrick 

Maynard & Theressa McLarren 

Donna McLeod 

Arthur McMahon 

William R.McMillin 

Gene J. McMuriry 

Marcia McMamara 

Andrew M. McNeil 

Ronald S. McNeill 

Barbaras. McPhail 

Margie B. McPherson 

Jerry McQueary 

Hansel McQuinn 

Cynthia Meade 

Charles & Margaret Mealy 

Gary D. Medalis 

Carl Medearis 

Calvin & Bernice Meekhol 

Sallie Meier 

R. James Meikle 

Raymond 0. Meinerl 

Margaret Meissner 

Paul & Evelyn Mendenhall 

Susan Mendenhall 

Clarence Menghini 

Neil J. Mercer 

Ruth Ann Mercer 

Jacqueline Lea Mercier 

Jane Meredith 

Phillip Meredith 

William & Juantta Meredith 

Janet E Merrilield 

David Merrill 

Miriam M. Merz 

Sue Merz 

Coburn Metcall 

Ken & Barbara Mettler 

Joe C. Metzger 

Gary & Jeri Metzig 

Debbie S. Metzker 

Fannie Metzker 

J Robert Metzker 

Frances L. Metzler 

Marvin Metzler 

Clare S. Meyer 

Harold & Elizabeth Meyer 

Mary D. Meyer 

Theodore J. Meyer 

Vance & Mary Meyer 

James Meyerholtz 

Ken Meyers 

BonitaC. Michalec 

Betty Michel 


Deborah F. 

Bernard & Doris 

Daniel G Mikesell 
Mary Mikkelson 
V.E. Mikkelson 

Allen & Jane Milburn 
Michael R. Miles 
Joe & Barbara Miley 
Sherryn Miley 
Thomas B. Milgale 
Gloria Milhous 
Albert & Emily Miller 
Alice Miller 
AnnaM. Miller 
Bruce Miller 
Calvin H Miller 
Carl E. Miller 
Carl G.Miller, Jr. 
Cheryl L Miller 
Deborah Miller 
Delmer J. Miller 
Dorothy Miller 
Ellen G.Miller 
Elmer D.Miller 
Fannie Miller 
Gerald A. Miller 
Glenn Miller 
Harold E.Miller 
Herberts Jane Miller 
Jo Ellen Miller 
Josephine E. Miller 
Kathleen H. Miller 
Kris Miller 
Linda R.Miller 
LoisM. Miller 
Margaret A. Miller 
MarleneT. Miller 
Mike & Debra Miller 
Paul & Betty Miller 
Paul E. Miller 
Sarah E.Miller 
Stephen Miller 
Zola Mae Miller 
Scot D. Millhouse 
Karen Millikan 
Sam Milliner 
Jennifer Mills 
Gretchen M. Milner 
Paul Miserlian 
James & Shirley Mishler 
Donald& Lois Mitchell 
Val Mitchell 

Vernon & LaVerne Mitmoen 
Harold A. Mitts 
Russ Moe 
Laura Moehring 
Carl & Judith Moellering 
James S. Moltatl 
Lillian F. Mohler 
Michelle M. Mohler 
Ernest & Barbara Moir 
Robert Molenhouse 
Jim Molinari 
Beth Molzahn 

Douglas & Merrie Monkemeier 
Byron & Evelyn Moore 
Clyde & Sharon Moore 
Edward H. 

Gloria A. 

Jeffrey & Angela 

John L. Moore 
Tom B. Moore 
Carol L. Morehead 
Kenneth L. Morey 
Allen & Beverly Morgan 
Jack& Jacquetyn Morgan 
Sally Morgan 
D. A. Morley 
Stephen & Cathy Morley 
Alex & Suzanne Morphonios 
Eugene R. Morris 
Glenn Morris 
James & Carol Morris 
Lisa G. Morris 
Margaret B. Morrison 
Jean Morse 
Harold L. Mortensen 
Novitas & Ruth Moser 
Kenneth & Monreve Moses 
Kathleen M. Mosher 
Jeffrey Allyn Mossburg 
Jerry A. Mossburg 
Sandra Motz 
Larry Moudy 
Robert Mourey 
William R-Mowles 
Leon H. Moyer 
M. Dale Moyer 
Louise R. Mueller 
Sandra L. Mueller 
Marie E. Muench 
CarlW. Muhlenbruch 
Helen C Muhlenbruch 
Mildred Muhling 
Phyllis J. Muhling 
Lambertus Mulder 
Ronald T. Mulder 
Cynthia M. Mullens 
H. Arthur Muller 
Julie D. Mullins 
Anna A. Mumma 
David R. Mumme 
Don Mundy 
Barbara M. Murphy 
Carey Murphy 
David G. Murphy 
Keven W. Murphy 
Patrick J, Murphy 
Robert & Jean Murphy 
George M. Murray 
Gloria Muselman 
Miriam A. Musser 
Steve & Barbara Musto 
Lionel Muthiah 
Alice Myers 
Burton & Ruth Myers 
Curtis & Sue Myers 
Elvin & Betty Myers 

r 2LCtim@ < L 

Richard L. 

Louis & Jane 

Doris M. Nafziger 
E. Faye Nay 
Joseph Nay 
James N Needier 
Esther E. Neely 
Daniel W, Nell 
Danny L. Nefl 

John & Mary Kay Neidhamer 
Rhonda R. Neighbour 
Robert H. Neill 
Larry L. Neiswender 
Defores Nelson 
Donna M. Nelson 
Frances Jean Nelson 
Gary W.Nelson 
Gerald P Nelson 
Harlon Nelson 
Jane E. Nelson 
Kenneth & Pauline Nelson 
Nancy D. Nelson 
Paul Nelson 
Richard Nelson 
Robert D. Nelson 
Robert & Betty Nelson 
Samuel Nelson 
Susan F. Nelson 
David Nemore 
Cheryl A. Neu 
Wilbert Neuenschwander 
Bonnie I. Neuhouser 
Ruth E. Neuhouser 
Ann C. Neuweiler 
Eugenia W. Neville 
Julie A. Newberry 
Susan Newhouse 
Terry Newkirk 
Edythe Newltn 
Benjamin Veston Newsom 
Robert D. Newton 
Elizabeth U. Nicholls 
Harland C. Nicholls 
Barbara J. Nichols 
Lois E. Nichols 
Wayne E Nichols 
William Nichols 
Gary Nicholson 
Robert Todd Nicholson 
W. Jean Nichter 
Ted D. Nickel 
Daniel A Nickolaus 
Bonnie Nicodemus 
JanalyceK Nicodemus 
John & Gertrude Nidey 
Dawn E. Niederhauser 
Paula R. Niederhauser 
Joseph & Sharon Nies 
Margaret Niver 
Ted J. Nottsinger 
Susan M. Nofziger 
Janet L. Nordell 

Donald & Elizabeth 

Lane & Terri Nordin 

Stanley Noreen 

Chariene Norris 

Gregory W.Norris 

LaVonne R. Norris 

Teri Norris 

Dale Norton 

Tim Norton 

Donna R Norwood 

Barbara J- Novak 

Sophie Z. Novak 

Susan L Novak 

Janice M. Nowling 

Kenyon & Catherine Nussbaum 

T. L. & Janet Nussbaum 

Thomas S. Nussbaum 

Violet Nussbaum 

Jane E. Nyberg 

Paul & Clarene Nyberg 

Jill A. Nye 

Louise Nygren 

John D. Nystrom 

Sarah A. O'Brien 

Elizabeth A. O'Connor 

James & Ruth O'Connor 

Nikki O'Dell 

Brian J. O'Hara 

Dean G. Oakes 

William& Margaret Oakley 

Terrance Oban 

Leah M. Oberholtzer 

George T. Oborn 

Dorrell & Marguerite Ochs 

Jimmie & Mrs. Ochs 

Michael & Connie Ochs 

Leonard C. Oechsle 

Ben & Doris Ogborn 


Dale Ogden 

Helene N. Ogden 

Harry & Jean Oldenbusch 

Kurt Oliver 

Lee D- Oliver 

Sandra Oliver 

Parker E. Olney 

Eleanor Olsen 

Eleanor E. Olsen 

Milton Olsen 

Pamela Olsen 

Sally Olsen 

Antoinette Olson 

Pamela Olson 

Rodney J. Olson 

Ronald D Olson 

Timothy H. Olson 

John & Karen Onufrock 

Gail L. Onyett 

Ralph Onyett 

Russell & Linda Oosse 

Star Oren 

David L. Orris 


Tom & Nancy Osborne 

Ruby Mae Ostrander 

Henry F. Ostrom 

Karen K. Oswalt 

Evelyn Ottinger 

Duane Overbeek 

Everett & Ruth Overturt 

Mildred D. Owen 
Ruth Owen 
Clair & Doris Owens 
Clarence Owsley 
Herbert L. Oyer 
Uwe Pabst 
Frank C. Pagano 
Kenneth Pahmeier 
Susan Paist 
James R Palmer 

Bill J. Patterson 
Derrell Patterson 
Leon V. Patterson 
Lloyd Deborah Patterson 
Marcia L. Patterson 
Anita K. Pattison 
Dorothy R. Pattison 
John & Lois Pattison 
'.r:, E --: r 
Martha Jane Pautsch 
Agnes Payne 
Charles & Zelrra Payne 
Beth S. Pearson 
t -:"-- '- z --,- :..- 
?-. z-- ":■=-::- 
Julie A_ Pease 
3,;r '-,.■ 
Anna Marie Peoerson 
Lial & Bonnie Pederson 
William H.Peerman 
LucretiaA. Petton . _ 

'.iVVi *■'- ".' 

Harold & Florence Penne 
Ervin & Alfrieda Penner 
David & Susan Pennington 
Bradford D. Peppte 
Layton L. Pergrem 
Wayne R. Perkins 
Marian Perregaux 
C. Paul & Suzanne Perry 
Emma Perry 

Malcolm & Beverly Perry 
Scott & Teresa Perry 
Donald J. Pershing 
Elizabeth J Persons 
Madonna Persons 
Marjorie Persons 
Kennelh & Verlene Peters 
Lowell & Geraldine Peters 
Stacey E. Peters 
Virgil Peters 
Debra Petersen 
Donald J. Petersen 
Marian Petersen 
Patricia Petersen 
A. Kenneth Peterson 
Brenda Peterson 
Donna L Peterson 
Dorothy C. Peterson 
Judy Peterson 
Len Peterson 
Margo Peterson 
William & Lenna Peterson 
Mary L. Petrie 
Frances Petro 
Dale Pettifor 

MichaelS Janet Pettitor 
Robert & Grace Pettifor 
Esther L. Petty 
Alice C. Ptnister 
Leroy H. Ptund 
Carter R. Phillips 
DeVon & Velma Phillips 
Deborah Phillips 
Edward B Phillips 
Fred & Grace Phillips 
Kenneth H. Phillips 
Patricia Phillips 
Rose A Phillips 
Marie Phinney 
■■■'.' ■ - 
John & Susan Pickett 
Mary Deann Pike 
Richard E. Pike 
Kenneth & Mrs Pile 
Fay Pilman 
Paul M Pinard 

At Taylor 
what takes place 
within the residence 
hall is an important part of the 

total educational experience: here, life-long friendships 
germinate and develop; searching spiritual questions 

are put to peers; character traits are 
tested and refined in the crucible of 
community. For generations of Taylor 
students, Magee-Cambell- Wisconsin (MCW) 
provided those types of memories, experiences, and 
friendships. In time, however, the physical condition of 
the building was such that it was deemed unsafe. 


C9lWRg ( E < M 

Raymond Schmidt 

Douglas & Carole Set 

Encil Pinder 

Mary Louise Ransom 

Mark A T|V C 


Jim D. Pinkston 

Jane M. Rapp 

Rivera X^*^ 

ussell Wilbur G.Schmidt 


M Schweitzer 

Joyce 1. Pipes 

Mary Jane Rapp 

Deborah L Roath ^^^ 

- — - -^\^ Robert & Connie Lois Schmittinger 

Mildred Schwendener 

Pamela Pipes 

Lyle H. Rasch 

Phillip Robb 

= ^ 

ussell Orville Schmitz 

Gladys L. Schwenk 

Scoll R. Pipes 

James K. Rathbun 

Robert C Robberson 

Carol J. Russett 

Martha D. Schmilz- 


Donald & Morganna 

Marcia J. Pitkin 

Joel E. Rathbun 

Lloyrj & Margaret Robbins 

Maurice L. Rust 




Diana Place 

KatherineA. Rathjen 

HP J Jean Roberts 

David & LuciHe Ruths. Sr 

Esther S. Schneider 


^\ Eliza 

beth P. Scott 

Joyce Plants 

Harvey Rau 

Larry & Harriet Roberts 

Kathleen M. Ryan 

Pearl Schneider 

M \ John S. Scott 

A. E. Platte 

Rita J. Raval 

Neill & Judith Robins 

Lisa H. Ryan 

Sheri K. Schneider 

// ; 

\ ' 

eler L Scott 

Cynthia Pletcher 

Lamar R. Ray 

Eula Bernice Robinson 

Peter & Amanda Ryan 

Clarence & 

Ronald L. Scott 

William & Sarah Pletcher 

Richard Razgaitis 

C. Kelly Robinson 

Glenn Ryberg 

Evelyn Sch- 

/ / tM 


Sharon S Plothow 

Jennifer A. Rea 

Leo & Hope Robinson 

Trudy C. Rydberg 

oenhals i 


Edwin & Mary Plueddemann 

Richard & Rebecca Haak 

William 8 Robinson 

Jay Rynbrandt 

Barbara / 

/ iBHfi^** 1 " 

Nedra B. 


Margaret S. Record 

Gerald 5 Sheryl Rocke 

Andrew J- Saber 

Schramm / 


1 )*** ^ \ 


Marguerite Poe 

Richard T. Rector 

William F. Rocker 

Alexander Saldan, Jr 

Donald & 


Jean A 

Re & Joanne Poehler, Jr 

Enid E. Redding 

James & Mary Roden 

Jelfery L. Salisbury 



Danny L. Polf 

Marlene Redding 

Edith Rodkey 

Connie S. Salsbery 



Robert & Amy Pointer 

Alvin Leroy & Jo Rediger 

Jeremy B. Rodocker 

John Salz. Ill 


H^^K. "*" 


Steven Pointer 

Don & June Rediger 

David W Roe 

G- Barbara Samf 

Schreibeis 1 


Philip J. Poietti 

Frieda Rediger 

Darryl & Marsha Rogers 

Lisa Sanders 

Darlene \ 


Sandra Polk 

Pete & Mrs Redmon 

Doyle & Elvera Rogers 

Murray Sanders 

Schrock \ 

Edward Sears 

C. William & Judith Pollard 

Margaret Redyke 

Esther T Rogers 

Nancy M. Sanders 

David & Anna 

Tammy J. 

Judith L. Polley 

C Gail Reece 

John R Rogers 

David W Sanderson 



Deborah A. Pollock 

Ronald L. Reese 

Robert Rogers 

Kenneth & Eunice Sands 

Joseph & Ruth 

Joel & Cleone 

Acton & Juanita Pomante 

Gary Rehm 

Thomas G. Rogers 

Marzella B Saneholtz 



Sandra Pomeroy 

Terry Reichard 

Paul Roharl 

Harris & Donna Saunders, III 

Lois Schrock 

Wr / John Sebu 

Ralph & Susan Pool 

Shirley E. Reichman 

J R. & Marilyn Rohrer 

Wane Sawyer 

Marilyn Schrock 

£■/ Carlton P. Seeland 

Alta Poor 

G. William Reid 

Clarice Gregg Rohrman 

Bobbie Scea 

Mary Schrock 

"^ Phillip Seibert 

Arleen H. Porter 

James & Sharon Reid 

Marion & Olive Rolsten 

Donna Joy Schaap 

Michele A. 

JeanW Seibold 

Betty Porter 

Michael J. Reidy 

Kenneth & Ethel Romig 

Mary J. Schaap 

Schrock * 

Ray A. 

Gregory A. Porter 

Gerald V. Reierson 

Eldene Ronnekamp 

Dale & Judith Schaetter 

Norma £ 

<}Lary ,- 

^K Seilhamer 

Mary J. Porter 

Brian Reifsnider 

Eleanor M. Rood 


Schrock \S 

\ Rulb 

Rhonda M. Porter 

Karen L. Reighard 

Francis J- Roost 

Fred Scharringhausen 

Rhonda D. > 


°^e r nr 

» Selin 

Gordon & Sylvia Pott 

R. K. Reighard 

H Duane Roost 

Sharon J. Schaubert 




^^ Phillip 

Connie M Potter 

David K. Reinbold 

Claudia Root 

Andrew J. Scheer 

Simon E. Schrock 

**- , ^ 

W. Sell 

Jan S. Potter 

Ann Remus 

Iva M Rose 

Thomas Schemper 

Wayne E. Schrock 

EMallie Sellers 

WilliamS. Marguerite Potter 

Jane Renaker 

Robert Rosentreter 

CarlaA. Schieldknecbt 

David J. Schroeder 

Randy Sellers 

Donald E. Potts 

Marvin D Renbarger 

Douglas Ross 

Cmdi S. Schimmelplennig 

Edwin Schroeder 

Mary L Senlz 

James M. Potts 

Clark & Catherine Renninger 

Irvine & Elizabeth Ross 

DarleneA. Schimmelplennig 

Gary & Karen Schroeder 

Thomas W Sepanski 

Melinda Potts 

Stephen & Lucia Resch 

Larry & Carolyn Ross 

Jeffrey F Schimmelplennig 

Alan Schroepfer 

LaVeta Sergeant 

Arthur & Eileen Poucher 

Tami Resch 

Roy W Ross 

Roberts. Schindler 

LaVaughn Schuckers 

Lon & Ruth Selser 

PaulJ Retel 

Charles HRossell 

Kurt Schippers 

Arthur & Ruth Schulert 

J Douglas Settle 

Evelyn Powers 

C. R. Reusser 

Brenda A. Rosser 

Maurice & Ida Schippers 

Anne Schultz 

M. A. Seltlemeyer 

George & Gloria Powers, Jr 

Janet R. Reuter 

Clara F. Roth 

Vera Schlamm 

Norma Schultz 

Joyce Seymour 

Eugene & Esther Pownall 

Leonard Reuter 

Donald & Maureen Roth 

Tony Schlechty 

Thomas Schultz 


a Sezonov 

Anne E. Poy 

Roy B. Reynolds 

E David Roth 

Robert Schloemer 

William J. Schutlz 

Elsie C Shackley 

Sheila Poyser 

Lydia Reysen 

Larry & Janice Roth 

Jacob A. Schlosser 

Fred L Schumpert 

Elmer R. Shater 

C. Raymond Pratt 

Woo H. Rhee 

Marcel Roth 

Mark Schlupp 

Shirley Schuster 

James & Marietta Shafer 

Lenetta Pratt 

Sylvia Rhine 

Mary Ellen Rothrock 

Dan Schmeichel 

Julia Schwartz 

Dorothy J, Shatter 

Samuel & Mrs. Preissler 

Clyde & Gay Rhodes 

Georgia W- Roussin 

Loyal Schmidt 

Robert & Alma Schwartz 

Sandy Shatter 

Carol S. Price 

Reid & Deana Ribbie 

Covert & Winilred Routt 

John W. Price 
Kimberly L. Price 
Susan Price 

Mary Sidey Riblet 
Holly Rich 
Janice Rich 

Elizabeth Rose Routt 
Rochelle Lynn Row 

Connie Rowan 

W. R. Price 

Leroy &Orma Rich 

Charles Rowe 

Willard C. Pritchard 

Margaret Rich 

Dorothy Rowe 

SI charge 

to keep: 

William & Laura Pritchett 

Jane Richards 

LurellE Rowell 

Joseph & Linda Procopio 

Karen Richardson 

Alice G. Rowley 

1.2 m -i 

Bernice T. Prussner 
Kenneth A. Prussner 

Karen E. Richardson 
Margaret 1 Richardson 

Carta H Roy 
Frank & Mary Roye 

Qiving to ^TayCor ffuncC 

Richard & Charlotte Pucketl 
Beverly Pugh 

Mark Richer! 
Ada E. Richie 

Eleanor Z. Ruch 
Susan J. Rudolph 

1 m - 

reaches re 


Harold Punlenney 

Jon Richmond 

Darcey Ruegsegger 

Martha Punlenney 


Donald & Shirley Ruegsegger 

Douglas & Susan Purdue 

David W. Rickard 

Henry & Ruth Ruenpohl 

Irvine A Purdy 

Gale&EvadnaRickner. Jr. 

Marie Rulenacht 

800 - 

Margo Purdy 

Carl & Linda Ricks 

Phyllis E. Rupert 

Greg Purnell 
Edwin J. Puroll 

Gene & Anne Riddell 
LeRoy & Joan Rieck 

Charlene Rupp 
Keith A Rupp 

Baylor fund 

{In thousands 


James Pursley 

Richard Riel 

Neil E Rupp 

Gustave & Jeanette Quindt 

Don Rieldorf 

Orville & Frieda Rupp 

R. Brian & Patricia Quinn 

Tamara S. Rietdorf 

Ralph & June Rupp 

of dollars) 



Judy Racier 

David Riewald 

Verena E. Rupp 


Lou Ann Rager 

Gregory & Palricia Ritner 

Wayne & Ruth Rupp 

Karen Raher 

Herman & Kathryn Riggs 

Wiltrude Rupp 


Patricia L Rahn 

Edwin Riley 

Paul S. Rupprecht 


Edna Ramer 

Karen A. Riley 

Luann B. Rush 

Janet A. Ramer 

Mary Ann Riley 

Douglas Russell 


Walter & Elsie Ramer 
Anthony & Bienvenida Ramirez 
Barbara J. Ramsay 

Richard K. Riley 
Rosemary Riley 
Marcia Ring 

James Russell 
Jeffreys. Russell 
Kenneth Russell 

Sherry Ramsay 

Emily Ringenberg 

Mary W.Russell 

: cnj co «* 

10 $8 



Clarence & Sharon Ramsland 

Morris J Ringenberg 

Nada F. Russell 


3 oo 00 oo 
5 j- o3 co 

3 CO oo CO 

00 8? 



Lea Randall 

Mary Kay Ransbotlom 

Rachel Ringenberg 
Mary Ellen Rink 

Nancy Russell 
Pauline Russell 


^ in 
00 00 


s co m 
co co 00 

The successor in spirit to MCW, built in 1975 and on 
the opposite side of the campus, is Mary Tower English 
Hall. The building is fittingly named in recognition of a 
woman whose commitment and generosity toward the 
university serve as a role model for the hundreds of 
Taylor coeds who embark upon the college experience 
from their abode in English Hall. 

Mrs. English's interest in Taylor was rooted in the 
early history of the university. Her husband, Dr. Calvin 
English, was one of the first graduates of the Taylor-af- 
filiated Fort Wayne Medical School in the 1890s. Mrs 
English expressed special, abiding interest and concern 
for Taylor students across several decades. Today, their 
college experiences evidence her philanthropic spirit. 



Silas H. Shaffer 

Helen M. Slaven 

~& \. q'o c K r F r F. ( V ; 

Robert & Janet Teela 

Scott & Christine Turstey 

Mabel E. Shank 

Douglas W.SIiker 

Carol XSC 

— \^—~ .// Stout 

Mavis M. Tell 

Douglas & Annette Twetls 

Patricia Shank 

Lowell & Miriam Sloat 

Spencer ^^^- 

— -O^^ David Slowers 

Richard & Carolyn Tempest 

re ;• 7, ■-. 

Susan J. Shank 

Eugene Slocum 

Michelle L. Spencer 

Kenneth D Stowers 

Jane Ellen Tennant 


Treva Shank 

^je*Fa55»v. Ka y H Slocum 

Henry Spenst 

June Strahl 

Dale Terjung 

Keith D. Ulery 

William A. Shankin, J 

/^pP^Sl^^X j Donnell & Jemima 

Katherina Spenst 

David Michael Strapp 

Edwin R. Terui 

;._... ,_. _ _.. 

Allen Sharp 


Rudy Spenst 

Rachel J. Streblow 

Arnold & Lois Thaiacker 

R. Richard & Shirley Unangst 

Susan Sharp 

// H^.\ Sam R Smart!, Jr. 
// ^^\ Russelic - 

Virginia L. Spiegelhalder 

Jane Street 

Debra L. Thaiacker 

Diane Linger 

M. Carol Shaw 

Gregory Springer 

Geoff Slrehlow 

Terry R. Tharpe 

Isabel leUntenholz 

Rulh L Shaw 


Robert Springer 

George G. Slrem 

Bonnie J. Thetander 

Nathan Upton 

Shelba Jean / 

/ H^IlK \ 

Albert F. 

William & Carolyn Springer 

Ruth K. Strohschein 

Judith M Theune 

William & Ann Utley 

Shaw / 

/>-*^J>.rTi *"**■■ ^A \ 


Mary A. Sprinkles 

Carolyn J. Strong 

Fred & Lois Thies 

Brenda K. Ulster 

Sue Shaw / 

Dale D. Smidt 

Clifton L. Sprunger 

Palma Strong 

Adele V. Thomas 

Ronald J. Uzubell 

Margaret T. / 

Howard W. 

Leroy Sprunger 

JoAnne K. Strope 

Elliot Thomas 

Iris M. Vaido 


J J " m "^ ^\ \ 


Ornell Sprunger 

William R. Stroup 

Raymond & Betty Lou Thomas 

Ann Y. Valberg 

Sharon A. 

Susan L. 

Larry Spurting 

Leon Strunk 

Richard Thomas 

Neil Van DerKolk 



Edwin & Phyllis Sguiers 


Roberta Phyllis Thomas 

Robert Van Horn 

James & 


Wesley Smidt 

Donna L. Stack 

Glen Stucky 

Robert M. Thomas 

Esther M. Van Lare 

Linda 1 

■* iH / 

Vicky Smit 

Evelyn G. Slack 

Lorraine M. Stucky 

Susan E. Thomas 

Richard & Molly Van Norman 

Sheetz \ 

\ w / 

Ardis Smith 

Russell Stahly 

Ethel M. Slump 

Joe Thomason 

Keith Van OoslerHout 

Donald \ 

mmiu, *r~ >J 

Brenda Smith 

Norma A. Stair 

Philip & Otene Stureman 

Alice Thompson 

Jenette H. Van Raalte 

Shefller \ 

\ m 

Charles & 

A. H. Slaley 

Robert & Mavis Sturgis 

Allen A. Thompson 

Janet Van Treuren 

Carma Sheldon \ 

Lelha Smith 

Angela Stamper 

Sandra L. Sublett 

Cindy Thompson 

John S Viola Van Vesson 

Linda Lee 

\ ^B Wm / Charles T Smith 

Benjamin & Alma Stanislaw 

Donald & Elaine Sugarbaker 

D J Thompson 

John Van Wicklin 


\ \ ^mr / Davl(1 Smiln 

Margaret Stannah 

Donna M.Sullivan 

David Thompson 

Elizabeth J VanCampen 

Scoll D. Sheldon 

\ ^^^ fcL/ / Duane E Smilh 

Goldie Mae Stansifer 

Kerry & Paula Sullivan 

Janet G. Thompson 

Gregory VanMeter 

Ronnie L. Shell 

\^m^BBs_/ e c Smi,h 

Richard & Arlene Starke 

Mary Ellen Summer 

John G. Thompson 

Calvin J VanOss 

Daniel R. Shelley 

\^a£555^^ Forrest & Sylvia Smith 

Martha Taylor Starkey 

Cynthia L. Summers 

Joseph L. Thompson 

Let's': i jt".:: .;'::';":e . 

Stuart H. 

J < «Sa2S'^ Fred M. Smith. Jr. 

Vicki L. Starkey 

Donald Summers 

Kenneth L Thompson 

Charles Vance 

Shelley ^ 

*~" 3== ^^^^""^^ ^<«S&SSBv 

Gail Craig 

Kermil & Ethel Slams 

Larry & Judith Summers 

Elizabeth Thomson 

Kenneth & Carol VanderArk 

David C. f 

i Smith 

Roy & Cleo Staub 

Miriam Sumner 

Carolyn Thornburg 

Douglas L VanderMeulen 

Shelly xk 

\ Garland & 

Malcolm G. Slaulfer 

Carol Sumney 

Clyde W.Thornell 

Guslave & Esca Vandermeulen 

Richard G. ^g 

p Doris 

Lou &Wi lira Stealy 

Joan M. Sundblad 

W. Donald & I.May Thorpe 

Patricia S. Vandertutip 

Shepard ™ 

i? Smith 

Vicki S Slebner 

Susan F. Super 

Jane Thurston 

Margret Veale 

Larry & Slacey Sheph 


Greg Smith 

John E. Steeger 

Bruce Sutherland 

Judith L Thurston 

Jodi Veldt 

Barbara Shepler 

Harriett Smith 

Joan Steele 

Robert E. Sutherland 

Mary Ticamo 

Vicki J. VerHoel 

Ruby Bernice Sherlick 

Helen Leonora Smith 

Wayne A. Stetfen 

Irma M. Sulto 

Donald Tidlund 

John & Cecilia Verwys 

Harold & Tova Sherg 

Id James A. Smith 

Frances A. Steffes 

Hazel Mae Sutton 

Charles & Julie Tiede 

Wesley & Linda Veflel 


Janet M. Smith 

Edilh P. Stefly 

Letha Sutton 

Mary V. Tilton 

Lee 0. Vida 

Janice Shewman 

Jeffrey D Smith 

William Slegall. Jr. 

W Ted & May Sutton 


Linda E. Vidal 

Mo & Ann Shields 

Jene C Smith 


Esther Swaisgood 

Yvonne K. Tinney 

Craig Vielguth 

Kennethfi- Mary Shin 

l Joyce Smith 

Muriel L. Stehouwer 

Elizabeth Swale 

Maynard & Claire Tinquisl 

Robert Villwock 

William &CaroleeSh 

nn Kenneth E. Smith 

Laurel L. Sleill 

Sarah Swan 

Timothy Tittle 

Katharine R. Vincent 

David N.Shippy 

Kevin Smith 

Paul R. Sleimle 

Ellen 0. Swank 

Carrie M. Tobert 

Sharon L Vincent 


Kyle & Doris Smith 

Howard Stein 

Edilh Swann 

Charles Tobias 

Leland Vining 

Eva Shively 

Laura Mae Smith 

James E. Steinbeck 

Arlene Swanson 

Eileen Tobias 

Frank J. Vitt 

June Shively 

Lewis C. Smith 

Ernest & Janice Steiner 

David Swanson 

Pauline Tobias 

James F. Vivian 

Robert E. Shockey 

Linda L. Smith 

Kerry Steiner 

Dennis E. Swanson 

Charles Dennis Todd. Jr. 

Debra L Vccu 

Ann Shoemaker 

Marlon Smith 

Marilyn Steiner 

Fred & Bernice Swanson 

Peter W. Todd 


Mary Jane Shore 

RalphS Amy Smith 

Polly Steiner 

Karen L. Swanson 

Michael D Tom 

Lyla Voepel 

Chad D. Short 

Robert Smith 

Rhonda Steiner 

Ronald T. Swart 

Neal Tomblin 

Lisa Vogler 

Lois Showalter 

Robert R. Smith 

Ruth Steiner 

Janet E. Swartz 

Ann Tomlinson 

Sue Ellen Vogt 

Maurice A. Shugart 

Steven Smith 

Carol H. Stenberg 

Tony Swartzenlruber 

Edith K. Tomlinson 

Sara Von Gunten 

Beulah Shultz 

William Joseph Smith 

Marjorie E. Slenstrom 

Janet L. Sweeney 

Irene Toops 


Darlene Shulze 

William Joellen Smith 

Harry & Avon Stephens 

Leona Sweet 

Kathee Torgersen 

Alice Jo Voris 

Naomi G. Shumaker 

William R. Smith 

Lorraine M. Stern 

Barbara D. Sweetland 

Elaine M Townsend 

Robert G. Wackerle 

Thomas & Bernice Sh 

upe Doin Smoker 

Kirby D. Sleller 

Linda Sweigart 

Stockton & Rulh Townsend 

Devere L Wade 

Karol Sieler 

Norman Snell 

Clinton Steury 

Shirley Sweney 

Andrew E. Toy 

Dorothy A. Wade 

Wilbert C. Siesennop 

George G. Snider, Jr. 

Cynthia Steury 

Rulh L. Switzer 

Eugene G. Toy 

James C. Wade 

Judith C. Sigler 

Thomas R. Snider 

Nedra Steury 

Minnie L. Syljebeck 

H. A. Traucht 

John C Wade 

DarrellW. Sigworth 

Sally S. Snow 

Barbara Stewart 

Robert Symanzik 

Robert SLuEllaTraul 

Lewis G. Wade 

DonellaG. Siklberg 

Arthur B. Snowhite 

Douglas K Stewart 

John & Unni Symington 

Arden & Jean Travis 

Irene Wagley 

Margarel Si Ibum 

Harold & Ellen Snyder 

Laverne & Ellen Stewart 

Alan E. Symonds 

Mary A. Treml 

John F. Wagner 

Steven W. Silver 

Shirley Snyder 

Richard & Dianne Stewart 

Michael Tabor 

Harry & Suzanne Tressel 

Scott Wagoner 

Donald Silvis 

Victoria L. Snyder 

Cris C. Stichler 

Lynn Tait-Gosling 

Kathleen R. Treu 

Lawrence & Jean WalcoB 

John B. Simmonds 

Ruth Sobel 

Delvia Stickler 

Mark K. Talcott 

Mae S. Troendly 

Patty Walden 

Charles W.Simmons 

Donald & JoAnn Soderquist 

Donald F. Stickler 

Joni Talley 

Suzie Tropf 

Bruce S Sara Walker 

Olen H. Simmons 

Roy Soderquist 

Rex & Marlyn Stifller 

Raymonds Eleanor Tal ley 

Beverly Trout 

Frieda Walker 

Rita J. Simmons 

Nelson Soken 

Kevin& Jill Stiles 

Doris F. Tamminga 

Edith Troyer 

Herbert P. Walker. Jt 

Sally R.Simmons 

Weldon Soldner 

Jane Lynne Slockinger 

Frederick K Tanaka 

Elroy Troyer 

Hulen& Lottie Walker 

GlennaR. Simpson 

Jane Solomon 

Peggy Slockinger 

M. M. Tang 

Freemon Troyer 

Jean C. Walker 

Gerri Siner 

Michael H Sommers 

Lorene E. Stolfer 

Mary Tanner 

Harley & Betty Troyer 

Leona J. Walker 

Darrell & Charlotte S 

nger Louanna Sonafrank 

Agnes Stoker 

Dan Targgarl 

Kermit L. Trover 

Michael Walker 

Fredrick & Martha Si 

e Ross Sonday 

Norman & Joan Sloller 

Edward & Debra Targgart 

Mary Louise Troyer 

Zane & Elaine Walker 

Annette Siple 

Lillian R. Soper 

George Sioltz 

Glenn 0. Targgarl 

Gerald & Barbara Truax 

B.Joan Wall 

Beatrice M. Sironi 

Norman & Jessie Soper 

Emma K. Slollzfus 

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Cynthia A. Turner 

Ruth Ann Walters 

Monica Slaughter 

Kathleen A. Spencer 

Philip & Carla Slough 

Edward Teclor 

Ronald F Turner Jr 

Ruthann Walters 

Jimmy Wheeler voiced his faith in the songs he wrote 
and performed while a student at Taylor University. 
"For me to live is Christ," the popular theme song he 
wrote for Youth Conference '79, crystallized his outlook 
on life and service to God. Just weeks later, he was 
called to put that faith on the line in a terminal battle 
with cancer. He died in September 1979° 

During his illness, the entire campus united behind 
the promising young musician, upholding him in prayer, 
love, and concern. In Jim, students and staff found an 
example of courage and faith as he faced the five month- 
long battle with cancer. His death dealt a severe blow 
to everyone who knew him. Then president Milo 
Rediger observed that "the life of Jim Wheeler had an 


Carol Wallhour 

llene Walton 

Verl K. Walton 

Leon Wanner 

Max 8 Rachel Wanner 

Frances H Ward 

John L. Ward 

William 8 Carolyn Ward, Jr 

Gail Warden 

Barbara Warner 

Eleanor Warner 

Marian D. Warner 

Thomas 8 Barbara Warner 

Vince P. Warner 

Traci L Warren 

Cornelia M. Washburn 

Larry E Walkins 

Marcia K. Walkins 

Barbara Y Walson 

Nancy J, Walls 

John 8 Vicky Wauterlek 

Corinne R. Weaver 

James 8 BelhWeaver 

Martha C. Webb 

Jeanetle Webber 

Julianne G. Webber 

Grace L. Webel 

G. C Weber 

Lawrence & Sally Weber 

Robert A. Weber 

Sheryl H. Weber 

Erwin R. Wedel 

Roy J Weerslra 

Tim Weiland 

Stanley 8 Lois Weiler 

Carol P. Weir 

Robert & Isabelle Weir, Jr. 

Donald Weirick 

A. J. 8 Terry Weisbrod 

Russell & Eva Weiss 

George L. Welch 

Sharon K. Welch 

Walter L. Weldy 

Alfred Wells 

Bruce A. Wells 

Elizabeth Wells 

Olena Mae Welsh 

Connie L. Welly 

Leona A. Welly 

Willis E. Welty 

Margaret Wendel 

Carol Wendt 

Martha S Wenger 

Tammi S Wengerd 

Mary Ellen Wenzlafl 

Richard Wepler 

Arthur C. Werling 

William 8 Kalhryn Wernberg 

Gwendolyn L Werner 

Julia Wesolek 

Dorothy M. Wesl 

Irene Wesl 

Rex Wesl 

Timoleo Westberg 

Howard 8 Mary Western 

Beth Weston 

Peter 8 JoAnn Weston 

Lloyd 8 Nancy Weslover 

Barbara J Westrale 

Lorraine Whaley 

W, Blylhe & Virginia Whealy 

Charles J. Wheeler 

Virginia Wheeler 

You-Ying W Whipple 

GeraldineG. Whisler 

Isobel F. Whilaker 

Ronald D. Whilcrall 

Alice H While 

Donica J. White 

Joseph 8 Wilma While 

Jane K. While-Slevens 

Cathy A Whitehead 

Bruce Whileman 

William L Whileman 

Christine 8 Whitfield 

Thomas E Whillalch 

Harold Whitman 

Herbert 8 Evelyn Whitney 

Richard B. Whitney 

Marci Whilney-Schenck 

Ruth Whybrew 

Nancy J, Widbin 

Wayne 8 Lois Widder 

Daniel E. Widmer 

Jacob Wiebers 

Patricia A, Wiens 

Sheila Wierenga 

Don & Roberta Wiesjahn 

Carl Wilbanks 

Dorothy M. Wilburn 

Eva Wilburn 

Harry 8 Karen Wild 

Grace Wildeboer 

William C. Wilder 

Annelta Wildermuth 

Mark Wildermuth 

Paul Wilkey 

Gregg 8 Paulelta Wilkinson 

Richard Wilkinson 

William B Willalord, III 

Merlin W. Willard 

Johanna Willemstyn 

William R. Willey 

Dan 8 Beatrice Williams 

David H. Williams 

Christopher Williams 

J. Ronald Williams 

Jacqueline Williams 

Lois Williams 

Ruthann Williams 

William & Shirley Williams 

Cheryl A. Williamson 

Lawrence 8 Marie Williamson 

Sandra L Williamson 

Charmane Willis 

David A. Willis 

Robert L Willis 

Ruth A. Willis 

William 8 Anna May Willis 

Gardner R, Wills 

Alma M. Wilson 

Barbara Wilson 

Charles & Diane Wilson 

Dale M. Wilson 

John 8 Joanne Wilson 

Ken Wilson 

Michael H. Wilson 

Ronald Wilson 

Sara P. Wilson 

Susan J. Wilson 

DonellaE Will 

Dorothy T Wimbish 

John R. Wimmel 

Ronald E Winder 

Dorothy I. Winders 

David 8 Elizabeth Windley 

Barbara Winn 

James W Winship 

Paul A. Winter 

Robert Winter 

Arthur 8 Mary Winlerholter 

B. Stanley 8i Imgrid Wiren 

Jerry P. Wise 

LaVelle Wise 

Carole E. Wiskotoni 

Gerald 8 Ruth Wit 

Carla Wilmer 

Delores E. Wilmer 

Paul S. Wittman 

Bruce 8 Arleen Wixtrom 

Jerry L. Woll 

John 8 Wilma Wollert I ft 

Nancy-Leigh Wolff 

Vernon 8 Esther Wolff 

Dale Wollgram 

Earl 8, Wilma Wollord 

Mary Gayle Wolgemulh 

Richard Wolverlon 

Gigi Wonderly 

Dale Wong 

Ming Lan 

V. Wong 
Geoffrey D 

Paul H, Wood 
Vida Wood 
Wayne Wood 
Wayne 8 MarthaWood 
Susan V Woodcock 
Mary Woodring 
C. R Woodrow 
Kathleen Y. Woods 
H. Corinne Woodward 
Harold Woodward 
Kenneth C Woodward 
Kenneth J. Woodworm 
Katharine Woollen 
Robert L Worcester 
Terri Worden 
Lloyd Work 
Mary D Wortman 
Bennetl L. Wright 

Joseph G Wrighl 

Julia Wrigbl 

Robert D Wrighl 

Suzanne Wrighl 

Robert L Wrights 

Don 8, Kay Wrigley 

Lorraine Wroge 

Dickson Wu 

Francis 8 Sylvia Wu 

B. L, 8, Madelyn Wursler 
Harold 8 Delores Wusl 
Robert & Evelyn Wyatt. Jr 
Robert 8 Patricia Wynalda 
Duane 8 Deborah Wyse 
Bert Y Yamaguchi 

Ikuo Yamaguchi 
Jessie Yarhouse 
Archie Yates 

C. V. 8 Judy Yeager 
Mardi A. Yeager 
Eileen Yealer 
Jeanetle S. G Yep 
Ernest 8 Alma Yerks 
Betty L Ying 
Amanda Yoder 
Anna B. Yoder 
Brenda K. Yoder 
Crist H Yoder 
Henry 8 Polly Yoder 
Janelle K. Yoder 
Jemima Yoder 
Linda Yoder 

M Sue Yoder 
Mabel Yoder 
Mary Joan Yoder 
Palon 8 Hazel Yoder 
Rhoda Yoder 
Simon M Yoder 
Valli Yoder 
Orvie Yorks 
Joenila Yost 
Helen Young 
John D, Young 
Linda K. Young 
Richard C. 

TO UCDET y ^ *rtha Yu^y 
'/ Kevin M. Zaring 
Robert & Deborah 

Robert H. Zehnal 
Stephen T Zehnder 
Edwin H. Zehner 
David 8 Bonnie Zeigler 
Paul Zell 

Frank 8 Carol Zeller 
Wilbur L Zike 
Lisa J Zimmer 
C L Zimmerman 
Gordon G Zimmerman 
Edna Zink 
Peggy A, Zinos 
Greg Zjaba 
Mary Zondervan 
David W. Zoulendam 
James Zug 
Linda Marie Zumbrun 
Paul 8, Belty Zurcher 
Frank van Aalsl 


Thomas 8, Marlene Abraham 
H. Leon & LaGatfia Adkison 

Rodger 8. Margie Allem 
Rex & Nancy Allenburg 
Merle & Avis Amundson 
Carl 8 Patricia Atkinson 
Richard 8, Elsbelh E 
Ronald & Linda Bagley 
Peter 8 Carol Baker 
Raymond 8 Patricia Bake 
Max S Maxine Balkema 
Paul 8 Rebecca Barkley 
Eileen Barnes 
Waller 8 Theresa Barron 
Robert 8 Judy Bascom 
Jay 8 Glola Basler 
Roger 8. Marilyn Bet.... 
John 8. Donna Bechlel 
Thomas 8 Helen Beers 
Lee & Joyce Bell 
Robert 8/ Marcia Benjamin 
Howard 8 Janice Bennett 
William 8 Belly Lou Benson 
Stephen 8, Ruth Ann Berger 
Brian 8 Mary Bergsten 
James S Susan Berry 
Roland 8 Shirley Berlka 
Dennis 8 Jan Bishop 
James 8 Jocelyn Blum 
Linden 8 Beth Boggs 
R. David 8 Joan Boyer 
William 8 Rosalind Brailey 
John 8 Martha Brane 
Sherman 8 Ruth Brown 
Timolhy 8 Judy Brown 

William 8 Sue Ann Brown 
Donna Browning 
Harland 8 Sheila Buhler 
Donald 8 Virginia Bullock 
Stanley 8 Belly Burden 
Timothy 8 Carolyn Burkholder 
Eugene 8 Catherine Burry 
Ray 8 Ann Burwick 
John 8 Martha Byler 
Waller 8 Mary Campbell 
Tom 8 Margo Carlson 
Wendell 8 Mary Carlson 
Richard 8 Janet Carpenter 
Terry 8 Becky Chandler 
Roland 8 Grace Cherwek 
Art & Jeanellen Christensen 
Earl 8 Nancy Christensen 
James 8 Peggy Church. Ill 
Charles D. Coin 
Shirley Coin 

Barton 8 Marilyn Comslock 
Clarence 8 Marlene Conley 
Bill 8 Diane Costas 
Michaelene Coslon 
Garry 8 Courtney 
Lawrence 8 Rachael Crabb, Jr. 
Dick 8 Sandra Crisl 
Letoy 8 Esther Cross 
Thomas 8 Bonnie Crulchlield 
Grey 8 JoAnn Culberson 
Gerald 8 Diane Cuper 
John 8 Judith Cupp 
Charles 8 Joan Curelon 
Jack 8 Sharon D'Arcy 
Daniel 8 Sara Darby 
Richard 8 Cynthia Darlington 
James 8 Linda Daubenmier 
James 8 Nadine Davis 
Robert 8 Theda Dawes 
David 8 Mrs Day 
Daniel 8 Cynthia Dew 
James 8 Annelte Dickman 
Timolhy 8 Lucille Oilier 
Douglas 8 Audrey Domeck 
Richard & Judith Dominguez 
James 8 Mary Donahue 
David Drooger 
John 8 Thelma Dunlap 
Donald 8 Anita Dyck 
James 8 Nancy Ellinger 
Robert 8 Marian Elliot 
Stuart 8 Marjorie Ensinger, Jr 
Kenneth 8 Marilyn Evink 
Gary 8 Sue Fellon 
David 8 Lynelle Flick 
E.Thor 8 Lillian Foss 
Glenn 8 Lois Fredeen 
John 8 Amla Freeman 
Robert 8 Rose Ann Fritz 
Otto 8 Diane Gaerlner 
Larry 8 Janice Gales 
Marcelo 8 Joan Gavilanez 
Stewart 8 Marlene Georgia 

Ralph 8 Melba Gerber 
Robert 8 Joan 

impact on almost every student and 
professor at Taylor University." 

Ironically, Jim was to have presented a 
concert at Taylor on the day a memorial 
service in his honor was held. For those present, the 
lyrics to the '79 Youth Conference theme song took on 
new depths of meaning: "And how we await the dawn- 

Francis 8 Janice Gillen 
Jackson 8 Jayne Gin 
Jack P. Given 
Donald 8 Joy Gleason 
David 8 Alice Golden 
Thomas 8 Sharon Gollmer 
Thomas 8 June Goossen 
Ronald 8 Nancy Granneman 
Robert 8 Janis Grau 
John 8 Phyllis Green 
Arno 8 Rhonda Grellilal 
Robert 8 Connie Griflin 
Stanley 8 Ruth Guillaume 
Richard 8 Bonni Gygi 
E J. 8 Virginia Haley 
George 8 Mary Ann Hamilton 
John 8 Mary Jane Hamilton 
Joel 8 Alice Harville 
Steven 8 Leslie Hasslurder 
Doyle L. Hayes 
W. David 8 Carolyn Hem, Jr 
Larry 8 Joyce Helyer 
Henry 8 Rulh Hendricks 
Gene 8 Carol Henschen 
Carl 8 Nellie Hepker 
Martin 8 Carol Hess 
Donald 8 Heykoop 
Vic 8 Rulh Ann Hildebrand 
Lula B Hillle 
Barbara Hobbs 
Timothy 8 Janis Hoeksema 
John 8 Julie Holfman 
William 8 Norma Hofmeister 
John 8 Joan Home 
Thomas 8 Mabel Howe 
James 8 Sandra Hughes 
Larry 8 Kalherine Huston 
Joseph 8 Judy Imhol 
Louis 8 Judith Imperial 
Robert 8 Margaret Jackson 
Thomas 8 Barbara Jackson 
Mark 8 Rita Jarvis 
Roger 8 Janel Jenkinson 
John 8 Barbara Johnson 
Randall 8 Linda Johnson 
Roger 8 Linda Johnson 
Floyd 8 Sandy Jousma. Jr. 
Steve 8 Sandy Kersha 
Jay 8 Kathleen King 
Leroy 8 Dawn Kinzer 
Jim 8 Avaline Kleisl 
James Kline 

Nelson 8 Jackie Knowles 
Larry 8 Patricia Kobernik 
Virgil 8 Helen Koller 
John 8 Sharon Kraft 
Edward 8 Christine Kraus 
Robert 8 P. Ann Kuick 
Richard 8 Rulh Lambrigh! 
Donald 8 Camille Laulzenheiser 
P. David 8 Carolyn Sue LeMasters 
Roger Lehmer 
Russell 8 Hazel Leichly 
Thomas 8 Mrs. Levake 
Frederick 8 Gail Leverenz 
Charles 8 M Susan Lewis 
Ralph 8 Karen Lewis 
James 8 Donna Lindell 
Philip 8 Janel Loy 
NadaS. Lucibello 
Carl 8 Kay Lundslrom 
Bruce 8 Rosemary 
MacFadyen. Jr 
Daniel 8 Joyce 

James 8 Val Marie 
Roger 8 Marjorie 

Michael 8 Donna 
Matheny, Sr. 
Carter 8 Linda 

Gene 8 Charleen 


mg of the 
day that we 
shall see him...." 
Jim had meant what 
. it he wrote; his life was evidence 

of that winch, in itself, testified to his faith even more 
eloquently than did the words of his songs. 



Kent S Carol Maxwell 

Russell & 

Michael S Beverly McBride 

Robert SJudie Rudolph 

David S Judy McClelfan 

Lloyd S Ola Russell 

Palricia McFarland 

Jerry S Judy Sampson 

Joseph & Beverly McGee 

William& DenaSchnupp 

James & Laura McGlasson 

Rex & Marti Schrader 

James & Janice McGuire 

Roger & Gay Scott 

James & Sheila Meinert 

Lee & Mae Scroggins 

Miles SVirgilia Mercer 

Max E. Seaman 

Richard & Lynette Merillal 

Roberts- Diane Seiler 

Robert S Joan Mesmer 

Charles & Bonnie Sellers 

Don & Jane Mick 

Russell Sells 

Don & Lorraine Mickelson 

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Glen & June Miller 

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H. Richard & Helen Miller 

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John & Janet Miller 

Dale & Bonnie Sloat 

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Marleni: Rolh y/^Sm 

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Roth \|Rt\ 

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( I0 C K^E C L ( S 

faculty & 

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lished publish- 
ers thought P.J. 
"Pat" Zondervan and 
his brother Bernie had more 
cheek than common sense when the two opened a 
religious publishing house in their mother's spare 

bedroom during the heart of the 
depression. Yet, from those humble 
beginnings arose a publishing ministry 
committed to honoring God through the distri- 
bution of quality, unequivocally Christian literature. 
Mary Zondervan has been involved with the business 
since she and Pat were married in 1934; in fact, thev 

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Johnson & Johnson, The 

Keebler Company Foundation 

Kerr-McGee Foundation. Inc. 

Kmart Corporation 

Leo Burnett Company. Inc. 

Lincoln National Corporation 

Lubrizol Foundation 

Marathon Oil Foundation, Inc. 

Marlin Marietta Corporation Founda- 

McDonnell Douglas Foundation 

Mead Johnson & Company Founda- 
tion, Inc. 

Merrill Lynch Foundation, Inc. 

Metropolitan Lite Insurance 

Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing 

MITRE Corporation, The 

Mobil Foundation, Inc. 

Monsanto Fund 

Montgomery Ward Foundation 

Motorola Foundation 

NCR Corporation 

Nabisco Brands, Inc. 

Nalco Chemical Company 

National Cash Register 

New York Telephone Company 

North American Philips Corporation 

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Northern Telecom Inc. 

Northern Trust Company Charitable 

Northwest Airlines 

Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance 

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Ontario Corporation Foundation, Inc. 

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Principal Financial Group 

Proctor & Gamble Fund, The 

Providenl Life & Accident Insurance 

Prudential Insurance Company 

Public Service Electric & Gas 

Quanlum Chemical Corporation 

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RJR Nabisco, Inc. 


Schering-Plough Foundation 

Sherex Chemical Company, Inc. 

SmithKline Beckman Foundation 

Square D Foundation 

State Farm Insurance Companies 

Sterling Drug, Inc. 


TRINOVA Corporation 

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U S West 

USX Foundation, Inc. 

Unisys Corporation 

United Parcel Service Foundation 

United Technologies Corporation 

The Upjohn Company 

Warner-Lambert Company 

W. A. Whitney Corporation 

Whirlpool Foundation 

c TO ( KE'E f P 


In memory ol: 

Given by: 

Lula Bolks 

Nelson E Rediger 

Arland V. Briggs 

Douglas & Belly Briggs 
Martha B Briggs 
Emma Copeland 
J. Arthur & Eflamay 

Ed Dietrich, Sr 
Nets & Belly Clinl 
Firsl Presbyterian Church, 
Miami. FL 
Richards Clarice Hallasl 
Rulh H McKeown 
Harold & Muriel Miller 
Keilh & Deborah MoslarJ 
Tameichi & Taeko Okimolo 
Waller 8, Gwen Randall 
Nelson & Beth Rediger 
Paul Sobel 
Alice Uphold 
L, Marshall & Rodah 

Richard & Martha 


Virgil Burkholder 

Lois A Weed 

MR. Carmany 

James & Wanda Carmany 

Will Cleveland 

Gerald & Sheryl Rocke 

William C. Edmundson 
Nettie Fleming 

John Ellis 

David & Suzanne Ellis 
John D. & Bernita Ellis 
Kim M Ellis 
Bruce & Teresa Sutherland 

Daniel Gentile 

Virginia Allen 
R.J Braunlin 
Teresa De Leo 
A, DiLiberlo 
Philip C Ferraro 
Rose Mancini 
Lydia Reysen 
Medical Dental Stall 
SI Joseph Medical Center 

Loren C. Gibson 

W. Donald & I. May 


Owen Hailley 

Emerald Gerig 

Elaine M. Healh 

Jack P Given 

Jane Long Mikkelson 

Cecil & C. Pearl Beeson. Sr 
Janice Shaw Crouse 
Barbara E Davenport 
William & Frances Ewhank 
William& Joan Ladd 
Herbert & Jennie Lee 
V E. Mikkelson 
Josephine E. Miller 
Wandering Wheels 

Resell S. Miller 

Earl & Frances Allen 
George L. Edie 
Zola Mae Miller 
Elton B Stelson 

Donald 8, Hope Barnes 
Maurice Beery 
Jean Bergwall 
G DewayneS Judy 

Brenda Brenneman 
Margaret B Briggs 
Dorotha Chapman 
George & Madelyn 

Earle E Hart 
William & Mary Hoke 
Alice K. Holcombe 
Francis & Mildred 

Stanley & Catherine Jones 
Milton & Edilh Korpi 
Merrill & Carmen Livezey 
Harold & Muriel Miller 
Frieda Rediger 
Reuben & Kathryn Short 
Stewart & Jean Silver 
Alice Uphold 
Erwin 8, Ruth Wedel 
L Marshall & Rodah 

Richard & Martha 

Samuel 8, Grace 


Glenn E Rocke 

W. Erwin & Katharine 


James Rennaker 

Nelson E. Rediger 

Wellington Scott 

Elizabeth P. Scoll 

Beatrice Seizor 

Elizabeth A. Atkins 

Edna Shupe 

Richard & Barbara Shupe 
Thomas L & Bernice 


Phillip B Smith 

Don & Bonnie Odle 
Dorothy Swearmgen 

Glenber Sutton 

Hazel Mae Sutton 

Russell Van Vleet 

Kennelh 8, Jean Morse 
Stewart 8, Jean Silver 

John E. loiter 

W. Erwin & Katharine 



gift program 

Abbot Evangelical Free, Abbot, ME 
Abundant Lite Fellowship, Mt. Gilead, 

Albany United Church of Christ, IN 
Alpha Mennonile, NJ 
American Relormed, De Motte, IN 
Auburn Presbyterian, IN 
Back Creek Friends, Fairmount, IN 
Beach Grove Church of the Brethren, 

Hollansburg, OH 
Believers' Chapel, Murfreesboro, TN 
Bellwood Mennonile, Milford. NE 
Berrien Center Bible, Berrien Center, 

Bethel Church. West Liberty, OH 

Bethel Baptist, Jackson. Ml 
Bible Chapel, St. Louis, MO 
Blue River Church ol Ihe Brethren. 

Columbia City. IN 
Bradley United Methodist, 

Greenfield, IN 
Brooks Corners 



Sears. Ml 
Bulterfield Free 

Will Baptist. 

Aurora. IL 
Calvary Com- 
munity, Al- 

Firsl Methodist Church of North 

America, Indianapolis, IN 
First Missionary, Lansing, Ml 

First United Brethren, Blisslield, 

Christ Presbytei 
Christian Servic 

Wayne, IN 
Christian Tabernacle, Dayton, OH 
Church of God at Angola, IN 
Church of the Cross Missionary, 

Bradenton, FL 
Church of the Open Door, Elyria, OH 
Coldwater Wesleyan. Coldwaler. Ml 
College Church in Wheaton, IL 
Community Bible, High Point, NC 
Community Church of Vista, CA 
Covenant Baptist. Columbus, OH 
Crossroads Bible, Balboa, Republic ol 

Davis Wesleyan, Hamlet, IN 
Dayspring Church of God Missions. 

Cincinnati, OH 
Decatur Missionary, IN 
Dewey Mennonile, IL 
Dillman United Brethren. Warren, IN 
Dublin Friends Meeting, IN 
East White Oak Bible. Carlock.IL 
Elida Vineyard. OH 
Evangelical Mennonile. Archbold, OH 
Evangelical Mennonile, Wauseon, OH 
Fair Creek, Dayton, OH 
Faith Bible Church ol Peoria, IL 
Faith Fellowship, Bedford Heights, OH 
Faith Baptist Chapel, Sterling Heights, 

First Assembly Church Schools, Niles, 

Firsl Baptist, Elgin, IL 
First Baptist, Plainlield, IN 
Firsl Baptist, Coldwater. Ml 
Firsl Baptist, Tecumseh, Ml 
Firsl Baptist, Troy, OH 
Firsl Baptist, Sherman, TX 
First Baptist Church ol Village Green, 

Miami. FL 
First Christian, Columbus. IN 
Firsl Church ol Christ, Lynn, IN 
First Church ol God, Inc.. German- 
town, OH 
Firsl Church ot the Nazarene. Elkhart, 

Firsl Congregational, Hopkinton, MA 
First Covenant, Salina, KS 
First Evangelical Covenant. Cedar 

Rapids, IA 

Friends United Meeting, Richmond, IN 
Glad Tidings, Muncie, IN 
Grace Brethren, North Canton, OH 
Grace Communily Church ol Huber 

Heights, Dayton, OH 
Granger Missionary, IN 
Grosse He Baptist. Ml 
Harvest Christian. Detroit, Ml 
Harvest Evangelical Free, Kalamazoo, 

Harvester Avenue Missionary, Fort 

Wayne, IN 
Herbs! United Methodist, Marion. IN 
Highland Congregational. Milford, Ml 
Hillcrest Baptist, Richmond, IN 
Hillsboro United Methodist. Hillsboro, 

Holley First Baptist. NY 
Iglesia Central Evangel ica de Santidad, 

Immanuel Baptist, Marion, IN 
Immanuel Baptist. Holland, Ml 
In His Presence Ministries, Bay City, 

Jefferson Center United Methodist, 

Warren. IN 
Kehilat Ben David, El Paso, TX 
Kirk ot the Lakes Presbyterian, 

Mundelein, IL 
Kirkwood United Methodist, DE 
Lakeview Church, Zion, IL 
Lakeview Temple, Indianapolis, IN 
Lamotle Missionary, Marlette, Ml 
Lawndale Community, Chicago, IL 
Livingston United Methodist, 

Columbus, OH 
Main Street Wesleyan, Jonesboro, IN 
Manhattan Baptist, Greencastle, IN 
Maranatha Brethren, Hagerstown, MD 
Markle United Methodist, IN 
McCoy Memorial Baptist Elkhart, IN 
Middlelown United Methodist, KY 
Missionary Church, Walled Lake, Ml 
New Castle Bible, Mackinaw, IL 
New Covenant Bible, Cedar Rapids, IA 
North Poinle Baptist, Warren. Ml 
OMS Internalional, Greenwood, IN 
Operation Mobilization, Inc. Peachlree 

City, GA 
Osolo Missionary, Elkhart, IN 

spent part of their honeymoon shopping for used print- 
ing equipment. She and Pat have entertained many of 
the authors whose books have been published by Zon- 
dervan Corporation. The seemingly endless list includes 
notables Mrs. Charles A. Cowman, Billy Graham, Joni 
Eareckson, Ted Engstrom '38, Henry H. Halley, Herbert 
Lockyer, Corrie Ten Boom, and many, many more. 

Pat and Mary Zondervan have a world-reaching min- 
istry through the materials they publish. As friends of 
Taylor University, they have blended that ministry with 
the Taylor tradition of world-wide evangelism. In this 
sense, they represent the forward-thinking, visionary 
spirit of support for the university that will carry Taylor 
through her 150th year and on, into the 21st century. 

Peace RelormerJ. Middleville, Ml 
Penn Valley Grace Brethren. Tellord, 

Pickering Community, ON, 

h Heighls 

Baptist. Wesl 

Chester. OH 
Pleasanl Hill 





waka, IN 
St, Peters Evanyeioi Luweiaii, 

Mansfield. OH 
Soulhside Chrislian. Savannah, GA 
Spring Lake Wesleyan, Ml 
Sylvania Alliance, OH 
TEAM - The Evangelical Alliance 

Mission, Whealon, IL 
The Chapel, Bullalo, NY 
Trtnily Evangelical Free, Tampa, FL 
Trinity Uniled Melhodist, Cass Cily, Ml 
Tnnily United Methodist, Huntington. 

Tnnily Uniled Methodist, Van Wert. OH 
Trinity Wesleyan, Cedar Falls, IA 
Trinity Wesleyan, Lima, OH 

Uniled Baplist. Madison, ME 
Union Chapel Baptist. Marion, IN 
United Melhodist, Beaverlon. Ml 

Upland Evangelical Mennonile, 

Van Uniled Melhodist, 
Cranberry, PA 

Zeetand, Ml 
Church, IN 
Flanagan, IL 
Walnul Slreel 
Wesl Morris 
Street Free 
Indianapolis. IN 

Greensboro, NC 
Church of 
God, Kala- 
mazoo, Ml 
olreel Church 
ol Christ. Portland, IN 
Welnersheld Communily, CT 
Willerup United Methodist, 

Cambridge. Wl 
Windham Bible Chapel. Windham. NH 
Winding Walers Brethren, Elkhart, IN 
Woodville Grace Brethren. Mansfield. 

Woodburn Missionary. IN 
World Gospel Church, Terre Haule, IN 
Wyclille Bible Translators, Inc., 

Dallas, TX 
Youth tor Christ International Council, 
Englewood, CO 


Ferdinand Freimuth 

Sam P. Good, Sr. 

Mrs Madonna V. McCarthy 

Dale Rufenachl 


Miss Irma Dare 
Glenn & Lila Frye 
Paul J & Goldie A, Ilk 
John & Mary Jones 
Richard & Doris Somers 
John M & Ruth Vayhinget 


& funds 

Biology Alumni Fund 

Compuler Science Alumni Fund 

Jay & Phyllis Conrad Endowed Chapel 

Barry W. Smith Endowed Fund 
Miriam Burton Squires Endowed 

Scholarship/FS Auxiliary Award 
Naomi T, & Russell L. Weber Endowed 


(please note: 

In a report such as this, 
although every effort has been 
made to ensure accuracy, it is 
inevitable that some omissions 
and errors will occur. If your 
name does not appear, or should 
it be misspelled, please notify 
the advancement office so that 
we may correct the error and 

For your clarification, all 
donors listed in this report gave 
during the liscal year which 
began July 1,1989 and ended 
June 30, 1990. Gilts postmarked 
after June 30 will be included in 
the report lor the 1990-1991 
liscal year. For tax purposes, the 
IRS reguires that all gifts be 
applied to the calendar year 
which appears on the envelope's 
postmark; as an example, it a 
check is dated December 1990, 
but carries a January 1991 
postmark, the receipt will be 
applied to the 1991 tax year. 

( TO ( K£ < E f P 

Parents ' Cabinet 

Merle & Avis Amundson 
Greenfield, IN 

William & Sue Ann Brown 
Indianapolis, IN 

William & Diane Costas 
Valparaiso, IN 

James & Linda Daubenmier 
Orange, CA 

Mr, and Mrs. Darwin 

North Manchester, IN 

Larry & Jan Gales 
Granger, IN 

Harold & Mary Gianopulos 
Barrington. IL 

Jackson & Jane Gin 
ML Prospect, IL 

Richard & Bonnie Gygi 
Brentwood, TN 

Terry & Andrea Harrison 
Atlanta, GA 

Mr. and Mrs. David Kett 
St. Joseph. Ml 

Roland & Marilyn King 
South Whitley, IN 

Richard & Ruth Lambright 
La Grange, IN 

Lewis & Dottye Luttrell 
Naperville, IL 

James & Joan Mathis 
Gaylord, Ml 

9{ational Mumni Council 

Brenda Brenneman '69 
Washington, Pennsylvania 

Cynthia M, Bnggs 73 
Boca Raton, Florida 

Robert F, Brummeler '81 
Grand Rapids, Michigan 

Kimberly (KC) Carlsen '86 
Carol Stream, Illinois 

Paul R. Cox 73 (Kay) 
Greenwood, Indiana 

Ruth Wolgemuth Guillaume 


Arlington Heights, Illinois 

David K. Gustafson '59 
Eagan, Minnesotta 

Richard W. Gygi '67 
Brentwood, Tennessee 

Janet Mendenhall Horner 


Denver, Colorado 

(Trustees (Emeriti 

Dr. Ted W, Engstrom 
President Emeritus 
World Vision 
Pasadena, California 

Rev. Herbert M, Frazer 
United Methodist Minister 
Cincinnati, Ohio 

Dr. Lester C. Gerig 
Retired Chairman and 

Mutual Security Life 
Insurance Company 
Fort Wayne, Indiana 

Dr. Richard W. Halfast 
Retired Surgeon 
Rochester, Indiana 

Dr. John O. Hershey 
Retired Chairman and 

Milton Hershey School 
Hummelstown, Pennsylva- 

Mr. John McDougall 
Retired Executive Vice 
President and Director 
International Consultant 
Ford Motor Company 
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 

Michael May 75 
San Marino, California 

Donald McLaughlin 75 
Granger, Indiana 

Nancy Verdell Moller '65 
Decatur, Indiana 

J. Aaron Neuman '89 
Upland, Indiana 

John F. Norris 74 
Winchester Bay, Oregon 

Dr. Walter Randall 
Retired Professor of 
Stritch School of 
Loyola University 
Upland, Indiana 

Dr. Charles W. Shilling 
Distinguished Scientist 
Department of Forensic 
Sciences (CPL), 
Armed Forces Institute 
ol Pathology 
Arlington, VA 

Mr. and Mrs. David McKie 
Peoria. IL 

Mr. and Mrs. James Rosema 
Muncie, IN 

Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Roth 
Grand Rapids. Ml 

Tom & Barbara Widdoes 
Hudson, OH 

JoAnne Metcaif Powell 72 
Worthington. Ohio 

Douglas L. Rupp 74 
Archbold, Ohio 

Jamey Schmitz 
Carol Stream, Illinois 

Rosalie Closson Valutis '60 
East Lansing. Michigan 

Quinn White '87 
Indianapolis. Indiana 

Dr. L. Marshall Welch 


L.M. Welch & Associates. 


Sedona. Arizona 

Dr. Samuel F. Wolgemuth 
President Emeritus 
Youth for Christ Interna- 
Wheaton. Illinois 

Mr. Paul W. Wills 


Toledo World Terminals 

Richfield. Ohio 

Each previous graduating class of Taylor University 
collectively places the future into the keeping of the 
present one. It was with this heightened sense of respon- 
sibility that members of the class of 1988 dedicated 
Circle Park as their class gift during the last chapel 
service of their senior year. Encircled by benches, a 
brass plaque bears the words of Hebrews 12:1-2, 

"Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great 
cloud of witnesses, let us throw off the sin that so easily 
entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race 
marked out for us. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the 
author and perfecter of our faith...." 

Beneath the plaque lies buried a time capsule, to be 
opened at the class' 25th homecoming celebration. 

f kcrtmg c E 

(Retiring, 1990-91) 

Chairman of the Board 

Dr. Carl W. Hassell, 


Farmington Hills, Michigan 

(Newly Elected, 1990-91) 

Chairman of the Board 

Mr. Theodore F. Brolund 


W.A. Whitney Corporation 

Rocktord, Illinois 

Mrs. LaRita Boren 

Vice President of Public 


Avis Industrial Corporation 

Upland, Indiana 

Mr. R, David Boyer 


Helmke, Beams, Boyer & Wagner 

Fort Wayne, Indiana 

Dr. Joseph D. Brain 
Drinker Professor of 
Environmental Physiology 
Chairman, Department of 
Environmental Health 
Harvard University 
Boston, Massachusetts 

Dr. Beverly Brightly 
Senior Program Associate, 
U.S. Department of Education 
St. Petersburg, Florida 

Mr. J. Thomas Crulchfield 
Corporate Officer 
H. Crutchfield, Inc. 
Sebring, Florida 

Mr. Thomas A. Dillon 
Lane, Alton & Horst 

Baylor University 

'Board of 'Trustees 

Ms. Marta Gabre-Tsadick 


I.T.G. Commercial Trading 

Executive Director 

Project Mercy 

Vice President 

Hel Mar 

Fort Wayne, Indiana 

Dr. J. Paul Gentile 

Medical Doctor 

Fort Wayne. Indiana 

Mr. Robert C. Gilkison 


Kahn Brothers Investment 

Management Corporation 

Alexandria, Virginia 

■»."" Mr Kenneth Flanigan 

^H^j President 

St. Charles Building Partners 
Professional Consultant 

HH Chicago, Illinois 


Mr. John R. Home 
Group Vice President and 
General Manager 
Navistar International 
Transportation Corporation 
St. Charles, Illinois 

Mr. V. Donald Jacobsen 

Executive Director 

Ravi Zacharias International 


Narcross, Georgia 

Mrs. G. Roselyn Kerlin 
Danville. Indiana 

Mr. Carl W. Moellering 


Moellering Construction 

Company, Inc. 

Fort Wayne. Indiana 

Mr. Arthur D. Muselman 


Economy Printing 

Berne, Indiana 

Mr. Richard Russell 


Russell Homes, Inc., General 

Contractors and Land 


Grosse Pointe Shores, Michigan 

Dr. Fred S. Stockinger 
Cardiovascular Surgeon 
Grand Rapids. Michigan 

Dr. James H. Woods 

General and Vascular Surgeon 

Milwaukee General and Vascular 

Surgery. S.C. 

Milwaukee. Wisconsin 

Mr. Paul Zurcher 

Zurcher's Tire, Inc. 

Monroe, Indiana 


^ « 


Class of '88 officers looked to pre- 
vious graduating classes for inspiration 
in choosing their class gift. "We were in- 
spired by earlier classes such as the class of '31 
and the class of '38," says Jamey Schmitz, class presi- 
dent. "The class of '31 literally laid the floor of the 
gymnasium and the men in the class of '38 laid a side- 

walk for 
Morris Hall 
while the women 
served lemonade." 
Circle Park thus represents the 
continual blending of past, present, and future as the 
charge is passed to new generations for faithful keeping. 

Loving and learning: "What you care about, you 
tend to preserve," says Dr. Harold Snyder 
(opposite page), explaining his passion for teach- 
ing people about the environment by involving 
them in it. Photographs by Doug Marlow '81 

What can one person do? One could do worse than be a 

Land lover and friend to geese 


arold Snyder remains a 
gentle, compassionate 
man — even when he gets 
his dander up. One 
winter some years ago, an 
unknown poacher incurred his 
wrath by bagging 11 of the 17 
Canada geese just starting to nest 
on fenced-in Louie's Pond near 
the summer science camp 
Snyder co-founded in northern 
Michigan. Unable to protect the 
flock when he returned to 
teaching duties at Taylor each 
fall, he started what became a 
twice-yearly ritual. Each fall, 
Snyder would load up the geese 
and cart them 500 miles south to 
Upland, making the return trip 
come spring. 

Whether establishing a local 
population of wildfowl, teaching 
a disinterested student, or 
driving a tractor, this Taylor 
biology professor emeritus 
demonstrates the determination 
and spunk it takes to bring about 
change in the environment. 
Unique sanctuary 

As owner of a 120-acre 
working farm three miles north 
of Mancelona, Michigan, Snyder 
is often in the midst of typical 
farm projects: cutting hay, 
tending livestock, or fixing up an 
outbuilding. His, however, is 
not the typical farming enter- 
prise. Named after a curve in 
the adjoining river, Cedar Bend 

Farm serves as a teaching center, 
a local attraction, bed and break- 
fast, and a retail outlet for hand- 
crafted products. It is a unique 
sanctuary, a place where one 
eases into the oft overlooked life 
style and values of an earlier era. 

Cedar Bend is the realization 
of Snyder's original dream to ac- 
quire a run-down farm and make 
it ecologically sound. With the 
help of his son and daughter-in- 
law, Jim '82 and Gina (Roberts 
'79) Snyder, he not only revital- 
ized the soil, but expanded the 
scope of the project to incorpo- 
rate an early American theme 
and promote early American and 
Christian values. 

A teacher at heart, Snyder de- 
signed the farm to serve as an 
educational experience. Visitors 
tour grounds and buildings pat- 
terned after those of colonial 
America. Inside, craftsmen 
weave cloth, craft wood, and 
hammer hot iron. Throughout 
the year, a variety of programs 
offer members of the local com- 
munity, senior citizens, school 
children, and college students 
special learning opportunities. 

"It's a place where people can 
come to see that there is a 
different way to live besides the 
TV-dinner or McDonald 's-on-the 
freeway race," says Snyder. 
"We promote the value of hard 
work and a simple life style, 
environmental stewardship and 
the Christian values upon which 
this country was founded." 

As much as possible, Snyder 
wants visitors to learn by doing. 
Each fall, for example, the 
freshman class of Spring Arbor 
College comes for three days of 
intensive exposure to the early 
American way of life and values. 
Activities include such physical 
labor as collecting rocks, cutting 
and peeling logs, or building 
lean-tos. "It's all part of the 
experience," Snyder says, "and a 
reminder that our ancestors 
weren't afraid of hard work." 
He looks uphill to the chapel and 
smiles. "All the rocks in that 
building were carried up that hill 
by college students." 
Driving force 

If students sometimes feel that 
Snyder can be a tough taskmas- 
ter, his family has an even better 
perspective. They know him as 
a man who goes after what he 
wants. A few years ago, the 
family considered adding on to 
their lake-front home or building 
a new house up on the hill, 
overlooking Louie's Pond. At a 
family council, the matter came 
to a vote. Snyder's was the only 
vote for moving up the hill, but 
his carried the day, one to five. 
The family conceded they liked 
the new house only after it was 

Snyder did not always exhibit 
the drive he does now. Recalling 
his student days at Michigan 
State University, he describes 
himself as halfhearted and 
unmotivated. Then studies at 

Doug Marlow '81 semes as 
editor of the award winning 
magazine, Taylor. He has served 
the university since 1989. 

Kellogg field station and expo- 
sure to the environment as an 
outdoor laboratory changed his 
view of learning. 

After graduation, he enthused 
his junior high and high school 
biology students with field trips 
and exposure to the out-of-doors. 
He and a like-minded colleague 
started a summer science camp, 
Au Sable Trails, for junior high 
Pouring out heart and soul 

"We built the buildings out of 
blood, sweat, and tears," Snyder 
observes. "For me, every 
building holds a story." For 20 
years the camp facilities and 
surrounding nature trails pre- 
sented youngsters with an in- 
depth learning-through-living 
experience. Snyder reveled in 
the opportunities to teach, share, 
and be in touch with the environ- 
ment on an intimate basis. 

In 1962, Taylor's new biology 
professor brought with him that 
same teaching emphasis and 
love for the out-of-doors. At the 
time, environmental issues gen- 
erated little interest either na- 
tionally or on Taylor's campus. 
Only 18 students enrolled in his 
first conservation class. Sny- 
der's contagious enthusiasm for 
the environment, however, soon 
saw class enrollment balloon to 
140 students. 

Returning north for the sci- 
ence camp each summer, Snyder 
was reminded of the opportuni- 
ties for learning Au Sable afford- 
ed. "I heard the Lord saying to 
me what he said to Moses," 
Snyder recalls, "namely, 'What 
is that in your hand?' The Au 
Sable acreage was unused but 
for a few weeks each year." 

In 1972, he received permis- 

sion to establish a year-round 
field station for Taylor students 
at Au Sable. He and his fam- 
ily — and the Canada geese — 
moved full time to Big Twin 
Lakes on a half-time salary 
agreement with Taylor. 

His wife Ellen knew it was a 
venture of faith, but Snyder 
didn't see it that way at the time. 
"I just figured that if we only got 
paid half as much money, we'd 
only spend half as much," he 
recalls. Then with a wry grin, "It 
didn't work that way." Some- 
how, Snyder made ends meet 
until the discovery of natural gas 
on his property laid financial 
worries to rest. 

Meanwhile, Taylor students 
were discovering the environ- 
ment in new ways at Au Sable. 
Those in conservation classes 
came to Au Sable for required 
lab work, which Snyder terms 
"a three-day environmental 
immersion." Others came for 
summer-long programs of study. 
Snyder estimates that about 1300 
students benefited from the 
Taylor field station program. 
Growing apart 

In time, however, Au Sable's 
distance and separation from the 
Taylor campus began to impede 
its ready use. With the discovery 
of oil on the property, Au Sable's 
board of trustees had the re- 
sources to establish the program 
as an independent environmental 
institute, open to many colleges 
and no longer dependent upon 
Taylor and her faculty. Respon- 
sibility for the new institute was 
placed in the hands of a full-time 
director: "A big disappointment 
for me," Snyder admits. 

When invited to return to the 
Upland campus. Snyder chose 

instead to take early retirement 
and further develop Cedar Bend 
Farm. Two years earlier, he had 
led a class up to the ridge that 
overlooks the Cedar River. 
Telling them of his desire to 
restore a run-down farm, he 
pointed and said, "There, that's 
the kind of place I'm looking 
for." Six months later, the place 
was his. He set about rejuvenat- 
ing the farm's soil and refurbish- 
ing its buildings. 
Lengthy detour 

"I took a detour through 20 or 
30 years of teaching to get to 
farming — where I probably 
should have started in the first 
place," he says. "I'm having the 
most fun when I'm riding my 
tractor: disking, driving, plough- 
ing, cultivating — that's where I 
get my best ideas." Those ideas 
call for further building projects 
at Cedar Bend, including a 
replica of an early American 
town hall. 

Snyder enjoys living in close 
communion with the land. The 
new house up on the hill over- 
looks Louie's Pond where, in 
spite of the early threats of 
poachers, a flock of Canada 
geese has long since taken 
permanent residence. "Once 
they start nesting in a place, 
they'll keep returning there." 
Snyder explains. 

For generations to come. Can- 
ada geese will wing their way 
onto Louie's Pond. So. too. for 
generations to come. Dr. Harold 
Snyder's legacy will be felt 
across the country: through the 
young people he inspired, the 
students he taught (now teachers 
and environmentalists in their 
own right), and the institutions 
he helped to shape and mold. C 

Tim Twining ' 90 graduated with 
a major in biology and an 
environmental science cognate. 
He was a catalyst in starting 
Taylor's campus-wide recycling 

By doing your part, you can start 

Loving tomorrow's neighbors today 


Attitudes toward the envi- 
ronment have changed in 
the last few years. People 
who once looked down on 
those who were environmentally 
active are now rinsing out their 
bottles and cans to be recycled. 
Too few Christians, however, 
have their hands in that dishwa- 
ter. I often wonder, "Will we as 
Christians be the last to demon- 
strate concern for the world in 
which we live?" 

Granted, environmental 
concerns are not expressly 
spiritual matters. Yet, too often 
they are viewed as "worldly" 

problems, of no concern to the 
church. As Christians, however, 
our concern for the creation 
ought to grow out of our love 
and respect for the Creator. Car- 
ing for the environment must be- 
come a high priority for Chris- 
tians, for the way we treat our 
earth today will affect the well- 
being of generations to come. 
If we carelessly destroy the 
atmosphere's ozone layer today, 
millions of people will tomorrow 
die of skin cancer. If we pollute 
and consume all our water 
resources today, there will not be 
clean water to drink tomorrow. 
Christ requires us to love our 
neighbors. One way we can love 
our neighbors for generations 

into the future is to change our 
earth-damaging lifestyles today. 
"But what can I do?" you ask. 
Indeed, the changes we have to 
make can seem overwhelming 
and leave us with the feeling that 
we really can't do anything. 
However, as Edmund Burke 
comments, "Nobody made a 
greater mistake than he who did 
nothing because he could do 
only a little." Burke's observa- 
tion applies perfectly to our 
relationship to the environment. 
Yes, each of us can do only a 
little, but it would be tragic if we 
gave it up as a lost cause. If each 
of us makes a small difference, 
our combined efforts will result 
in an enormous impact. 

Once again the question, 
"What can I do?" The answer, 
"Plenty." To get started, here are 
a few environmental problems 
and practical ways you can help. 

Recycling saves landfill 
space. It also reduces the use of 
natural resources and energy, 
which in turn reduces air and 
water pollution. Many commu- 
nities have recycling centers. 
Use them. It takes a little time, 
but can make a huge difference 
in the environment. 
Reuse shopping bags. 

Rather than throwing away 
grocery bags and plastic shop- 
ping bags, take them with you 
the next time you shop and 
reduce waste and resource use. 
Just say "No. " 

Then again, if you don't need 
a bag when you shop, don't get 
one. Most stores will put your 
purchase in a bag without 
asking, even if it is only one 
item. If you can do without a 
bag, simply say, "I don't need a 
bag, thanks." Help save a tree. 
Avoid excessive packaging. 

Many companies use unwar- 
ranted amounts of plastic and 
cardboard packaging for their 
products. Look for products that 
use less packaging material or 
come in recyclable containers, 
even if they cost a little more. 
This will encourage companies 
to use more environmentally 
sound packaging. 
Use rechargeable batteries. 

Americans use two billion 
disposable batteries every year, 
all of which contain toxic heavy 
metals such as mercury and 
cadmium. These metals can leak 
in landfills, polluting groundwa- 
ter. Rechargeable batteries also 

contain metals, but can be used 
as many as 1000 times, drasti- 
cally reducing the number of 
batteries thrown away. While 
initially more expensive, re- 
chargeable batteries soon pay for 
themselves economically and 
Get a tune up. 

Having a well-tuned car can 
save up to 10 percent in fuel 
efficiency. Keep proper air pres- 
sure in your tires. Change your 
oil regularly. 
Reduce water use. 

Believe it or not, we are 
running out of water. Ground- 
water levels have dropped 
drastically because of our high 
volume of water use. Every day 
we use a lot of water to make 
ourselves look good — too much, 
in fact. Letting the water run 
while you brush your teeth and 
shave wastes water. Turning off 
the faucet while you brush can 
save five gallons and as much as 
15 gallons can be saved if you 
run the water only when you 
need to rinse your razor. You 
can save over five gallons of 
water for each minute you cut 
off your shower time. 
Save the juice. 

Electricity is produced by 
burning coal, which is a major 
source of acid rain. If we use 
less electricity, less coal has to 
be burned. Turn off the lights, 
fan, television, and other energy 
users when you leave the room. 
Drive less. 

While we know that carbon 
dioxide gas from cars threatens 
our future by increasing the 
green house effect, few people 
are willing to change their 
driving habits. Try walking or 
bikins short distances. Don't 

drive to the store everytime you 
want something, but combine 
your shopping trips to save 
miles. Car pooling is also a 
good way to save fuel. 
Boycott CFCs. 

Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) 
are the coolants in our air- 
conditioners. They are used in 
some spray cans and in the 
plastic foam insulation of fast 
food packaging. When released 
into the atmosphere, these gases 
destroy ozone in the upper 
atmosphere, which protects us 
from the sun's harmful rays. 
This ozone depletion will result 
in an estimated 200 million extra 
skin cancer deaths in the next 
hundred years. Read labels and 
avoid spray cans that use CFCs. 
If the freon in your car's air con- 
ditioner has leaked out. consider 
whether or not you really need to 
refill it. If you decide it is neces- 
sary, fix the leak first. 
Avoid styrofoam 
and plastic dishes. 

The production of all styro- 
foam and plastic creates hazard- 
ous waste. Buy paper cups and 
plates. Better yet, use real dishes 
and wash them. 
Get started. 

Get your hands in the dishwa- 
ter! These are only a few ways 
you can help keep the earth safe 
for future generations. In the 
end, the best thing you can do is 
become informed about what 
needs to be done, and then act on 
your knowledge. Sooner or later 
we will have to make changes in 
our life styles. If we do it 
sooner, we can leave the world a 
beautiful and healthy place for 
future generations. As Chris- 
tians. God has given us this as a 
charge to keep. ■ 


Taylor gatherings in this country and internation- 
ally unite alumni, friends, current students and 
their parents, and prospective students and their 
parents— friends, all, who share a common interest 
in Taylor University. 

Song of hope: Christine Wyrtzen 
shared powerfully from the heart 
with conferees of all ages. 

Taylor Christian Life Conference touches lives 

"Encouragement" was the theme for the Taylor Christian Life 
Conference and it proved to be just that for the alumni, parents, 
friends and youth groups who convened on campus June 29-July 1 . 

President Jay Kesler served as keynote speaker for the weekend. 
Concert artist, musician, author, and speaker Christine Wyrtzen 
provided the music and presented a concert on Saturday night. 
Kesler, Wyrtzen, and several Taylor faculty members presented 
workshops building upon the conference's theme. 

A separate junior and senior high program challenged the young 
people in attendance, while Jill Parkinson, as the character "Jilly- 
bean," provided the children's programming for K-5th graders. 

Throughout the weekend, workshop leaders shared insights — 
sometimes heart-rending lessons — from personal experience with 
conferees who, in turn, had opportunity to verbalize their own 
struggles. The consensus of those attending was that they felt the 
presence of a special spirit of openness. One conferee puts it this 
way: "This is more than just any conference. There is something 
special, unique, even life-changing, about what goes on here." 

Chicago, Illinois 

June 1, 13th biannual Loop 

Luncheon for alumni and 

Guests: President Jay Kesler '58, 

Tom Essenburg x'70 
Hosts: John Clarkson, Jr. '72, 

Charlie Hess '71, and Skip 

Gianopulos '87 

Archbold, Ohio 

June 4, dinner at the Barn 
Restaurant of Sauder Farm 
and Museum for alumni, 
parents, friends, current, new, 
and prospective students 
Guest: President Jay Kesler '58 
Hosts: Doug '74 & Kathy 
(Sonnenberg '75) Rupp 

Bloomington, Indiana 

June 7, in conjunction with 
Southern United Methodist 
Conference meetings 
Guest: George Glass '58 
Host: Rev. Mark Dodd '78 

Greater Indianapolis 

June 23, picnic at Eagle Creek 

Park for alumni, parents, and 

Hosts: Charlie '77 & Donna 

(Shaerer '76) Tripple and club 


Kanderdern, West Germany 

June 24, dinner at Hans 
Palmgarten for European 
alumni with alumni tour 
group from the United States 

Hosts: Dave '65 & Karen 
(Plueddeman '66) Horsey 

Fort Wayne, Indiana 

July 14, picnic at Cedarville 
Park for alumni, parents, and 

Guests: Denise Bakerink, 
George Glass '58 

Hosts: Cindy Kraus '86, Kerry 
Oren '84, Ron Shaw '57 and 
Todd '81 & Cindy (Glass '82) 

West Michigan Taylor Club 

August 2, picnic for current and 
new students, parents, alumni, 
and friends 

Guests: Tim Herrmann '75, 
George Glass '58 

Hosts: Bob '81 & Wendy 
Brummeler assisted by Bob 
'63 & Dawn Larsen, Dave '72 
& Carole (Pickering '73) 
MacRae, Denny '73 & Sheri 
(Poehler '75) Thompson, Fred 
'63 & Jane Stockinger, Dana 
'76 & Judy (Grotenhuis '77) 
Sommers, and Randall '75 & 
Diane (Fuller '77) Sellhorn 

Greater Cincinnati 

August 18, picnic at Hidden 
Valley Lake for current and 
new students, alumni, parents 
and friends 

Hosts: Wendell '56 & Diane 
(Beghtel x'56) True, assisted 
by Kenji Matsudo '92 and 
Missy Slough '93 



Robinson '50, 
history writer 

William Taylor 
visited the 13- 
year-old col- 
lege in 1859. 

Ella Ma gee's 
confidence in 
the school 
was justified. 


As a young 
man of 38, 
visited Fort 

dreaming it 
would one 
day be 
renamed in 
his honor. 

Guess who's 
coming to dinner? 

William Taylor was asked to 
establish Methodism in Califor- 
nia by Bishop Beverly Waugh, 
the same man who ordained 
Reuben D. Robinson, Taylor 
University president for 16 years 
between 1855 and 1877. 

Perhaps that was a subject of 
conversation between Taylor and 
Robinson when the former 
visited then Fort Wayne College 
and its first family. 

Taylor records his 1859 visit 
to the school in his book, The 
Model Preacher: 

"A few weeks since, 1 spent 
a night at Fort Wayne 
College. Brother Robinson 
(R. D. Robinson), the 
President, his good lady 
(Mary K. Mahurin Robin- 
son) and myself having 
returned from church, were 
conversing in the parlor, 
when a messenger came in 
and handed the President a 
telegraph dispatch." 
The message related that Mrs. 
Robinson's father had died at 
Lafayette. Mrs. Robinson, two 
of her sisters and a brother were 
students at the college at the 
time, Taylor notes. 

It was to 
be another 
36 years 
before Taylor 
would again 
make a docu- 
mented visit to the college, 
by then at her present location 
in Upland and named in his 


Two times, 
Ella Magee 
Taylor from 
Her original 
interest in 
the school 
is unknown, 
but what 
she did for 
the univer- 
sity will 
always be 


tua ivi 


Twice, with wolves 
howling at door... 

Crisis struck in 1923 when 
Taylor University did not have 
the liquid assets to make the 
payment due on $30,000 worth 
of mortgage bonds. Claimants 
filed suit. President John Paul 
formed an official corporation, 
the Legal Hundred, to purchase 
the school and avert bankruptcy. 
Carpet manufacturing heir Ella 
Magee paid the S50.000 pur- 
chase price for the corporation. 

A few years later, she donated 
an additional $50,000 toward 
construction of the Magee- 
Campbell-Wisconsin Dormitory. 
The school's assets rose, though 
they were nearly all in non- 
liquid form. Creditors demand- 
ing immediate cash payment 
were difficult to satisfy and. 
with the outbreak of the Depres- 
sion, grew less patient. By 
1933, the school was again in 
court trying to stave off the 
death-by-bankruptcy fate that 
came to many institutions during 
that decade. 

A new corporation, the 
William Taylor Foundation, was 
formed to purchase the school. 
Magee agreed to donate another 
$32,600, most of which was 
used to purchase the institution 
for the foundation. 

In both instances, the change 
in ownership reflected an eco- 
nomic necessity, not a change in 
the governance, educational 
goals, or spiritual mission of the 
university. Also in both cases. 
Ella Magee 's generosity, belief 
in the school, and far- 
reaching vision played a 
prominent role. 


Dr. William 
Tinkle actively 
promoted his 

Youth Confer- 
ence has long 
visitors from 
across the 

Science, faith: not-so- 
strange bedfellows 

In 1941, a group of scientists 
formed an organization for the 
purpose of defending the Bible 
against the perceived inroads 
being made by modern science. 

The new organization was 
entitled the American Scientific 
Affiliation. Its charter stipulated 
that it was to be a group of 
Christian scientific men and 
women devoted to the task of re- 
viewing, preparing, and distrib- 
uting information on the authen- 
ticity, historicity, and scientific 
aspects of the Holy Scriptures. 

Dr. William J. Tinkle, head of 
Taylor's biology department, 
was active in the organization. 
In 1948, his essay was among 
those published in the group's 
first collective labor, Eleven 
Essays on the Relationship of the 
Bible to Modern Science. Other 
essays addressed astronomy, ge- 
ology, anthropology, chemistry 
and psychology. 

Tinkle was a member of both 
the American Genetics Associa- 
tion and the Indiana Academy of 
Science. Zondervan Publishing 
House pub- 
lished his 
textbook on 


students to 
faith and 
learning — 
and often 
are them- 
selves at 

of such 

Enduring work 
still touches lives 

Though the annual Youth 
Conference for high school 
students turns 57 this school 
year, its purpose remains the 
same as when it was instituted 
on April 13-15, 1934. Then 
called "The Spiritual Conference 
of Indiana Youth," it climaxed 
the efforts of the student Gospel 
Team Organization (GTO). 

Sponsors Dr. J. F. Cotting- 
ham, professor of religious 
education, and Dean of Women 
Agnes Gerkin encouraged GTO 
students throughout the year as 
teams of singers, preachers, and 
evangelists went to various 
churches to assist with song, 
sermon and testimony. That 
spring the GTO instituted a con- 
ference that was to outlast the 
organization itself and to have 
dramatic influence on the lives 
of teenagers for years to come. 

Geared to high school stu- 
dents and their sponsors, Youth 
Conference is planned and 
produced each year by Taylor 
students. It is a mammoth 
undertaking, requiring concen- 
trated effort by hundreds of 
students working in such areas 
as publicity, registration, accom- 
modations, discussion groups, 
altar counselors, and music. 

Since its founding in the 
Depression years, the conference 
has a twofold purpose. First, it 
attempts to present the person of 
Jesus Christ to high school 
students. Second, it brings 
young people to a college 
campus, giving them a taste of 
what many of them will experi- 
ence in years to come. 

1 934-91 

That spring 
the GTO 
instituted a 
that was to 
outlast the 
tion itself 
and to have 
on the lives 
of teens for 
years to 


Delicate touch (opposite page): His peers around 
the world recognize Dr. Robert Schenck as a 
leading microsurgeon, skilled at performing 
intricate surgical procedures under a microscope. 

Photographs on pages 24 and 26 coutesy of Hand Surgery. Ltd. 

Alumnus blends faith, vocation in 

Healing hands 

To hear some of his former patients talk is to believe that Dr. 
Robert Schenck '51 is a miracle worker. Perhaps that's not far from 
the truth. For them, Schenck is the man who offers hope and heal- 
ing, and the chance to achieve a type of normalcy they thought might 
never again be possible. 

Some five years ago, Schenck founded Hand Therapy, Ltd. with 
the first free-standing units in the Chicago area totally devoted to 
providing hand therapy by specially trained occupational therapists. 
Today, Hand Therapy. Ltd. boasts eight of these "high tech" units. 

How Robert Schenk — only child of his mother's six children to 
even attend college — came to be an influential surgeon is tribute to 
his boundless determination in the face of formidable obstacles. 

Our central Illinois farm — 
together with the rest of the 
country — was caught in the 
midst of the depression when I 
was born in 1931. Times were 
hard. I was only 1 1 years old 
when my mother died of colon 
cancer. Though my father was 
not particularly religious, I con- 
tinued to attend the local Meth- 
odist church where my mother 
had gone. At age 14, while 
attending a Youth for Christ 
(YFC) convention, I responded 
to the altar call and accepted 
Christ. I knew that my life was 
different and immediately won- 
dered if I should become a min- 
ister. I heard about Taylor 
University at summer camp. A 
minister there told me that 
students at Taylor really knew 
that God existed and that Jesus 
was their Savior. 
Upland bound 

The first person I met when I 
arrived in Upland was my future 
Greek teacher. He thought I was 
somebody's little brother. I was 

only 15 years old at the time. 
And in some ways, I became a 
little brother to the many stu- 
dents who were ex-servicemen 
just back from WW II. 

Life at Taylor wasn't always 
easy, but I was determined to 
succeed. I had to work 20 hours 
each week in the dining room 
serving food. Eventually, I 
worked my salary up from 35 
cents to 50 cents per hour. I also 
served as manager of the basket- 
ball team for three years. I was 
just 5 feet 2 inches tall, but I 
loved the competitive spirit of 
the players — and it showed. 
Coach Don Odle would often 
point to me and encourage his 
short-in-stature Taylor basketball 
team by saying, "It's not the size 
of the boy in the fight, but the 
size of the fight in the boy." 

For two years I struggled, 
trying to decide on a major. I 
was very shy and thought that if 
I did become a minister, the only 
noise I would make each Sunday 
morning would come from my 

knees knocking together. Then. 
at a summer YFC convention. I 
heard Oswald J. Smith say that 
God wanted people in every 
walk of life. It was as if he were 
talking directly to me. I knew I 
had a talent in science, so when I 
returned to Taylor as a junior 
that fall I began cramming three 
years of pre-medical courses into 
two years. My goal was to 
become a medical missionary to 
Ethiopia where one of my 
roommates, Kebede Gebrigiorgis 
(George, for short), was from. 
Medical school 

Upon graduation from Taylor, 
I was accepted to the University 
of Illinois Medical School. I had 
no money — just $300 in bonds 
left to me by my mother. I went 
anyway and worked my way 
through. Again, times were 
tough. My father died in a 
retirement home at the end of 
my first year in medical school. 
That summer I had one full-time 
and four part-time jobs, and 
worked 17-hour days. I saved 
$1,000 and some 160 meal 
tickets to use one meal a day 
through that second year in 
medical school. The last two 
years were comparatively easy, 
as I lived and worked in a 
hospital as an ■"extern." 
Early days as a doctor 

I interned in Akron, Ohio, 
then worked at the Indian 
Hospital in Minnesota before 
transferring to the National 
Leprosarium in Louisiana, where 
I first saw reconstructive hand 
surgery. Then as a medical mis- 
sionary in Ethiopia in 1960-61. I 
began doing the first such 
surgery in that country. 

When my daughter was bom 
with spina bifida, I returned to 




the United States quite suddenly. 
As I had no specialty training, I 
worked for five years as a 
general practitioner. Almost 
miraculously, a prize in medical 
photography gave me and my 
family a three month tour of 
mission friends around the 
world. When we got to India, I 
saw the hospital that our beloved 
Paul Brand had worked at in 
performing surgery on leprosy 
patients. When we arrived in 
Ethiopia, I was told that a similar 
hospital would be built there. 
Inquiring about the possibilities 
of my serving there, I was rather 
rudely told that, even in Africa, 
"We want a real surgeon." 
Surgeon's training 

That did it. When I arrived 
back in the United States, I told 
Paul Brand that I would have to 
specialize. He gave me five 
leads — one of which eventually 
led to a residency in plastic 
surgery at the famed Columbia- 
Presbyterian Medical Center in 
New York. The way opened for 
me to have a fellowship at 
Roosevelt Hospital with Dr. J. 
William Litter, acknowledged as 
our country's finest hand sur- 
geon. From there, a position 
opened up at the newly rees- 
tablished Rush Medical College 
and the Rush-Presbyterian St. 
Luke's Medical Center in 
Chicago. This is where I am 
today as director of the Section 
of Hand Surgery and associate 
professor in the departments of 
plastic and orthopedic surgery. 

Such a drive can exact its toll 
on both family and self. My 
daughter born with spina bifida 
died at age 15. My wife and I 
divorced not Ions afterwards. In 

Robert Schenck, M.D. '51 

the ensuing stress, I had a single 
coronary bypass operation. For 
eight years now, I have been on 
a strict Pritikin dietary and 
exercise program. I'm remarried 
and my wife, Marci, is extremely 
supportive of my professional 
and personal efforts. 
No compromise 

Striving to be the best I can be 
has always been a part of my 
nature. Knowing that I was the 
only one of my mother's six 
children able to attend college 
only intensified this ambition. 
Too, I knew that the general 
practitioner who had cared for 
my mother missed diagnosing 
her cancer for about a year. I 
resolved I would never make 
such a mistake. 

While in still medical school. 

my drive to excel was strongly 
reinforced by two people. One 
was Dr. Robert Cochrane, the 
famed British leprologist and 
renowned medical missionary at 
Vellore, India. He told a group 
of us students that some mission- 
ary physicians practiced "bad 
medicine" and that first of all, as 
Christians, we must not dishonor 
our Lord's name that way — even 
in the cause of "witnessing" or 
preaching. As Christians, he 
said, we must first of all be 
"good doctors." 

Dr. C. Everett Koop, later to 
be known to all as our prin- 
cipled, outspoken Surgeon 
General of the United States, 
also influenced my life. As a 
student I read his little mono- 
graph, "Christian Medicine — 
Compromise with Mediocrity?" 
In the article, he states that too 
often Christian physicians do 
just that. As doctors, he says, 
our calling is to be the best 
physician that we can be — and 
by so doing, we reflect honor 
and respect on our Lord. 
In conclusion 

Through it all, I've tried to 
apply these lessons to my life. I 
do not believe that we have two 
separate "pockets" for faith and 
life-work, but rather, that they 
are properly united and inte- 
grated into our entire web of 
life's thoughts and actions. — RS 

Schenck has now turned his attention to what is termed the new 
"industrial epidemic" — loss of feeling in and use of the hands due to 
repetitive use, a common form of which is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. 

Always an innovator, Schenck has developed a hand injury 
prevention program aimed at early detection and treatment of this 
disease which may affect 100,000 people nationwide each year. 

He refuses to compromise with mediocrity. As his patients will 
avow, there are thousands of people throughout the Chicagoland 
metropolitan area who are the better for that stance. 

Betty Freese, 
Alumni notes editor 


Dorwin V. Whitenack and 

Mildred Martin were married 
June 1. Their address is 3115 
Kimball Avenue, Toledo, OH 


Rev. Marcius Taber died March 
22 at M.J. Clark Memorial 
Home where he had lived for 
over two years. He is survived 
by wife Mearl (Himelick x'25) 
who lives at the Clark Home in 


Mary (Rice) Hawley and 

husband Lawrence, a retired UM 
minister, visited their daughter, 
Joann (Hawley x'65) 
Tolzmann, and her family in 
Frankfurt, Germany, this sum- 
mer. Joann is a teacher with the 
Department of Defense. Mary 
and Lawrence live at 467-C 
Calle Cadiz, Laguna Hills, CA 


Rev. Nathan Tyler died April 10 
in Toccoa Falls, Georgia. 
Nathan and wife Clara (Van- 
derlan x'36) served as mission- 
aries with the C&MA in Zaire 
for thirty years. Clara's address 
is P.O. Box 800065, Toccoa 
Falls, GA 30598. 


Park & Helen (Walhof '39) 
Anderson celebrated their 50th 
wedding anniversary last year. 
# Mina (Herman) Derby and 

husband Richard celebrated their 
8th wedding anniversary last 
year. • Mary "Izzy" (Deich) 
Forgy is retired and active in her 
church. • Art & Esta 
(Herrmann 4 36) Howard are 
busy attending and participating 
in mission conferences. • 
Donald Kenyon teaches at 
Toccoa Falls College. • Doris 
(Wilson) Porter still works in 
the Upland library. • Rowena 
(Walker) Stucky is retired from 
teaching and is on the Board of 
Trustees of the Warren United 
Methodist Home. • Ella Mae 
(Davis) Thomas and husband 
Elliot were guests of the Taylor 
Board of Trustees in February 
1989 at Boca Raton, Florida. • 
Helen (Gilmore) Traw is retired 
from teaching. 


Rev. Glenber Sutton died June 
10 of an aneurysm while leading 
a church service. Wife Hazel 
lives at Maranatha Village, 3176 
Circle Lane, Springfield, MO 


Bill & Betty Moreland cele- 
brated their 50th wedding 
anniversary on September 13, 
1990. They presently live at 
Providence Place in Whitby, 
Ontario. Daughter Martha 
(Moreland x'65) Hyde lives in 
Hannibal, New York. 


After serving the Lord in the 
UM ministry for 47 years, John 
Siner and wife Gerri have 
retired to 4660 Happy Hollow 

Drive, Bloomington, IN 47401. 


Bill Stone retired June 8 after 42 
years of ministry in the Detroit 
Annual Conference of the UM 
Church. During a dinner in his 
honor, he received several 
tributes, including a Congres- 
sional Certificate from US 
Congressman Robert Davis. Bill 
and wife Helen live at 7357 
Lakewood Drive, Oscoda, MI 
48750. Helen is manager of jet 
engines for Wurtsmith Air Force 


Ruby Enns reports that, after 
over six years of praying and 
planning, their new CEEFI 
office building opened June 1 . 
Ruby serves with Christian 
Education of the Evangelical 
Fellowship of India, 156 Charles 
Campbell Road Extension, Cox 
Town, Bangalore-560005, India. 


Barbara Hovda retired in 
February from her missionary 
service with Overseas Mission- 
ary Fellowship in Taiwan, and is 
now living at 935 Tall Timbers 
Road, Apt. 1, Nisswa, MN 


Jack Augustine received the 
EdD degree in May from the 
University of Arkansas. Jack & 
Ramona (Ferguson) live at 
1902 West Jefferson Street, 
Siloam Springs, AR 72761. Jack 
is athletic director at John Brown 

Cruise: Taylor University's second annual Good 
News Bible Cruise will be March 4-8, 1991. Dr. 
Charles Stanley, Dr. Andy Stanley and Zig Zigler 
are the scheduled Bible study leaders. For more 
information, contact Nelson Rediger or Gene Rupp 
at Taylor University, Office of Estate Planning, 

University. • Mike & Lorena (Smith 
x'56) Murphy celebrated 30 years of 
ministry in Brazil last August. In 
January they will return to the states for 
two months of deputation. They are 
missionaries with OMS, and their field 
address is Caixa Postal 58, 86.001 
Londrina. Parana, Brazil. 


Margaret Bash reports that a house has 
been purchased to serve as a center for 
training and literature distribution in the 
evangelization of the children of 
Hungary. Margaret is a missionary with 
Child Evangelism Fellowship. Her 
address is Murlingengasse 50/9, A-1120 
Vienna, Austria. • Following 21 years 
of pastoral service in the Friends Church 
in California and Oregon, Ron 
Woodward is now in his third and final 
year of a short-term assignment training 
pastors and lay leaders for urban 
ministry in the Friends Church in 
Kenya. Currently residing in Nairobi, 
Ron and family plan to return to the US 
in the summer of 1991. 


Last December Bob & Betty (Godsey) 

Davis moved from Miami, where Bob 
had served as pastor of Old Cutler 
Presbyterian Church, to 1 1570 SW 88 
Court, Ocala, FL 32676. Their book. 
My Journey Into Alzheimer' s Disease, 
has been accepted by the Library of 
Congress for Books for the Blind. 


Dr. Howard Mathisen is a licensed 
psychologist and co-director of 
Counseling Affiliates, a private practice 
of eight therapists. He is a clergyman in 
the New England Synod of the Evan- 
gelical Lutheran Church in America, 
assigned to specialized ministry. In 
addition, he serves as part-time assistant 
pastor in his congregation, as well as in 
various leadership positions in his 
Synod. His address is 3 16 Edgebrook 
Drive, Boylston, MA 01505. 


Garry Parker, a UM minister in 
Maryland, brought to the Taylor chapel 
audience on April 18 a first-person 
report from Bishop William Taylor. 

Dressed in the beard and garb familiar in 
photos of Bishop Taylor, Garry took the 
audience with him as he remembered the 
long years of Taylor's outstanding 
ministry around the world. Garry has 
done extensive research on Bishop 
Taylor's life and ministry in connection 
with his PhD program at Princeton 
Theological Seminary. 


Judy (Boyko) Imperial received the 
MA in information systems management 
with emphasis on corporate training in 
1989 from New York University. She 
was again selected Instructor of the Year 
at Berkeley College of Business where 
she is also academic advisor of 
continuing education. She and husband 
Lou have two sons — Tim, a junior at 
Taylor, and Jeff, a junior at Wheaton. 
The family's address is 69 Aqueduct 
Avenue, Midland Park, NJ 07432. 


Alyce (Dick x) Falkenstein died of 
cancer on April 6. Her husband. 
Edward, lives at 1207 West Poplar 
Street, York, PA 17404. • Robert 
Steedman died April 3 of double 
pneumonia. Until his health failed in 
December 1989, Robert had taught in an 
adult education program at Spanish 
Coalition for Jobs in Chicago. He is 
survived by his parents. Rev. Garfield 
'37 & Marian (Matthew x'38) 
Steedman, and brothers Donald and 


Rev. Larry Austin received the Doctor 
of Ministry degree from McCormick 
Theological Seminary in June. He is 
interim pastor of St. Andrew's Presbyte- 
rian Church in Dearborn Heights, 
Michigan, and is currently working on a 
PhD in philosophy at Michigan State 


Roger & Heather (Klassen) Ewald 

have adopted three more children — 
Crystal (8). Terry (7) and Alex (3). 
Their other children are Mary and 
Christina. The Ewald family lives at 
91 1 Eddy Court, Wheaton, IL 60187. • 
Chris & Hettie (Hardin) Stauffer 

returned to the Philippines in the 
summer of 1989 where they serve under 
Wycliffe Bible Translators at Faith 
Academy. Last season Chris coached 
the girls' softball team to its first league 
championship. The Stauffers and their 
four children may be addressed at Box 
820, 1299 Makati. Philippines. 


Suzan (Scott) Gonser is a single parent 
of two sons, Luke (12) and Joel (6). and 
a 2nd-grade teacher in a classroom of 
children from a variety of races. She 
enjoys following her sons' sports 
activities, as well as bicycling, fishing 
and going with them to the beach. They 
attend Grace Baptist Church where Sue 
is active in children's church ministry. 
Their address is 4023 Albany Road. 
LaBelle. FL 33935. • John Jentes is a 
physician in family practice with two 
other Christian doctors. He also serves 
as physician for high school athletics 
and Fellowship of Christian Athletes, 
and is a youth leader and elder in Grace 
Brethren Church. Joy (Pence) teaches 
2nd grade at Ashland Christian School, 
is cheerleading advisor, and assists John 
in youth work. Their children are Eric 
(19). a TU freshman in pre-med. Dan 
(16) and Christy (14). They would like 
to hear from Taylor friends at 1002 
Sandusky Street. Ashland. OH 44805. 


Arleen (Quarfoot) Staub has been 
promoted to fiction editor at Good 
Housekeeping magazine in New York. 


Gerri (Covert) Jenny has just had two 
books published by Murdoch Books — 
Toys and Games for Children to Stake 
and Rainy Day Activities for Children. 
Gerri is a former elementary teacher 
with an MS from Shippensburg Uni- 
versity. Husband Fred "71 is director of 
academic computing and computer 
science professor at Grove City College. 
The Jenny children are Nate ( 14). Seth 
(11) and Joy (7). The family lives at 
608 Stockton Avenue. Grove City. PA 
16127. • James YanOosting has 
published Electing J J., his second novel 
for young readers. His first children's 
book. Maxie's Ghost, was published in 
1987. He has also published three 

Married: Professor of History and Archivist 
Dwight Mikkelson and Mary Perry were married 
on May 27, 1990. Their address is 227 West 7th, 
Hartford City, Indiana 47348. 

business communication textbooks, and 
is currently working on another textbook 
and a novel for adult readers. Jim, who 
has a PhD from Northwestern, is 
professor and chair of the department of 
speech communication at Southern Il- 
linois University. He and wife Kathryn 
(Jenkinson) and their two sons live at 
R. R. 3, Box 43, Cobden, IL 62920 in a 
log house on an 1818 farmstead. 

Kate and Emily. The Turnows live at 
719 Red Fox Road, Findlay, OH 45840. 



Don Johns earned an MDiv degree from 
Regent College of the U of BC, 
Vancouver, in May 1989. Previous to 
entering Regent, Don had worked for 1 1 
years in technical, human resources, and 
production management for Armstrong 
World Industries in Lancaster, PA. In 
his free time he did volunteer work and 
operated a small farm. On July 15, 
1989, he married Kathleen Keightley. 
They are now teaching for one year in 
mainland China. Their permanent 
address is 8645 South 19th, Bozeman, 
MT 59715. • Doug&KathylSonnen- 
berg '75) Rupp announce the birth of 
Eric David on April 4. Their other 
children are Kristin (9) and Jordan (5). 
The family lives at 240 Dogwood Court, 
Archbold, OH 43502. 


Roy & Marabeth (Johannes) Ringen- 
berg and family returned to Ecuador in 
June where they serve with World Radio 
Missionary Fellowship. In November 
Roy, a physician, becomes medical 
director of Vozandes Hospital in Quito. 
• Charles & Jennifer (Wysong) 
Vance, together with son Timothy, 
joyfully announce the birth of Margaret 
Alese Vincent Vance on March 28. The 
Vance family resides in Bethesda, 


Brice & Lydia Brenneman are serving 
as directors of Hope Secondary School 
for Boys in the Israeli-occupied West 
Bank. They and their children, Jonathan 
and Jameel, are there on a two-year 
assignment with the Mennonite Central 
Committee. • Mike & Laurie 
(Robinson '77) Turnow were blessed 
with the birth of their fifth daughter, 
Jessica Lyn, on June 27. She was 
welcomed home by Sara, Elizabeth, 


Mike & Marilyn Avers are the thankful 
parents of triplets, born May 23. They 
are Allyson Sue, Brooks Michael and 
Conner Keith. Their address is R.R. 5, 
Box 527. Nashville, IN 47448. • 
Megan Elizabeth was bom to Mark & 
Barb (Chapman) Robinson on April 7. 
The family's address is P.O. Box 683, 
Ganges, BC, Canada V0S 1E0. 


Ken & Sherry (Sims x'81) Hendricks 
announce the birth of Matthew David on 
May 1 1. Ken is a senior programmer 
analyst at Meijer, Inc., and Sherry is an 
accountant at Wolverine World Wide. 
The Hendricks reside at 3378 Balsam 
NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49505. • 
Michael Reger has been named 
executive director of Referral Medicine 
Publishing, Inc.. in Dallas, a national 
firm specializing in publishing regional 
physician medical journals and periodi- 
cals. Mike formerly served as vice 
president of corporate development at 
East Texas Hospital Foundation in 
Tyler. He and wife Susan and children, 
Chad and Alexx, reside at 2804 Buena 
Vista Court, Carrollton, TX 75007. • 
Helen Ross has been married for five 
years to Michael LaDeau, and they have 
a son, Philip, born November 28, 1988. 
Helen worked as a librarian until Philip 
was bom and is now a homemaker. 
Michael is a designer for Landel, Inc., a 
crane company. Their address is 94 
West High Oaks Circle, The Wood- 
lands, TX 77380. • Barbara (Strange) 
Smith completed her master's degree 
this summer and is teaching 1st grade in 
South Bend. Husband Russ is an 
estimator for State Farm Insurance 
Company. They have two children — 
Angela (11) and Tina (9). They live at 
404 Terry Lane, Mishawaka, IN 46544. 
• Bea Welly was married to Earl J. 
Streacker on June 10, 1989. They 
honeymooned in the Grand Cayman 
Islands. Bea is a substitute teacher in 
their area schools, and Earl is parts 
manager at Streacker Tractor Sales, a 
family-owned business. Their address is 
324 West Yates, Findlay, OH 45840. 

Jon & Susan (Caines '78) Fiet 
welcomed Alexander David to their 
family February 27, 1989, joining 
Christina (10) and Benjamin (7). Jon is 
controller for the Milwaukee plant of 
Hercules Inc. and working on his 
executive MBA. Susan is a homemaker. 
They live at N 1 1 5 W 1 5 1 60 Potomac 
Circle, Germantown. WI 53022. • 
Mark & Louanne (Lewis) Irving 
rejoice in the birth of their first child, 
Jonathan Mark, on August 30. 1989. 
Mark is a structural engineer with Aha 
Engineering, and Louanne is enjoying 
her new career as a mother. The Irvings 
live at 442 Thunderbird, Carol Stream, 
IL 60188. • JoAnne McFarland x has 
taken a leave of absence from her 
position as director and researcher for 
Congressionally mandated studies at 
Westat, Inc., in Rockville, Maryland, to 
return to Michigan where she is running 
for the US Congress in Michigan's 
Fourth Congressional District. • John 
& Kim Pattison are proud to announce 
the arrival of Luke Andrew, bom 
December 15, 1989, and welcomed 
home by Arin Elizabeth (3). John is 
head football coach and PE/health 
teacher at North Daviess HS, and the 
family's address is 406 East Race Street, 
Odon, IN 47562. • Ruth Ellen was 
bom January 21 to H. Douglas & Beth 
(Pichea) Sanford. Big. sisters are Emily 
Marie (5) and Sarah Beth (3). Doug 
works for Old Kent Bank of Hillsdale. 
The Sanfords live at 1360 North Edon 
Road, Allen, MI 49227. • Clifford & 
Valerie Schmidt announce the birth of 
Janaya Michelle on July 6. She was 
welcomed home by sister Vanessa (2). 
The Schmidt family lives at 1117 
Mangold Street, Hartville, OH 44632. • 
Timothy & Kimberly (Sandin x) 
Winter had their first child, Jennifer 
Renee, on July 21, 1989. Timothy is 
general manager of the Airport Hilton 
Inn, Pittsburgh. Kimberly resigned from 
her mortgage banking position at First 
South Savings to be at home with 
Jennifer. The family's address is Box 
66, Shady Lane, South Heights, PA 


Jeannie Brewer and James Elliott were 
married July 6 in Cherokee County, 
South Carolina, while visiting her 

Seminar: Dr. Dale Heath, professor emeritus, will 
lead a Bible seminar at Riverside United Method- 
ist Church, 4845 Brockton Avenue, Riverside, 
California on November 6-8, 1990. Pastor Bob 
and Elaine (Saunders) Shuler, both '67, serve at 
the church. 

brother. Welcoming Jim to the family is 
Jeannie's son, Nicholas (6). Jeannie is 
secretary to the director of specialty 
products at DePuy, Inc., a manufacturer 
of orthopedic implants in Warsaw, 
Indiana. Jim is self-employed. The 
Elliotts' mailing address is PO Box 174, 
Atwood, IN 46502. • Reid Edward 
was born May 8 to Randy & Colleen 
(Byers) Dodge. The Dodge family, 
including big sister Rachel, lives in 
Bloomington where Randy is a graduate 
student at Indiana University. Their 
address is 1403 South Washington 
Street, Bloomington, IN 47401. • 
Greg & Donna (Rohrer '85) Fennig 
and sister Kortni welcomed the birth of 
Kylie Breanne on June 6. The Fennigs' 
home is at 8457 Culpeper Drive, 
Indianapolis, IN 46227. • Ron & 
Cheryl (Gettmann) Jarvi joyfully 
announce the birth of Wendy Lee on 
March 13. Wendy and sister Angela (2) 
are the granddaughters of Gwen 
(Davies v 58) Gettmann. The Jarvi 
family lives at 2597 East Los Altos, 
Fresno, CA 93710. • Tim & Jeannie 
Johnson and daughter Julie, who serve 
with TEAM in Japan, are home on 
furlough until January 1991. Their 
address is c/o Gerig, 3933 South Wayne 
Avenue, Fort Wayne, IN 46807. 


Dan & Arlene (Toland '83) Bauman 

left June 4 for Papua New Guinea where 
they are serving with Wycliffe Bible 
Translators. Their address is SIL, 
Ukarumpa via Lae, Papua New Guinea. 
• Isaac Richard was born June 5 to 
Frank & Tami (Brumm '83) Gro- 
tenhuis. Brother Ian is 2. The family 
resides at 14 West Ohea Street, Hilo. HI 
96720. • Kurt & Sherry (White) 
Prescott announce the birth of Jordan 
Kurt on June 23. Kurt is a self- 
employed fanner. In addition to caring 
for Jordan and Megan Elaine (4). Sherry 
provides daycare for Kyle (3), son of 
Jackie (Sell) West. The Prescotts live 
at R. 4, Box 172, Winchester, IN 47394. 


Mark Allan received the MEd in 
administration and supervision from 
George Mason University. Fairfax. 
Virginia, in 1989. He has accepted a 
position as elementary assistant 
principal with King George County 

Schools. Mark and wife Cindy (Keener 
'84) live at 253 Hampshire Drive, 
Ruther Glen, VA 22546. Cindy is 
working with Dr. Fox in the Richmond 
area. 9 Duane Beeson was married to 
Aletha Koele on May 19 in Hull, Iowa. 
Taylor friends in the wedding were 
Doug & Lynelle (Beeson '81) Vogel, 
Marty Carney '85 and Randy Rosema 
'84. The Beesons live in Orange City, 
Iowa, where Duane is director of public 
relations at Northwestern College and 
Aletha works in the college's student 
affairs office. Their address is 126 
Frankfort Avenue SE, Orange City, IA 
51041. • Aaron Brown was ordained 
June 13 in the West Ohio Conference of 
the United Methodist Church, and serves 
as associate pastor of Bethel UM 
Church, Bethel, Ohio. He and wife 
Linda (Luke '85) have one child. They 
live at 3316 Vic Joy Drive. Bethel. OH 
45106. • Jon & Loma Peterson x had 
a son, Erik Jon, on September 28, 1989. 
Sister Molly May is 2. The Petersons 
live at 51 18 East 54th Street. Minneapo- 
lis. MN 55417. • Richard* Gail 
Pflederer announce the birth of Brent 
Richard on August 16, 1989. Rick 
works for Sara Lee Corp. in Chicago. 
They live at 950 Cordova Court. 
Wheaton, IL 60187. and attend the 
Wheaton Evangelical Free Church. • 
DeeAnn Rich was commissioned on 
June 25, 1989, for missionary service 
with World Gospel Mission. She has 
been studying Spanish in Costa Rica, 
but in December she will go to Hondu- 
ras, her field of service. She welcomes 
correspondence at Apartado 698. 
Tegucigalpa, D.C., Honduras. C.A. • 
Tim & Carolyn (Larsen '84) Senter 
and son Timothy James welcomed 
Lauren Christine to the family on April 
16. The Senter family resides at 24723 
Naples, Novi. MI 48050. • Jon 
Stocksdale left August 25 for Kenya 
where he will serve for two years under 
Africa Inland Mission teaching math at 
Rift Valley Academy, a school for 
missionary children. His address is 
RVA, Box 80, Kijabe. Kenya. • Twin 
girls, Cherise Elizabeth and Cassandra 
Nicole, were bom April 2 to Brad & 
Michelle (Avery) Taber. The happy 
family lives at 21428 Prophet Road. 
Prophetstown. IL61277. • Doug & 
Lynelle (Beeson '81) Vogel have 
moved to Lexington. Kentucky, where 
Doug is serving as pastor of Calvary 
Free Methodist Church and Lynelle is 

associate pastor. Their address is 2924 
Clays Mill Road. Lexington. KY 40503. 


Chris & Michaelle (Walters) Downey 

were blessed with a second daughter. 
Amber Michaelle. on January 21. 
Brooke (3) enjoys her baby sister. 
Michaelle resigned her 2nd-grade 
teaching position to be at home with the 
girls. The Downey family resides at 579 
Shady Brook Heights. Greenwood. IN 
46142. • Rob &Maribeth (True! 
Fleischhauer had a son. Andrew 
Robert, on April 12. Ashley Nicole is 4. 
Maternal grandparents are Wendell '56 
& Diane (Beghtel x'56) True. The 
Fleischhauers live at 10058 Lakeside 
Drive, Cincinnati. OH 45231. • Rollin 
& Sandie (Soderquist) Ford announce 
the birth of Paige Elizabeth on June 10. 
Sister Jessica is 2. Their address is 1 19 
Stone Ridge. Rogers, AR 72756. • 
Leslie June was bom December 6. 1989. 
to Bob & Janelle (Murray) Monin and 
big brother Joseph. They live at 26250 
Pinehurst, Roseville. MI48066. • Lori 
Shepard is on the track and field staff at 
Indiana University, where she is 
working on her master's degree in sports 
science. • Jim & Michelle (Green) 
Steinbeck announce the birth of 
Amanda Joy on December 19. 1989. 
Their address is 2486 Charw ood Court. 
Cincinnati. OH 4521 1. • Amanda 
Marie was bom April 20 to David & 
Julie (Sprunger) Stratton. The three 
of them live at 554 South Main Street. 
Bluffton. OH 45817. 


Kerri Dunkelberger received her MA 
degree in August from Azusa Pacific 
University. For the past two years she 
has been working with the Huntington 
Beach. California, police department, 
counseling adolescents and their 
families. She lives at 3700 Plaza Drive 
#C.ll2. Santa Ana. CA 92704. • David 
& Robin (Taylor) Guerriero are proud 
to announce the birth of Alexandra 
Nicole on January 15. Robin is 
enjoying being at home with their 
daughter, and David is a general 
resident at Glisson Clinic. The 
Guerriero family resides at 54 u 
Woodview Drive. Longwood, FL 
32779. • Rick x'87& Robin (Boyd) 
Harris announce the birth of son Ross 

on November 1, 1989. Rick is sales 
manager at Harris Water Conditioning in 
Grabill, Indiana, and Robin is at home 
with Ross at 1 1205 Alta Vista, Leo, IN 
46765. • Todd & Jennifer (Davis 
x'86) Kelly were married April 2, 1988. 
Their daughter Audrey was born March 
22, 1989. Todd is a graduate student at 
Western Michigan University working 
on a master's degree in social work. 
Their address is 9454 South 25th Street. 
Scotts, MI 49088. • Susan (Cook) 
Kniola and her husband, Christopher, 
have just returned from Bangkok where 
he was on a one-year engineering 
assignment with National Starch & 
Chemical Co. Susan terminated her 
position with the state of Indiana's arts 
commission public information office 
when they left, and is now looking for 
employment in Indianapolis. • Greg & 
Janice (Walmsley) VanMeter are the 
proud parents of Tyler Blaine, born July 
25, 1989. The VanMeters live at 2630 
Woodview Drive, Zanesville, IN 46799. 

Owosso, Michigan. 


Tim Glass and Connie Kirchoff were 
married June 2 in Indianapolis. Both 
Tim and Connie graduated from IU 
Medical School in May, and are now 
doing their residencies at Butterworth 
Hospital in Grand Rapids. Taylor 
participants in the wedding were Tom 
& Lora (Robbins) Jackson, J. P. 
Gentile, Jerry Yeager '87, Chris & 
Deb (Glass) Goeglein, both '84, Todd 
'81 & Cindy (Glass '82) Shinabarger, 
and parents of the groom, George '58 & 
Jan (Huffman x'60) Glass. Tim and 
Connie live at 3330-E Devonwood Hills 
NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49505. • Doug 
& Andrea (Salin) Hockenbrocht 
announce the birth of Gregory Douglas 
on June 4. Doug is a systems consultant 
with Ernst & Young, and Andrea is at 
home with the baby. • Jeff Raymond 
has accepted a position with the 
Association of Mid-Continent Universi- 
ties based in Chicago. He works in 
sports information, marketing and 
championship administration with the 
NCAA Division I athletic conference. 
His home address is 4708 Arbor Drive 
#31 1, Rolling Meadows, IL 60008. 



Terrell & Shelly (Cramer) Gramling 

manage the Northern Echoes Bible 
Shoppe in Juneau, Alaska, as missionar- 
ies with Gospel Missionary Union. 
Their address is 6590 Glacier Highway 
#225, Juneau, AK 99801. • Kay la 
Ashley was born January 27 to Greg & 
Lisa Sweet. Greg is product/pricing 
researcher at Summit Bank in Fort 
Wayne. The Sweet family lives at 426 
Millside Court, Ossian, IN 46777. 


Sharlene Ehresman married John 
Kozlowski III on August 18 in Alpena, 
Michigan. Taylor participants were 
Marcy (Roost) Kolar, Shari Ehres- 
man and Sharilyn Ehresman '92. 
Sharlene is an exercise technician at 
GTE Products World Headquarters in 
Danvers, Massachusetts, and John is a 
student at Salem State College. Their 
address is 10 Dow Street #3, Salem, MA 
01970. • Wendy Hill and Kevin 
O'Rourke were married July 21 in 
Hartford City, Indiana. Wendy teaches 
3rd grade at Riverview Elementary in 
Marion, and Kevin is a Metropolitan 
Life Insurance agent and graduate 
student at Ball State University. The 
couple lives at 2407 East 8th Street, 
Anderson, IN 46012-3438. • Beth 
Miller and Steve Wild '87 were married 
December 2, 1989, in Zion, Illinois. 
Taylor friends in the wedding were 
Tami Puhrmann, Hollv Halvorson, 
Dave '87 & Lisa (Walter) Baird, 
Mark & Colleen (Wild) Terrell, both 
'84, Rick '86 & Dawn (Roberds '88) 

Gerent, and Doug Stephens, Rick 
Sawyer and Tim Eckman, all '87. 
Steve and Beth live in Fort Wayne, 
Indiana, where Steve is employed at K 
& K Insurance Group, Inc. • Jennifer 
Moody married Gary Wilcox on April 
7. Taylor participants were Lesa 
Woods; Lora Woods, Rhonda Storck, 
Jody Jamieson and Mark Nevil, all 
'90; Dawn Denton, Paige Hussung, 
Stephanie Moody and Steve Upton, all 
'91; and music department professor. 
Dr. Frederick Shulze, organist. Jennifer 
and Gary live at 4344 Montgomery 
Court #4, Kelsey ville, CA 9545 1 . 


Laura May Chitwood attended a two- 
week summer orientation in preparation 
for her assignment as a music promoter 
in the Indian Ocean Islands for one year 
with the Southern Baptist Foreign 
Mission Board. • Kristie Kuhnleand 
Jeff Jacobson '89 were married April 
28 in Southfield, Michigan. Taylor 
participants were Becky Roost; Joe 
Miller, Richard Muthiah and Tom 
Meeks, all '89; Brian Smith '88; and 
Dr. Jay Kesler '58. Jeff and Kristie 
live at 61 02 Rock Creek Place, Fort 
Wayne, IN 468 18. • Kevin Sloat and 
Beth Parker '91 were married July 28 
in Upland, Indiana. Taylor participants 
were Steve Baarendse, Wally 
Campbell, Ken Hugoniot and Marci 
Sloat '93. Father of the bride and 
participating minister was Garry 
Parker '64. Kevin is pursuing graduate 
studies at Ball State University, and 
Beth is completing her degree at Taylor. 
Their address is Fairlane Apt. 202D, 
TUMS, Upland, IN 46989. 

Brad Newlin '89, age 23, died July 31 of a rare cancer at his 
residence in Plainfield, Indiana. Brad shared his moving testi- 
mony with Taylor readers in "Faith in crisis: A sure foundation" 
(Spring, 1990) and with all those with whom he came in contact. 

Brad Newlin 

In memory 

Alice S hippy 

Kurt Symanzik and Beth Marie 
Bottomley were married July 7 in 

Alice Shippy, 85, died June 29 at the United Methodist Memo- 
rial Home in Warren, Indiana. She served Taylor University for 35 
years. As secretary in the alumni office, she endeared herself to 
generations of Taylor alumni, friends, and students alike. 


Dr. Alan H. Winquist is professor of history at 
Taylor University, where he has served since 1974. 
He recently visited several sites in California 
associated with Bishop William Taylor, for whom 
Taylor University is named. 

Bishop Taylor: A prophet who 
is honored in his own country 

San Francisco was a make- 
shift tent town in the midst 
of the Gold Rush when 
William Taylor, a 27-year-old, 6 
foot, 208-pound native Virgin- 
ian, set about the business of 
converting its populace. Though 
named for St. Francis, the bur- 
geoning tent-town was a place of 
hard drinking, gambling, vio- 
lence and numerous brothels. 
Taylor was not deterred by the 
hostile environment. For seven 
years he preached, founded 
churches, nursed the sick, aided 
the impoverished, defended the 
American Indian, ministered in 
Chinese labor camps, and 
adjudicated disputes. This was 
where his worldwide ministry 
began, and San Francisco 
remembers him for it. 

The Bay Area became Tay- 
lor's adopted home; his wife, 
Isabella Anne ("Queen Anne," 
Taylor called her) and their 
children remained there when 
not accompanying Taylor on the 
missionary journeys that took 
him to all five inhabited conti- 
nents. After 55 years of nonstop 
ministry, Taylor retired to Palo 
Alto in 1896; he died there in 
1902 and was buried in Moun- 
tain View Cemetery. Oakland, 
near such luminaries as railroad 
tycoon Charles Crocker, "Choc- 
olate King" Domingo Ghirardel- 
li, and two state governors. 

William and Isabella's grave 
is marked by a six-foot monu- 
ment. Eucalyptus trees blossom 
nearby, as they do across south- 
ern California. These, too, are a 

monument of sorts to the Taylors 
who are credited with introduc- 
ing the trees to California on a 
widespread basis. Taylor sent 
the initial seeds from Australia in 
the 1 860s to his wife who 
planted and propagated them. 

In downtown San Francisco, 
at the corner of McAllister and 
Leavenworth, there stands 
another monument — this one is 
28 stories high. Formerly 

With the rich in his death: The 

author stands at Taylor 's grave, 
located in a cemetery designed 
by the man best known for New 
York's Central Park. 

known as the William Taylor 
Hotel, it was built by the Meth- 
odist Church and dedicated in 
1929. At its dedication, the 500- 
room hotel was the largest hotel 
west of Chicago. The street 
level's Great Hall, a Gothic-style 
church, accommodated 1 500 
worshippers. It was designed by 
architect Lewis P. Hobart, whose 
masterpiece was San Francisco's 
Grace Cathedral. 

During the Depression, the 
building was sold and in 1936 

reopened as the swank Empire 
Hotel. During World War II it 
was sold to the federal govern- 
ment. The Great Hall was 
subdivided and plastered over to 
become a military induction 
center. Some 13 years ago. the 
Hastings College of the Law pur- 
chased it for use as a student 
residence hall. The former Great 
Hall has been "rediscovered" and 
is now used by the George 
Coates Performance Works. 

Two blocks to the west stands 
the impressive San Francisco 
Public Library which contains 
two 47-foot-wide, 12-foot-high 
mural paintings commemorating 
America's nineteenth century 
westward expansion. They were 
painted by Frank Vincent 
DuMond for the 1915 Panama- 
Pacific International Exposition. 
William Taylor is memorialized 
in one of the murals which 
depicts a group of pioneers 
leaving New England for the 
West with a wagonful of house- 
hold goods. Included in the 
mural is a jurist, a school mis- 
tress, a child, and a preacher — 
who the artist has depicted as 
William Taylor, though, accord- 
ing to the librarian, some of his 
facial features resemble those of 
the artist's mother. 

William Taylor was San Fran- 
cisco's most outstanding early 
preacher and also one of its 
founding citizens. From those 
beginnings, the impact of this 
man of God reached around the 
world. It is noteworthy that 
Taylor University, also commit- 
ted to a global Christian out- 
reach, was rededicated in 1890 
and renamed to honor the 
"Bishop of Africa." also known 
as "California Taylor." — AW 

Thank you. 

Thank you for your generous and sacrificial giving 

during the 1989-1990 school year. 

We sincerely appreciate your support. 


A hush that rivals the hurdy-gurdy's din 

To step on the grounds of Cedar Bend Farm in 
northern Michigan is to be reminded of a sim- 
pler way of life, far from the hurdy-gurdy 
sounds of modern America. But then, that is just 
as owner Harold Snyder, Ph.D., Taylor Univer- 
sity professor emeritus, intends it should be. 

Though retired from teaching, Snyder uses 

► The sharp 

white steeple and 



pews of the 

meeting house 

at Cedar Bend ft 

Farm signal a 

no-nonsense i 

commitment to 

Christian values 

*■ 1 - 

and principles f , 

and to a rock- * J \ ' 

solid faith in the . * . , 

Creator. K - 

Cedar Bend Farm and its 120 acres of ecologi- 
cally reclaimed land as his lectern. His is a ho- 
listic message that incorporates sound ecology, 
hard work, good stewardship, and a biblical 
foundation of truth. His, too, is a life that dem- 
onstrates the effect one person can have on the 
environment. See the story on page 16. 




< Visitors to the 
farm are invited to 
experience the 
environment — 
and given oppor- 
tunity to do so. 

•4 Craftsmen at the loom, smithy, and 
carpenter's bench provide a living link 
to a simpler life style. 


Upland, IN 46989 
(317) 998-2751